Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Revlon False Nails - Iced Mauve


Grumpy Cow!

... Of course I mean Cowshed's Grumpy cow uplifting body lotion, but I thought that title would grab you better!

Since the end of summer I have become such a body lotion junkie, buying them left right and centre I've lost count how many I have right now. This one stands out for me because of how it feels on my skin, it is a thick lotion but sinks in like water into my skin. It gives a silky soft feeling, and leaves my skin truly hydrated, the only way I can think to describe it is that you get the same clean, moisturised and soft skin that you get after a bath. Do you know what I mean? Your skin feels so soft but also like nothing it on it.

Grumpy Cow is lovely uplifting burst of citrus fruits, I find this is really great to apply in the morning as it helps to perk you up. The blend of essential oils red mandarin (invigorates senses), petitgrain (purifies the mind) and grapefruit are perfect, it doesn't smell artificial at all and it lasts. 

I also love the packaging the pattern on the bottle is really pretty, this has proudly been on display in my room, it's very sleek but pretty at the same time. Obviously it is practical too, and hygienic with cap so you can dispense just enough product, I find tubs horrible having to stick my fingers in to get the product.

Another great quality of the Cowshed range is that it has no:

RRP £16.00 for 300ml
Buy it HERE


Monday, 25 October 2010


With the beauty industry booming and women spending over £16 billion a year on cosmetic and beauty products, a major shopping retailer has today launched the first ever channel entirely dedicated to beauty.

QVC, one of the world’s leading TV and online shopping channels, has launched the QVC Beauty channel, which will demonstrate and sell the best beauty brands including Decleor, Elemis and L’Occitane.  Beauty industry figures will present the 24-hour channel, which will feature guest presenters including Lulu.

Judy Deuchar, Director of Merchandising at QVC UK, comments:
“Despite the tough economic times, this year QVC’s beauty sales have grown by 17 per cent in the first half of the year compared to 2009, a clear demonstration that we are already the destination for customers looking for premium beauty products.”

QVC beauty will give viewers the opportunity to see beauty products being demonstrated and tested by experts – and all from the comfort of their living room.

The QVC Beauty channel will be available on Freesat channel 816 and Sky digital channel 658.

Sue Devitt Silky Eye Shadow♥

This is my go to smokey eye colour right now, which is a big change from the browns and blacks I usually plump for. It's in the colour Dominica by Sue Devitt, a brand that is still new to me but one that I am loving so far!

The pigmentation first of all is ah-may-zing you only need to tap your brush in the pan to pick up a whole load of colour. It blends out really well, very silky as the name suggests and lasts all night on my eyes.

It has some glitter shot through it which isn't really noticeable, but when you take a picture with flash it comes to life and looks stunning.

I've been really impressed with this, next week I will be reviewing the foundation with a video demo too.

RRP $18.00
Buy it HERE


OPI burlesque♥

The postman slipped a little packet through my mail box this morning, and like a kid at christmas I ripped it open.  Inside were two sparkly beauties from the OPI Burlesque collection, I only got two as these were the stand out ones for me but I definitely need back ups asap, and maybe a couple other colours! :)

Bring on the Bling - Sparkle-icious

Aren't they just gorgeous!? Sparkle-icious really reminds me of OPI Mad as a Hatter so I will do a little post comparing them. Glitter nails are a big favourite of mine right now, I'm very pleased OPI released these beauties!


What's your fave OPI colour?



Only twice before have I dabbled in gradual tanning, with DOVE and Johnsons both made me a streaky orange. Since those incidents I haven't tried any others, I was kinda convinced all gradual tanners were rubbish so when Xen Tan sent me theirs to try I'll admit it did sit untouched for a while.

It doesn't have a guide colour so you have to make sure you don't miss any patches and it sinks in super quick. I half expected this to dry my skin out, but it was surprisingly moisturising and smells of yummy vanilla - which I love but some of you might hate it. This does give you a bit of a 'Yes world I do have fake tan on' smell but I tend to be lounging in pj's when I have my tanner on so I don't mind.

The colour is actually really good, a lot darker than I thought it was going to be. Right now it has replaced Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe in my tanning routine, this is a great product for touching up my fake tan in between sessions.

I love this!

RRP £23.95
Buy it HERE


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Eyeko - London Lips Lip Gloss♥

Eyeko sneakily sent me a couple of new products in the post this week, which I was thrilled about as I love them both lots! First up is the London Lips in the colour SOHO. Sadly the picture does not do this justice, it is so much brighter and fierce in real life. My expectations of this were low, I thought a pretty sheer pink but it is so pigmented one of the best glosses I have used in a while. A little goes a long way with this. 

It is sticky but not overtly so, just enough to make it last good time on your lips and considering the pigmentation it doesn't bother me. Unless you really can't stand any sticky glosses, this will be a dream for you.


