Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Contest time with BodyForm

Hello lovelies,

i have the perfect contest for all you girls out there, sponsored by BodyForm :)

Its really easy to do, i want you to tell me in a blog post or in a comment what you would need in your own Period Survival kit to boost your confidence.

The winner with the best or most interesting answer wins a survival kit (Chocolates, girlie dvd, bath salts, eye mask, etc) including a special Bodyform pack.

The rules:
- You must be over 18, or have your parents permission to enter.
- UK only this time (sorry guys!)
- You have to be a follower



Special Pssst...

Bodyform are giving away Jemma Kidd’s Limited edition Lip Gloss worth £10 with their special Bodyform packs that RRP from as little as £1.38 -£1.79!

They’re available from 12th Oct!!


  • Your browser may not support display of this image. To create the perfect pout, line and fill the lips with a liner first to define them. This will also help the gloss stay on for longer.
  • Applying a primer underneath your moisturiser is great for people who find that their make-up tends to wear off during the day. The primer will absorb any excess oils, even out skin tone and help foundation blend into the skin.
  • If you have tired eyes, curl the lashes and apply a layer of defining mascara. This will really open up the eyes and make you look more awake.
For more info about BodyForm products go to, www.bodyform.co.uk

Monday, 28 September 2009


- being at uni
i love it!! :)
- fluffy slipper boots
- new tv its makes watching sex and the city 100000000x better
- new tiffany
- facials

- andrew being in aberdeen, its sooooo hard and horrible i miss him like crazy atm
- freshers flu :(
- hangovers (though the night before was FUN)

*lots of posts to come now im settled*

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Illamasqua Review 1

This is my first Illamasqua review, and it will be on the lovely Dystopia Intense silver lipgloss. When i first saw this beauty i was a bit like 'omg how could anyone wear that?!' but still i swatched & applied a little over myth (this was at the event) and i loved the result, a subtle high shimmer perfect for a night out. I then tried it as full on lipcolour and i still loved it, i shocked myself, with a smokey eye it would look gorgeoussssss.
It is rather sticky, but i dont mind that because that tends to mean it lasts longer on the lips. However, if you dont like sticky gloss then stay clear this isnt for you.
Retail price: £12.50 && you can find it online at www.illamasqua.com or instore if your lucky enough to have a counter near ou, but check on te website first.

upcoming posts

- Illamasqua bloggers event
- Illamasqua product review
- Hair styling tutorial
- Fave Drugstore products
- My skin care routine
- Xen tan review
- Eye perfection review
- AUSSIE review
- Face routine

so thats my list for now, but if you have any requests please let me know and ill add them in :)


Monday, 14 September 2009

just a life blog

eeeee *smmmile* <-- that is pretty much all ive done today, because i leave for uni in 4 days!! insane! its come so quickly its weird that im 18, driving, going out clubbing, done my alevels and now going to uni!?! how did this happen, i had this moment the other day driving when i suddenly realised im growing up. haha sounds sad but 2 years ago i was doing my gcse's seems ages ago now.

ive pretty much packed all i can the rest will have to be done the night before with things ive been using daily. its funny seeing all my things packed up, 2 LARGE suitcases of clothes, 2 holdalls of clothes, 1 holdall of shoes, 1 massive bag of homeware and kitchen stuff, 3 box of cosmetics and toiletries, 2 boxes of books and paper work, plus a holdall of misc. stuff. how on earth will i get this in my car?!.. haha thank god my mum is driving up with me.

im going up before to spend time with my family we are all going to blackpool, i love the tackyness of that place, it will be the first time in YEARS since we have all been together.

on sunday is move in day, i have to be there at 10am to register, sign up and get my keys!! ee :) i only know 2 people in my flat so far, both girls, so just 3 others to meet eep. hopefully we all get along, my problem is do i tell them about my youtube?! i dont want them thinking im just some freak talking to myself.. lol.

OH and if anyone is reading this and going to Lancaster (UK) please leave a comment, i want to meet as many people as i can before i start! cannot wait for freshers weeeeeeeek it looks good, neon rave, toga party, james bond ball, pub crawl to name a few of the activites :D

please excuse my rambling about all of this, im just very excited.

now time for the rant part.. Student Finance England are yet to confirm my loan, which means i have no tution fees, accom fees, food money NOTHING, wth am i meant to do ?? complete idiots. i do have an overdraft and credit card but i really do not want to have to use that to live off of yno.. =/ not happy about it. I still have books to buy, plus my classroom clothes grr but i know im not the only one, bf and his brother are both in the boat as me NOT GOOD SFE!!!

right im off to do a blog post of my upcoming posts so you know whats coming and you can also request other if you want.


