Tuesday, 31 March 2009

MAC lipgloss collection and swatches

TOP ROW: Babysparks .. Ever so rich .. Boy bait .. Instant Gold
MIDDLE ROW: Luminary .. Flusterose .. Love nectar .. Florabundance
BOTTOM ROW: Underage .. Snow girl .. Nice buzz

Monday, 30 March 2009

Mizz Worthy's Stuff Contest Entry

So this is my attempt at Mizz Worthy's Stuff Contest for a dramatic look, i took my eye inspiration from the goth trends on the catwalk and and my lips from colour ready for my lips although i switched the colours to red and black.

Sorry that ive only done half of my face it was 1am and i couldnt really be bothered so i was lazy =P

MAC Dark Soul Pigment
Barry M Silver Grey Pigment
Barry M Silver Pigment
MAC black tied e/s
MAC Gesso e/s
Collection 200 black glitter liner
Rimmel Sexy curves mascara

MAC studio fix foundation

Clinique Ready-to-Wear lipstick
MAC Dark Soul pigments + fix plus


So today i thought i would try using softwash grey in my look, i also used shroom on the inner tearduct and jest all over my lid, i like the end result i think it brings the blues in my eyes out,

I used Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara to finish the look off.

For my lips i used MAC myth l/s, DIOR clear gloss and Benefit High Beam to pale them out a little bit more

Friday, 27 March 2009

Hair story





So im afraid i could only find images going back to 2007 but my hair was pretty much brown since 2005-06.
Ive varied in tones, red brown was my fave and now im blonde as you guys can see but im going to be a tad darker this week want to be a ash blonde again :)
This was a fun tag, going back to old pics, sorry if they arent great or are too posy what can i say? cant keep me away from a camera for long LOL



- Doing a contest :)
- Hair extensions
- MAC well dressed blush
- Coral nail polish
- NO BRACES yaaay

- Having to wear a retainer
- Flu
- School + exams
- Waiting for payday

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Hey everyone, recently been thinking id like to do a swap with someone in the US, send each other some goodies etc as theres a couple of things id like to try but cant get over here, so anyone in the US wanting to swapp let me know and we can get in touch

Love ya !

Monday, 23 March 2009


Havent done much on here or youtube lately need to get back into the swing of things, so i have a tutorial and haul vid/post coming up this week.

But i was thinking everyone seems to be doing contests and i really want to do one, so when i get 50 followers i think im gonna do a contest, what do you guys think? Prizes will most likely be MAC? Let me know..


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Review : Miss Sporty Light Reflecting Foundation

Colour - Med/Dark, was still too light for me im nw 30 though so maybe would suit a nw 25 ? 2/5
Pigmentation - Poor had to apply ALOT of layer 2/5
Long-wearing - OMG came off after an hour, not joking 1/5
Packaging - I liked the squeezy tube 3/5
Price - £2.93 4/5

12/ 25 - Ok if you r not looking for much coverage and only want to spend a couple of pounds, but this doesnt last and the colour selection is very poor

<3 Just a little thankyou

Just want to make a little post to say thankyou to all my followers for taking the time to read my blog, it means so much that you guys are interested! Let me know what you wanna see more of on the blog !!

Love Lu x

Sunday, 15 March 2009


- My new G1
- Green Tea soap from baygifts.. sorted my oily skin out!
- Bobbi Brown Desert Rose Blush
- Big sunglasses
- CHI nourish intense
- Clinique superfit foundation + 187 brush
- skins

- UGG's not being warm weather friendly
- breakout
- stressing about alevels
- getting a cold AGAIN

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hauling mad this week :]

Just some basics i needed.
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
The Body Shop Mango Body Butter
CHI Silk Infusion

Some cheeky staff shop buys.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Review: baygifts

Its a Lush type company, handmade bath bombs, bath salts, soaps and loads more, and i was lucky enough to try some. Let me tell you i have tried loads and loads of products like these and have never been 100% happy with what i buy, especially soaps as they always seem to dry me out, but not these soaps!

I got four to try
They work really well, and dont dry the skin out, after the shower you can feel the difference in your skin nicely moisturised i didnt need to apply much at all only my really dry areas! The scents are gorgeous too nothing to over the top, very fresh and true.

