Sunday, 31 July 2011

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks ♥

Left to right:
Peachstock, Innocence Beware, Impassioned, Hue and Viva Glam Gaga.

Todays post is going to be a short one, this was requested almost 6 weeks ago and I am only just getting round to doing it sorry! I have to say it was difficult choosing just 5 it is not an easy task but I narrowed it down and I am pretty happy with the colours.

As you can see I do like my nude shades, Peachstock is slightly darker but works as the perfect nude when I have a dark tan, Innocence Beware made it's way in because I love with sheer glossy texture and sometimes I don't like an opaque lip, and Hue is a gorgeous milky pink nude that gives a full colour but is also glossy.

Viva Glam Gaga and Impassioned are my two go to colours if I want to be a little more summery and wear a colourful lip.

So tell me what are your top MAC lipsticks?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Space NK Haul By Terry and NARS♥

There are only two shops I can enter and not leave without purchasing something Space NK is one of those shops, today after one (or three) glasses of wine with some old friends we stumbled into Space NK for a browse. I love all four pieces I bought and although are silly expensive I love them non the less.

First up are the two NARS products that I have been after for a long time but could never get myself to part with my cash for, I guess all I needed was a glass of wine to get them eh?! Belle De Jour Lipstick is a gorgeous semi sheer lipstick that is the perfect shade of nude, not to pale, not chalky, not too orange, I am in love. So happy I finally bought this gem.

The other is Fez eye shadow, I find NARS eye shadows to be hit or miss but the creamy texture plus the amazing pigmentation won me over with this. I can't wait to wear this to work tomorrow all over the lid. Do you wanna to see an FOTD with this?

Onto the rather expensive purchases but hey I only live once right? They are from By Terry, a range I'm sure we all know and lust from. I finally caved and bought the Baume De  Rose, which is something of a cult lip product. It is rather fab and I will post a review soon on this.

The other is the Or De Rose Baume Precieux ? Basically the same but ALOT more money as it has gold shimmer packed in. I think this is my favorite and the shimmer is just to die for. Again I will review this soon. The packaging of this jar has a rather pretty floral design on it, I think the original should carry this print with the rose gold lid too, I prefer it. 

Baume De Rose

Or De Rose Baume Precieux

Friday, 22 July 2011

Two of my most used products ♥

I noticed today that I have been using two products pretty much every day for the last two months, so it would be rude not to give them a spot on the blog so I can share how fabulous they are!

NARS Laguna Bronzer
I am sure everyone and their mother has heard about this little sleekly packaged bronzer. It simply is the bee's knees when it comes to bronzing ( I will be doing a post on my fave bronzers this weekend ) it gives me a gorgeous golden deep colour, it is silky to blend and always looks amazing. This it getting close to giving up as you can see I hit pan, that was 2 days ago so its down hill from here, let's hope it doesn't fall apart like last time! Luckily I already have a back up.

Shu Uemura ME 850 eyeshadow
This was a colour I thought would be 'me' but for a long time just sat there in a box doing nothing, I'm not sure why I didn't fall instantly in love but never the less I have come to my senses now! It's been in my makeup bag every day for the fact it looks great on its own or as part of a sexy smokey eye. I have a few Shu Uemura colours in my collection and the quality always blows me away, the rich pigmentation and creamy formula will always have me reaching for them.

♥ Swatches ♥

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Naturally Glossy for Summer... ♥

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara is perfect for the summer months...

With super sleek, shiny packaging and a simple, classy 'C' on top of the lid this mascara looks great.

It's long lasting, doesn't flake or crumble in the heat, doesn't run, has no odour and is easy to build up.

1 coat = super natural shiny lashes that look like they've been tinted.
2 coats = as above, but with added length and definition.
3 coats = long, full, ultra black lashes that are glossy and soft but still look natural. No 'spider lashes' here!

The brush:

How I've been wearing it:

^oops! Sorry about the little splodge!

In these photos I haven't curled my lashes at all, proving that this mascara really does 'lift and seperate' as Clinique claim!

I'd definitely recommend this for summer wear, I've been wearing it every day for weeks!

You can buy it here for £15 ♥


ps - I'm really sorry that the photos haven't turned themselves around! Silly computer :(

Monday, 18 July 2011

My 'work' lipstick of choice ♥

This lipstick has been blogged about a couple of times on my blog, I find it so easy to wear and very chic when I do. So when I start my new job I knew I would need a sensible but still pretty lipstick and NARS Tzigane was my top pick. 

It is opaque, creamy and is one of those my lips but 10x better colours. My usual bubble gum and neon pinks just wouldn't cut it, so this is my work  lipstick, the lipstick I choose when I know I need to play grown up ;)

♥Swatch & On my lips♥

Sunday, 17 July 2011

In & Out ♥


♥ Being/Working in London ♥
Yes the 6am starts are a bit rubbish but I am loving being down south again, I really can't see myself leaving again any time soon. I've been down here 4 weeks and have already had some amazing opportunities, it's incredible. 

♥ Harry Potter ♥
Saw the Harry Potter movie this weekend, I cannot believe it is all over :( I was big girl and didn't shed any tears, although I did well up when Snape died, the only part that really moved me. I'm gutted that all my fave movies have run their course and have nothing to look forward to each year.

♥ My new job ♥
If you follow me on twitter then you will already know but this week I officially started my new job in London and I love it. Simple.

- Being stuck in London wearing a dress in the pouring rain! It has happened too many times recently for my liking. Bring back summer.
- Wearing high heels every day, as much as I love my heels 8 hours in them can kill anyone
- Saying goodbye to MrA for a month today going to miss him lots & lots.

That's it really for this In&Out post. I will get back into the swing of blogging and youtubing, I took a mini break these past few days so I could settle into my new job. But everything is back to normal tomorrow, on with my summer series.

