Saturday, 28 August 2010

Illamasqua pigments♥

This isn't going to be a long post, just a quick one to show the swatches of the Illamasqua pigments I own as it was requested a few weeks ago! 

Such a beautiful colour, a white with a due chrome of pink/purple it is amazing as an all over wash on the lid, or in the inner corner. It really comes to life when used a little wet.

This is a gold peach colour, and I am obsessed with this. It is a staple for me for day and night time smokey eyes, and highlight my face too.

I have seen a-lot of people talk about this colour, its a gun metal grey colour with silver shot through it as well. This goes really well with Static in a night time eye.




Recently I have become obsessed with nail polishes, Essie is a new brand to me and I placed an order a couple weeks ago for some to try. Since then I have place two other nail polish orders! I am being enabled.. and we all know who that is *cough*Nicola*cough*. A couple are a bit of a let down, the quality is a tad crappy, I can see them taking 3+ coats to look decent, but that still hasn't stopped me ordering another 5 Essie polishes.

Essie Lilacism 
Essie Pink Parka
Essie Van D'Go

Essie Guchi Muchi Puchi
Essie  Marabou
Essie Mademoiselle

I laughed when I opened up the box and saw that these three look almost the same, the only difference seems to be how they apply. But it's fine as this is the kinda colour that I like to wear.

Right now I have Pink Parka on, excuse the photo but this was taken from hospital! Plus what do you think of my BB cover?? 


Friday, 27 August 2010

My hair.. Saved?♥

My hair does get abused by me, and I try my best to keep it as health as possible however 3 weeks ago my hair suddenly became extremely dry and knotted. I needed a thick nourishing hair mask to give it back some life, I was recommend this one..
♥Naked Rescue Repairing Hair Treatment♥

This is a lovely scented mask, that is really thick and creamy, you can apply it into your hair pile it up and your hair won't fall down so you can shower away whilst the steam helps this absorb into the hair more.

I credit this mask for helping my hair get back into top shape. Normally when I wake up my hair feels dry and  looks a right mess. However my hair is now soft and silky, and it doesn't need loads of work to look good. 

This smells divine too, quite herbal/floral, not too strong but it's a lovely pick up when your in the shower. Once you wash your hair you don't smell it any more, so if you don't like the scent no worries for it lasting in your hair.

You get a massive 400ml in the tub, not bad for £7.99


This is Delipscious ♥

Lip balms are one of those products that I buy way too many of, I have countless products and maybe less than half actually work for me. When it comes to lip balms I like them to really nourish and soften my lips and if I can get one with a hint of colour even better.

So when The Body Shop launched their new lip balm, even before I had seen it I knew it was going to be a firm favourite, since I love their lip butters. 

This is really hydrating, and lasting on my lips, and unlike some others it doesn't begin to dry out your lips once it has completely sunk in.

I have two of these, Peach Crush ad Watermelon Crush, the peach one is my favourite it leaves my lips glossy and soft, it gives just the right out of colour - a slight hint. A natural lip colour that I think would suit everyone.

8/10 I love these two colours, and need to re-purchase the peach one soon as I am nearly out!


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Summer in a bottle♥

Liz Earle is brand I am loving atm, thanks to QVC for introducing me to the brand! It is a great brand, with products that my skin is loving, this is truly my favourite brand of the moment. So when I sniffed their perfume one day I suddenly fell in love and had to have it!

It is a fresh citrus scent, that then settles down to a lavender with a spicy base. When you first spray the perfume you immediately smell the Orange and Lemon, which give you a buzz of energy and wake you up. Then as it settles into the skin it merges with your body and you get a warm spicy Lavender scent, that is beautiful, but the original citrus scents of Orange and Lemon still stay prominent.

Surprisingly with this perfume it is a refreshing mix of Citrus/Floral but yet still a little musky. My perfume collection is very sweet and floral based, I like warm vanilla and loud floral scents. Until this I had never worn a crisp citrus scent, I never liked the ones I had tried. But this has the right balance between Citrus and Floral that it appeals to me.

This is the only scent that Liz Earle currently do, I would love to see them do a warm but light vanilla based scent, I think that would be great for them. Impressively this perfume is derived from a whopping 98% natural ingredients, with a total of 14 botanical essences too, which means it will create a different scent on everyone and depending on your body it will change on you too.

Like I said before this really does give you a kick start, and this is great to spritz on throughout the day if you feel time dragging and your a little de-motivated. Plus the cute box that it comes with to store it in attracts attention when you pull it out of your purse everyone will want to know what your wearing. I love the glass bottle design too very stylish and classy.

This is a perfect summer scent, and I will have to re-buy when I finish this.

RRP £39.50 for 50ml
You can buy it online HERE


Playing with Illamasqua♥

As normal when I get bored I play with my make-up, trying to create new looks or mixing colour to see how they work together. Today I went with a lot of Illamasqua products mainly because I love them all so much, and the colours are some of my favourites that I own.