Another one of their fab product ive tried so far is their bath bomb, i havent used it in the bath yet but used a chunk in the shower to compare it to Lush Emotibomb, and it was better the scent was stronger didnt fade away the second it had fizzed up it stayed for my whole shower which is amazing and it only took a 50p size amount too which is less than a quarter of the size of a Lush Emotibomb!! They retail for £3.89, which is a bargin considering the size, bigger than the palm of my hand you could easily get two bath bombs out of just one of these.

They sell other things too, Solid Body Scrub bars, body butters, body creams, bath salts, home scents, massage melts, jewellery and various other items to go with your soaps etc :) Its a fab company and the products are great quality, the attention to appearence is another special element with baygifts.

In the UK there is free shipping and i also have a special discount code for, for 10% off, wjen you get to the checkout type FRIEND into the code section to recieve your discount.

Let me know what you think of the products if you buy anything id love to hear what you guys think! Im about to place another order!! :)

Lu x

Spring Cleaning

So this is a bit of a boring post however its a very important issue, and it hygiene. Im just going go through makeup items and how long they typically last but doesnt mean it will last that long, some may last longer some may last shorter.

Liquid Foundation - There are two different types of liquid foundation oil-based and water-based, tyically these last 18 months & 12 months, from when you first open them. Please watch or for separation or a change in colour, smell or texture as these are also signs its time to say good bye.

- This will last you around 12 months, though if the texture becomes cakey on application its time to toss it.

Pressed Powder
- Around a year is used with a sponge because the oils are transferred into the powder, but up to 18 months if used with a CLEAN brush.

Loose Powder
- Up to two years

Eye Shadow
- Will last for up to 3 years, but crumbling eyeshadow is a sign its starting to turn and you should treat yourself to some nice new ones.

Eye Liner
- Again this will last you 3 years if sharpened or cleaned regularly, but if it becomes dry and tugs on application you needa new one!

- This lasts for about four months, but use your own judgement, you should through it away if it becomes dry and flakey.

Lipstick - Between 1 - 2 years, you'll know its off if the smell changes!

- Same as your lipstick, its the colour changes or the smell changes new one!

Nail Polish
- When the yellowish layer appears its time to chuck it, but normally around 12 months.

Makeup Brushes
- These will last forever is cared for well, but clean after every liquid use and for powder items every week will do.

Other tips, if you want to be really good take a black marker and write the day it was first opened and when it should be chucked that way itll remind you.

Throw away any makeup used if you develope an infection if the bacteria gets into it the infection will only keep re appearing.

Keep makeup out of sunlight, the light and heat will degrade the perservatives, meaning it wont last aslong.

Sorry if that bores you but its always helpful to be reminded, we all love our makeup and wouldnt want to ruin it!

Lu x

Thursday, 5 March 2009



Be on the look out for a new series of reviews that i'll be doing, both on here and on youtube, im not going to give too much away just now, but the company is of the lush type. Im really excited to be doing this and im sure you guys are going to love them too. So stay tuned !

Lu x

Monday, 2 March 2009


After doing some searching on http://www.temptalia.com/ ive come up with my wish list for the upcoming MAC collections :]

Sugar Sweet Release Date 19th March

Consome me (bottom one) and Simply Delicious ( the far right one)

Bubbles l/s

Rose Romance 23rd April

Undecided as of yet, but im sure to get something as the collection looks so pretty and very me.

Double Dazzle 30th April

- Sugarrimmed

- Moth to Flame
- Money Honey

- Baby Sparks

Im obsessed with my gloss and lipstick :] And these are my MUST HAVE, time to save my pennies.

My MAC Palette's

This is another request for Becka to see my MAC e/s all my shadows are in m my palette's.

Because ive written the names next swatch on paper so you can refers to those, but if it is a big problem ill label them for you.

Dont know whats happened here but no matter what i did these just would load straight :[

And the swatches here the top row of swatches pair up with the left hand rows on the palette and paper..sorry guys, i dont know how to fix it

Looking at the swatches the top row is row number one going down on the paper swatches sorry guys


If you have any requests for reviews etc post them here :]


Feb Faves

So ive finally decided to jump on this bandwagon and do my fave products of the month, everyone seems to be doing it and it may be a bit of a repeat but you havent heard my faves have you ? :]

- CHI Silk Infusion
- CHI Keratin Mist
- MAC Studio Fix
- MAC Fashion Frenzy Blush
- MAC Mattifying Cream
- MAC Jest e/s
- MAC Satin Taupe e/s
- Lush Emotibombs
- Max Factor False Eyelash Effect Mascara
- Clinique 3step

- Clinique Fresh Bloom e/s, i just think they look too pretty to use :[