Sunday Session♥

I have seen loads of lovely girls doing a weekly summary post, and they are so much fun to read! So starting today I will be doing my own version on a sunday (here's hoping I don't forget - if I do tweet me!). It is just going to be rambling on about my favourite and dislike's from the week.

♥My friends - This week has seen many up's and down's for my girls, lots of tears but also a lot of smiles too. As I said to one pathetic person this week "I'll fight to the death to protect them, so BACK OFF" they are my world, and I feel very privileged to call them my friends. 
♥Vodka - Need I say more? ;) Nights out have been great this week!
♥Halo Hair Extensions - After 6 amazing months my old hair extensions finally took to the dance floor for their last night on the town before they were put to rest. R.I.P. However my new Halo extensions are a firm favourite now, I have been switching between the human hair straights and synthetic wavy ones, and I never thought I would love synthetic extensions but they are bloody ah-may-zing, they looks just like my own hair no overtly shiny and fake-ness in sight. Review coming this week!
♥Bright Pink Lips - Now you all know I'm a nude lip lover but this week I have strayed over to the in your face pinks that I own, Elizabeth Arden Pink Vibrations, MAC Show Orchid and MAC Pink Nouveau. Looking bad at pictures they look SO much better than nude on me, and they also don't need to be re-applied as much as nudes do which I like, but you do need a mirror to apply unlike with my nudes where I could just slap them on.
♥Wedges - This week I bought a new pair of wedges which make me stand at around 6ft but hell I don't care because they are beautiful and will be worn to death!

This week I have seen so much hate both on-line in the beauty community and in real life. I cannot stand people who think it is ok to put someone else down just because they clearly are unhappy with themselves or their lives. I am the type of person who will defend anyone if someone is being vicious and will happily take them down off their high horse if they think it is alright to get their kicks in that way. Ladies (and gents) you need to stop the bitching and get back to the love, we should be watching each others backs no stabbing each other in them.


Friday, 22 October 2010


I was pleasantly surprised a couple of days ago to get a surprised package from Aussie, full of everything needed to keep cosy in the cold weather we are getting right now! 

- Slippers
- Hot Chocolate
- A White fluffy hand muff
- Wheat and Lavender Heat Cushion
- Aussie Take the Heat Protection Spray
- Aussie Take the Heat Protection Cream

On a side note.. I found these cute chocolates in ASDA for £1, perfect for putting in a beauty junkies stocking this christmas!


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Famous Dave Tanner♥

Famous Dave Tanner will it beat my much loved Xen Tan? This week I will be testing it out to see what I think, and next thursday I shall share with you my thoughts!

Have you tried Famous Dave yet?


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Illamasqua haul♥

♥Illamasqua Nail Varnish - Harsh
Such a gorgeous silver glitter, this comes 2nd to OPI Mad As A Hatter in my favourite glitter polishes! Two coats and you get the perfect coverage. As for the pain of removing a glitter nail polish, I find this easy peasy to take off, for reference I use OPI nail varnish remover.

♥Illamasqua Obey Lipstick
One of my favourite lipstick, this is my 2nd tube. Such a bright peach colour, with a matte finish but not as drying as some matte's can be. I really recommend you go swatch this or try it on, I just love this colour.

♥Illamasqua Liar Lipstick
On-line this looked really pretty, a barbie pink but with shimmer shot through it. In real life it is a little sheer but you can build it up easy, its smooth on the lips and isn't drying at all. It also looks really pretty in a picture with flash, it brings out the shimmer more which I really like.


Next Illamasqua post will be on the bits I got from the Art of Darkness collection....


Monday, 18 October 2010


- Clinique Evenbetter  Foundation
- ELF Mineral Booster
- Xen Tan Bronzer

- Clinique Quick Liner 
- Clinique High Lengths Mascara

- MAC Innocence Beware

I loveeeee Innocence Beware, love the colour and the name :)

The tan is FAUX ;) and is down to a new Xen Tan product I've been trying out the last two weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for a review this week!


All you artists out there!

"Works with Water Nutraceuticals is launching a nationwide design competition to find the best budding UK designers, as part of the company’s new initiative to support young talent.

The top prize on offer includes a 4 week work placement at the winner’s choice of Works  with Water Nutraceuticals’ prestigious creative agency partners, Elmwood or BJL. This will provide invaluable experience and contacts, and will help the winner’s CV stand out in today’s fiercely competitive workplace.

What’s more, the winning design will be printed on an exclusive canvas bag which will be available with purchases of Works with Water’s acne treatment help: clear skin, and will receive its own PR campaign."

How amazing does that all sound? How do I enter you ask....

To enter, aspiring designers aged 16-25 (inclusive) are invited to submit a graphic design or illustration under the concept of ‘help: your confidence’, which portrays a positive notion of increasing confidence and self esteem in young people. This is in recognition of the effect that acne can have on a person’s confidence, and how acne treatments like help: clear skin can help to build self esteem.