It turned out to be a bronze and gold eye, with a raspberry pink lip and keeping the skin very natural with just a hint of pink on the cheeks. Very glow-y.

Maybelline Superstay Silky foundation - 30 sand
YSL Touche eclat - 01
Clinique Almost Bronzer - 01 light/medium
Illamasqua Loose Powder - LP 250 (not pictured)
Illamasqua Cream Blusher - Laid

Illamasqua Cream Eye shadow - Exalt
Illamasqua Powder Eye shadow - Jules and Bronx
Illamasqua Liquid Metal - Solstice
Urban Decay Glitter Liner - Baked

Illamasqua Lipstick - Fable

Fable is one of my most worn lipsticks, it is such a pretty colour, it doesn't dry your lips out, it is a creamy matte. It lasts well over an hour on me, even with eating and drinking.

The cream blushers are also a big favourite product for me from Illamasqua so far I have 4 of them, they are my go to blushes as they last a good 6-7 hours on their own without fading or going patchy of the skin.

Hope you like this! If you want me to record a tutorial leave a comment below!



Hiya, another NOTD for you it's a bit of a messy job but I was just playing around with colour's I will most likely change it tomorrow knowing me. I thought it would be good to show you the 3 nail polishes I have been wearing a-lot recently.

♥ELF Fluorescent Pink♥
This a really pretty pink, not too bright and is more of a raspberry shade, I love this on my toes and my nails. The quality surprised me as well, 2 coats and it was opaque, it also stayed perfect for 3 days before it chipped.

♥Eyeko Lilac Polish♥
I have a soft spot for lilac nail polish atm and this is a lovely rich lilac, very creamy finish, again I only need 2 coats for a great finish. This is similar to OPI Do You Lilac it? which is another favourite colour of mine.

Barry M Mushroom♥
It has taken me almost 3 weeks to hunt this down, I found this in a boots in Glasgow, this was well worth the wait when I have this on I feel very grown up. As with all the Barry M nail paints I have tried this only took one coat and it is opaque. I have an OPI colour that is similar to this, and I think I might be buying a couple of other shades like this.


Two favourites of the week ♥

Since you guys seemed to really like my last post in which I showed you two products that I had been loving one week, I am doing another one! Hopefully I will make this a weekly post, I'm thinking every Sunday, let me know if you are enjoying reading these kind's of posts. I really like this as it gives you a chance to see what people are loving a little bit more frequently than a monthly favourites.

♥Clinique Quickliner in Violet♥

For me this lasts all day, a good 7-8 hours before it start0s to fade , and it doesn't smudge around my eyes as well and give me panda eyes like a-lot of eye liners can do. It is a very creamy pencil, and easy to build up colour too, so you can either do a really dense colour or blend it out as you still get a great finish.

From the same line I also recommend you check out smokey brown and blue grey, they are fabulous colours for most skin tones and eye colours too.

RRP £13.00, Found on-line or at Clinique counters nationwide.

♥ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in Camilia♥

ELF is a new brand to me I only have a couple of items from the brand, this has been something I have worn everyday. As an eye shadow base, brow highlight and cheek highlight too, it doesn't go greasy on my skin or patch. It sinks in nicely so it doesn't create a cakey finish on the skin, I would say it lasts a good 4-5 hours then you might need a touch up.

It is a lovely lilac colour, with very fine shimmer, one thing that really impressed me was how it gives a really great natural glow.

As with most ELF products it is £1.50 which makes it an amazing bargain, you can't argue with the price for such great quality.


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Nailene Product - will it be a new favourite?♥

  1. Hi guys!

This is another Nailene post, for their give-away HERE, basically you have to write about a Nailene product that you love and why. Instead of talking about a Nailene product that I already love and use, I wanted to buy a couple of new things and then see if I like them. 

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know how much I love the Nailene brand, and I have been using the products for years, I don't use any other brand.

So here begin's my quest for pretty toe nails..

The 'Gentle Glue' and false toe nails! I have never tried this sort of thing on my toes before, but heck isn't this what my blog is for, trying new things?! Before I applied these my mum and gran expressed their dislike over this sort of thing. But I continued in my quest and whipped out the glue.

Quality wise these are the same as the false nails I use on my fingers, with the French tip, I have never had French tips on my toes before, normally I go for one block colour. 

Much like my fingers, my toe nails are very small so I was really pleased to see how small the nails were fitted nicely, and if you need to file them down they include a cute dinky file. 

Now excuse my horrible feet!, I do have a couple of blisters (eww)... 



How did they look? - There is a HUGE change in the appearance from before, I actually love how they look! So pretty, well groomed, and best of all really natural if I saw someone else with them on I would have assumed they are real and not false nails.

I cannot stop looking at my toes, they look amazing and I am so sad that in a few days they are going to have to come off :( 

How do they feel? - A little strange at first, you can definitely feel that you are wearing them but after about half an hour of wearing them it doesn't feel like you have them one. Nearly stubbed one off as they felt so comfy that I forgot I had them one.

