Tuesday, 23 February 2010

aussie aussie aussie!... oi oi oi :)

Im suuper excited to be going along to the aussie angel photoshoot this weekend, as part of www.uncoveraussie.co.uk.

During the day will be the opportunity to talk to the makeup artists, hair stylists etc, and i want to ask you guys if you have any questions or advice you want me to ask for?

I have a couple of ideas in mind :) but let me know what you want me to 'uncoveraussie' for you ;)

Bring on London this weekend, i CANNOT wait to be back there, oh how i have missed it !



Monday, 22 February 2010

new book :)

my read of this week, im going to crack on tonight, ill let you know when im done and what i think. i loved her last book so i have high hopes.

road testtttt...

this week i picked up two more makeup items (like i honestly need anymore)..
- Clinique Blended face powder
- Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation, 05 Honey

ill post a FOTD later in the week once ive had a play, but im quite excited to try these, the reviews for both that ive seen are really good :)

so far this foundation is one of the best i have ever tried, full review in the next couple of days.

Monday, 15 February 2010

*drum rollllll* ...the winner is!

The winner is Vi, who commented this lovely combo

"vi said...

my favorite lip combo is baume de rose from by terry, with MAC in angel on top. "

If you could please email me at lmdLOVE@gmail.com your address and ill ship your goodies out to you:)



Thursday, 11 February 2010


Today i got up a little earlier than usual so i could curl my hair today, i went for messy curls, by that i mean not all the same perfect curl i prefer it like this. At the front of my hair i braided it to keep my fringe out of my face...

To do this i used:
Conical wand
cheapy hair spray
Aveda heat protectant


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

"Louise whats that on your lip?!?!"

Yes i did get SNAP HAPPY! ....nowwww, this isnt to everyones taste (just ask my mum, dad, gran, granpa... you get the idea) BUT i love it and ive wanted my lip pierced for ageeess.
I cant wait to change it, ive seen the prettiest stud EVER... :)

silver or gold nails? YES please

"Blixz your fingers" Debs sent me over a new product, i had read about these in a magazine, and when she offered to let me try i was over the moon :)

I recieved two colours gold and silver, and they look amazing, super shiny! Ive been craving metal like silver nails but nail polishes werent giving me the effect i was looking for. My acrylics are off this week (i give my nails one week break every 3 infills) so when i get them back on next week ill be giving these babies a go.

When i got them in the post i did have a sneaky go, and i think im gonna need some practice, so no piccies atm. Once ive perfected them ill get snap happy for you.

Stay tuned....


how much makeup did i have...

...too much! It was getting rather large and mostly unused.

So i had a ground breaking week, i decided it was time i went through my ENTIRE collection and chuck out those products that were 'gone' and anything that had remained unused for a while were passed onto my flat mates, they loved this.

If im honest i was only using, perhaps, 25% of what i owned. It was taking up alot of storage in my room, and i cant afford to keep stuff that im not using. I'll admit it was hard going through it all deciding what i could keep, what had to be put in the bin and what would be passed on...

But looking at it all organised and laid out now i feel happy, does this sound silly? Think about how attached we become to our makeup, especially if you have shelled out £30 for foundation and then havent used it, doesnt it feel like your literally throwing a £20note in the bin? Well, for me it did.

The plus side of clearing it all out, i 'found' items i had not seen or used in a while *ashamed* and im now using alot more of my products because i can see them all.

Heres a couple of snaps of how ive got it stored...
Snap 1: Is misc eye products at the back, then lip at the front and then at the side it new products ive not hauled or tried yet.

Snap 2: Is all my foundations, powders, concealers, highlighters, liquid bronzers, couple of cleansing items and primers.

Snap 3: Is all my eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers, cream eyeshadows, pigments, eyeliners, mascaras etc