Closing date will be 6th December at 5pm, so hurry up and put your art heads on! Entries must be submitted to designcompetition@workswithwater.co.uk



For the last couple of months I have been on the hunt for the perfect blue, a light shade but not too 'baby blue' and I have finally found it. I had my eye of this for a while but kept telling myself that it wouldn't be right, after seeing it on a few blogs I caved and bought it! 

♥OPI What's With The Cattitude? 

I also added some bling to my thumbs!


Sunday, 17 October 2010

MAC Innocence Beware!♥

my new love♥
swatches will feature in tomorrows FOTD :)


Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Body Shop: Anti-Slavery Day Monday 18th October♥

"If you thought slavery was abolished in the UK in 1834 you are very much mistaken! With more
than 2.5 million people trafficked every year, human trafficking is the world’s third-largest criminal
industry after illegal drugs and guns, with a staggering 1.2 million children and young people are
estimated to be trafficked each year and sexually abused."

It is heartbreaking to know that people are still being treated in such horrible ways, and on the 18th October every year, coinciding with the European Union’s Anti-
Trafficking Day we all should take some time (or money) to help out and do some good.

Something as easy as signing The Body Shop's petition calling for the government to put it place greater care and protection for child victims, go here to sign it: 

 “Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People”


Friday, 15 October 2010

Kelly Cutrone is coming to Illamasqua!

Kelly Cutrone - a leading figure within the fashion and beauty industry – will be flying to London from her native New York City to visit us at the Illamasqua Flagship Store at 20 Beak Street, London W1 on Monday 18th October.
Kelly – and her trademark no-bullshit attitude – starred in MTV’s hit series The Hills’ and ‘The City’, and now stars in her own show Kell on Earth’, giving a behind-the-scenes look into Kelly’s own PR agency People’s Revolution, one of the most powerful US based PR firms in the business.

Kelly will be at the Illamasqua Flagship Store at 20 Beak Street, London W1 on Monday 18th October 2010 between the hours of 5:00pm - 6:30pm to exclusively sign copies of her memoir, The New York Times Bestseller, ‘If You Have to Cry, Go Outside; And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You’.
All profits from the book sales will be donated to the S.O.P.H.I.E charity in memory of Sophie Lancaster.

Sadly I can't make it to the event but I think anyone who is free should go and get your copy signed I love Kelly she is such a real person, and honest which is great to see in reality TV.

Let me know if you are going!!


Help: Clear Skin

Help:clear skin has teamed up with an up and coming fashion boutique called Bedcrumb to help the company in supporting new young talent. They have designed this beautiful purse (limited edition) as a free gift with purchase when you buy a months supply.

It is an 100% natural and clinically proven skin supplement that aims to clear up acne, spots and blemishes in 6 weeks. How it works is easy simply add the formula into your drink and take it twice a day to achieve the best results. I am going to be giving this a go to see if it can make a difference to the spots that seem to love to live on my jaw! 

A month supply is priced at £49.99
You can buy it at Asda, Tesco and Waitrose or www.workswithwater.co.uk

Help:clear skin is also available to buy at Tesco, Asda and Waitrose.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dry shampoo♥

Do I have to say much? We all know how amazing dry shampoo is, it saves you from bad hair days, gives your hair volume and for under £4 you can't ask for better value for your pennies!


Paul Mitchell Products♥

Kicking off my hair series on my blog is some lovely products from Paul Mitchell, I'm going to try keep the reviews short and sweet.

Super Sculpt
 "Provides flexible control and long-lasting memory. Adds body and maximizes shine. Dries fast so you get the results you want in less time."

This has changed the way I style my hair, it cuts my drying time in half and gives my hair amazing volume after just blow drying it has alot of bounce, I can't stop touching my hair when I use this. It's pretty fool proof, I tried using different amount to see if it would weigh my hair down or make it look greasy but it didn't! As for since I can't say my hair looked alot shinier but it looks very healthy.

Super Strong Liquid Treatment
 "Repairs hair from the inside out. Helps seal split ends for smooth, healthy-looking results. Strengthens strands up to 60% with everyday use"

Since I have got this I cannot stop praising it to people, it is my HG for healthy hair, it has amazed me. I didn't have high hopes for this product I just assumed it would act like every other boring leave in conditioner but no it has 'healed' my over processed bleach locks. I used to find my hair (and hair extensions) would get very knotted and difficult to run my fingers through which I hate it, and since using this I hardly ever get knotted hair and when I do I spray this through my hair to save it, If you have dry/damaged/frizzy/coloured hair you really do NEED this. It also works brilliantly on my hair extensions to keep them soft and shines

Soft Spray
"Secures strands with a natural, touchable finish. Creates a barrier between hair and damaging UV rays. Reactivates with heat or water for easy restyling."

I am so anti hairspray it is untrue, it makes my scalp itchy and 9/10 I find it still doesn't do much for my hair. Sadly this isn't a rave like the first two, it's a good product and I would probably love it alot more if it didn't make my head soooooo itchy. 

So tell me what Paul Mitchell products you love and why!