Would I wear them again? - Yes, how can I not when they look so pretty, however I think it will be for special days and not every day wear. Things like weddings, parties and holidays. 

Is it a new favourite Nailene product of mine? For sure! :) How can it not be a favourite when  the end result is so natural and so well finished. I have filed them a little shorter since I took the pictures, as they look better filed down.

For both of the products I paid £5.50 a complete bargain I think. Check out the Nailene website HERE


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Clinique All About Lips♥

This was one of the first products I have used for years from Clinique, I haven't been able to find another product to dupe this. It is a cream treatment for your lips, it sinks in so quickly and there is no sticky residue left like some balms can leave. The pump gives you waaaay too much for your lips, you need such a tiny amount of this, I would much prefer this in a tube as it would give more control over the amount that comes out.

It works wonders if you tend to suffer from flakiness on your lips, I only get this if my skin becomes dry or in winter and I find myself reaching for this more. During summer, this is a twice a week treatment for my lips just to keep them in top condition.

When I worked on counter for Clinique, I loved to use this as a primer on client's lips as well, as it evens out your lips texture, stops the lipsticks bleeding, and it helps it to last that little bit longer on the lips too.

It is £15 from your Clinique counters or on-line. I think everyone should have this, as it is so easy to forget to nourish your lips and not give the same care as the rest of your face.


Friday, 13 August 2010

Two Products I have used everyday for 7 days♥

These two products I cannot put down.. they are fabulous. Instead of doing two different posts, it made more sense just to let you know about them in one post. Both have enabled me to cut down on a couple of products in my routine, which means extra seconds that I can sleep.

No idea of the prices, as I bought them so long ago, sorry guys.

♥MUFE Aqua Creams♥

These two babies were bought from Wayne's blog sale, they are beautiful, my perfect kinda colours and are a complete dream to apply. If you want to see them applied I used them lightly on my eye which you can see in my last brow post.

After I did these swatches for this post, they stayed on for agesss, even after rubbing, using water, it took a water proof make-up remover to shift them. As for how long they last? All day, no questions, on my eyes they haven't creased of flaked and the colour stays the same. Pretty good right?

Plus, how pretty are the colours?

♥Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser♥
This is my second tub of this, I have been using it for months, but this last week I haven't found myself reaching for another moisturiser. It works days and night for me, which is fabulous for saving some pennies. I use the norm/combo formulation and my skin is fully hydrated all day, although towards the end of the day I do notice my skin becoming a little more shiney than usual but my skin feels so nourished I don't mind applying some more powder to control that.


Misc. buys♥

Today after collecting some more medication, I popped into claire's and New Look, mainly looking for a little zippy purse as lately my big studded one has got on my nerves. Being the typical girly girl I picked out this very pink Hello Kitty purse, I love it!

Then in New Look I got these 3 rings for £3!! Such a great price that I couldn't resist them..

And on a totally different note, I get my car tomorrow!!! eee I haven't had a car for 5 months and after one ickle train ride I shall bring my brum brum up to Lancaster.. because I don't have a picture of the car here is the key for it & such a cute keyring too...

So that's all for now lovelies :)


What I've learned from the beauty community♥

This morning Charlotte, over at lipglossiping, did a post on a few of the things she has learned from being part of the beauty community. I really enjoyed reading this post and thought I'd nab the idea and share some things that I have picked up.

1. Brushes! Before I only used the Clinique make-up brushes, and now I have.. well more than I can be bothered to count right now. My simple brush times are long in the past!

2. Trying everything! Now I have to try everything new things, regardless whether the brand says it is right for me, I have developed a habit here. Whether it is just a little sample or the full size, I like to have a play.

3. Moisturising my body! I always knew to moisturise my face but silly me I never thought my body needed the same thing. However I am fully converted and buy at least one new body item a fortnight!

4. Nail Polish! I have gone from having 6 or 7, to over 40!! Rarely do you see my French tips these days.

Now I could share a few more, but I would prefer to hear yours,  so go ahead and leave them in the comments.


No1 Brow Product♥

♥Clinique's Instant Lift for Brows♥

Since working for Clinique I have only used their brow pencils, I find they work best for my brows and my skin, they look natural and last all day.

Recently it was given a little makeover and they introduced the highlighter as part of the brow pencil. So on one end is the actual brow product then at the other end you have a lovely highlighter.

It it very smooth and light to apply, you can see from the swatches that you can build the product up. So it suits me when I'm blonde and also when I have my hair darker. I don't have to set this with a powder it lasts all day, which is great as I hate having to use a powder in my brows. It has a long-wearing formula to last for up to 8 hours without smudging or smearing

♥Here's what it looks like on me♥

This is one product I will re-buy over and over again, I haven't found another product for my brows that I love as much as this.