Friday, 11 September 2009

i won a blog giveaway

ill do a review once ive used these but im soo excited, its a Mary Kay Private Spa Collection :)

thankyou again Hayley


Maybelline Event

As im sure you know a bunch of bloggers were invited to L'Oreal HQ for a Maybelline event. I was really excited for this, 1. to see all the girlies again 2. to get to grips with the brand more and 3. for the new mascara :)

My day started off a little rushed as the tubes on the piccadilly and met lines were cancelled so i had no way of getting there, i ended up taking buses and all sorts but i finally got there mins before it started so i could breathe.

The night started off with a presentation about the brand, which was insightful because it changed my perceptions of the brand, it isnt the 'plain' & 'safe' range i thought it was, the images and videos they showed us were amazing, sultry sexy diva playful classic, lots of different looks. Ill admit before i thought of Maybelline as a natural look brand but not anymore.We were then introduced to the new products they are focusing on, the pulse perfections mascara. I love this, its £14.99 rather than the £30+ that is on the high end market. Maybelline are focused on bringing the luxury quality products we see in high wnd brands and making them more widely accessible to consumers. Ive only had a little play with this so i will update you once ive tried it out a little more.The other product was the Colour Sensation Lipsticks which come in 25+ shades, pinks, plums, reds, browns so there is something for everyone. I personally love 125 Shimmer pink, my faveeeee colour from the collection and its also the pink in the promotional images. Again i will talk further about these later.After that we were taken through an overview of the rest of the products in the brand and they key notes about them. There was also two of their makeup artists on hand to ask questions, or to have some bits tried out on you.

Then we were given two goody bags!! sooo kind of them. So i walked away with alot, but the plan is to do a giveway with the goodies as i want to give some back to my readers :) I will have to do a separate post on the goody bags because otherwise this post will be stupidly long and i hope your still reading this and havent got bored lol?!

I really enjoyed the event another well planned and thought out event, i certainly enjoyed it, and it was lovely to speak to the ladies from maybelline they were so helpful and lovely to chat to. The night has made me look at the brand more, i really like the fact they are the NYC fashion week makeup sponsors so all the trend makeup coming from there you can easily pop out and buy the products from boots or superdrug, i think thats great!!

Before i finish i want to share the Maybelline brand story that we were told, a lady called Maybel was engaged when her partner ran off with another woman so she went to her brother who was a pharmacist and asked for help to win him back. So together they took some coal & vaseline and created what we now know as Mascara! In the end she won him back once he saw her eyes pop with her mascara. Hence the name Maybel-line. So thats the story.


Sunday, 6 September 2009

my dystopia

2nd look

i ♥ illamasqua

on my wish list from the collection:
- Machine Eyeshadow
- Sheerlipgloss creamy pale colour
- Liquid Metal

so i shall have to do some major saving, as my bank card was cloned and they took all my money :( but those are my three must havesss

Friday, 4 September 2009

hair s.o.s

Ok, so this will be a pictureless post as i just want to talk about my hair (how vain does that sound?!) but its at shoulder length and it has been at that length for about a year now. Now i get regular trimes, and i deeply condion my hair alot. I dont use alot of products, and only use my hairdryer/straightners 2-3 times a week max.

I was just wondering whether there is anything i can do, i use clip in extensions because although i like my short hair i feel more girly with longer hair. So is there any truth or good reviews i should read about vitamins that will help? I would also love to hear from anyone who gave up heat did that work for you?

Do any of you guys have any suggestions? Product rec's too?

Miranda Kerr is my hair idol , this is how i would like my hair length and cut .

p.s i have a hair extensions review for you i was kindly sent some AMAZING extensions :)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

i am alive !!!

Heyyyylo everyone,

Sorry about the lack of videos recently ive lost my memory card so i cant record anything =[ boo but i shall put out a whack of blog posts tomorrow!

Ive not been doing much other than packing, and the illamasqua event (which i will blog about) so lifes been pretty boring.