Skincare focus - hands & feet ♥

Hey guys this post shouldve gone up friday but blogger has been playing up again! I'm sure im not the only one getting annoyed with this, I've lost 3 posts in the last week and I have no idea why! Anyway on with this post...

I've been focusing a lot on my skincare routine recently, really trying to get into a good routine with both my face and body but I was neglecting my hands and feet. Two areas that really should get a lot more attention than I already give them. Let's face it our hands do all the work and our poor feet have to put up with towering high heels.

So I was super happy when these two products came through my letterbox, they couldn't have appeared at a better time as I was trying to sift through the endless different lotions and potions out there. It is hard to narrow it down.

What did I think ? Both were really quick to sink into my skin and left my hands & feet silky smooth. I've used them every day for over a week now and have easily fitted them into my current routine. I carry both in my handbag so that at work or if I'm out I can easily apply them. Eucerin hand cream and foot cream's are fragrance and colourant free, and after one application I definitely saw a difference in the texture of my skin, a lot smoother. 

I have to saw the biggest thing I noticed for me was using the hand cream, my skin can get painfully dry and 'stiff' because they get so dry, since using the Eucerin hand cream I haven't had the same trouble. The first sign of dryness I whip the tube out and massage in the hydrating lotion and everything is sorted. 

Packaging? I like it, very clinical/medical the sort of thing you pick up already knowing it is going to work and you feel confident in your purchase. Don't get me wrong if it were pink I'd probably love it 200% more but not everyone loves pink like I do  :P 

Price? Around £7.00 depending where you buy it from, and I think worth it. Considering I was paying double that before from a brand that was doing nothing. I am happy to have been introduced to Eucerin. 

Will I repurchase? Of course, and I recommend you pick up at least the hand cream. 

*This was a sponsored post of behalf of Eucerin

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

You are positively glowing! ♥

A must have for summer !

In Summer I have the tendancy to up my highlighting, sometimes I go a little crazy but hell I like a summer glow. Right now NARS is doing everything right in terms of highlighters, they have some great colours all with fabulous formulations that just light up your skin. 
These little tubes of light reflecting creams are perfecting for a faux glow, I apply these under my foundation with my moisturizer and sometimes over as well if I want even more shimmer to my cheeks, making me look lit from within. On days when I don't wear any makeup I still like to mix a little of Copacabana with my moisturizer so my skin still looks refreshed and illuminated . 

Super Orgasm and Copacabana are my top picks as I feel they work on most skin tones.

They retail for £21.50 - you can get them HERE - which might seem like a lot but you need such a small amount that each tube will last a long time.

Have you tried them? Do you love them too?

Lip combo of the week & Rituals Review ♥

I haven't done a lip combo of the week in about a month (I think) so it was about time for another and this is the combo I have been loving a lot recently. It was pointed out to me recently that Rituals actually do makeup, I thought they just were skin/body so I was pleasantly surprised and eager to try out a lipstick. This is one of the cream and care lipsticks in La vie en rose, which is just the prettiest natural pink and provides a nice boost of hydration to your lips. It gives a good amount of colour, I'd say the formula is borderline on the sheer side, the perfect balance for summer.  

The other product is MAC tinted lip conditioner, I don't know the name as the label has come off, I want to say fuchsia - let me know below! I just add this for a slightly glossier finish, right now I'm loving gloss but on the really hot days I can't bare a gloss so this still gives me my shine fix.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Just treat me right, baby! ♥

Hello Everyone!
There's a slight change on Makeuploveer this evening, instead of the beautiful Louise writing to you lovely bunch, it's me... Cat! You can find my blog here and my Twitter here! A little while ago Lou gave me access to her blog to review some products for you, today is my first shot at it so please be nice!

So, I'm going to be nattering to you about a new product by VO5, their 'Treat Me Right' deep conditioning treatment :) For those of you that aren't aware I, like Lou have white blonde hair; a look that can only be achieved by agonising scalp bleaching and a lot of hard work! I tend to use deep conditioning treatments every time I wash my hair so I'm becoming a bit of an expert these days ;)

Here are some product images:

Like all of the new re-launched VO5 range, this packaging is seriously cute! The pot has a hot pink lid and the creamy white main part of the pot has a slight pink pearlescent look ♥ The labels are easy to read and informative and I love the gold detailing!

The treatment itself is a very thick cream. When you scoop it out of the pot it feels extremely thick and a bit lumpy, however after you've rubbed it between your hands and warmed it up a bit it takes on more of a body butter consistency.

This has 5 natural oils in it (avocado oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil and jojoba oil) and these give it a really lovely scent, not too overpowering but strong enough to be able to detect it when I 'swish' my hair! I find that this really intensely conditions my parched, bleached, brittle locks and turns them into gorgeous silky platinum tresses!

How I use it
I scoop an egg sized amount out of the pot and apply it all over my hair from root to tip.

Cat's top tip: use the 5-10 minutes that you leave this in your hair as an opportunity to give yourself a cheeky little scalp massage, not only is it relaxing, it really helps to work the product into your hair giving you a really luscious final result!

After I've left it on for 5-10 minutes I just rinse it out thoroughly with warm water.

This retails at £4-£5 depending on where you're shopping and with some 'drugstore' intensive hair treatments costing up to £20 these days, you really can't go wrong with the VO5 one both in terms of it's price and quality!

Overall this is amazing and will help to get your hair in tip-top-shape for the summer months (if we ever get a 'summer' in the UK!) as the hair really takes all of the moisture out of your hair and can leave it dry and a bit 'frazzled'.

If you're trying to get summer ready, this is the conditioning treatment for you :)

Hope you enjoyed this,
Lots of love, Cat xo