Friday, 31 July 2009


another in and out for you :)

- balenciaga part time bag
- have my acrylics back on - sooo happy about this
- recovering on vacay :) white beaches and clear waters = bliss
- no hair extensions
- concial wand
- newlook && DP sale i bought rather alot
- LA Candy i kinda love this book
- going to the BodyShop bloggers event!! :D eee

- being absent from my laptop
- no tan
- rainy weather
- having no money now haha..
- results in 20 days!!! :S
- hair extensions ..sick of the addiction atm
- being left out from nights out cause im ill (N) :(


ive seen this on a few blogs, where you list the items your lusting after, im going to combine both fashion and beauty for this :) feel free to do this too, and link me in so i can read your wish lists too

1. Body Shop YesYesYes lip butter i cant find any in shopssss :( i need some backups!
2. this beautiful tunic dress from newlook only £25! :D

3. another newlook piece a boyfriend blazer £30

4. shoulder pad cardi from warehouse £35 i LOVE this

5. this quilted bag from warehouse again

6. L'OrĂ©al Paris Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer £10 atm in boots
7. Tigi spoil me

so i shall be shopping this week :D


ello loverliess :)

sorry ive been absent from youtube/twitter/blog ive been in recovery/vacay trying to get better.

anyways i am feeling much much better now and i shall resume full blogging/youtubing as of sunday

have lots of goodies to show you, including some clothes haulllsss since you guys have requested it :)

Lu x

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Q ?

so if i were to do hair posts/videos what would you want to see..

let me know


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Book Club :)

I have jumped on the trend and bought (well my dad paid for it :P ) a copy of LA Candy and i have to say i was slow to get into it but i am really enjoying it i started yesterday, ill let you know my thoughts once im more into it as ive only really started.

show and tell #1

This is going to be a review / some pieces that i bought in town yday :)

After many thoughts of whether the conical wand would be worth it, whether it would work, i took the plunge and bought it from Boots yesterday for around £24-. Now i have seen many posts and videos about this and people raving about how amazing this is, and how easy and quick too, but i still had my doubts and i just couldnt see it working with my hair. My hair is naturally poker straight i have to really work at it to get even the slightest wave, and curls? HA. my hair doesnt hold them for more than 40 mins which saddens me as i love my hair really wavy or curly.

Right, so i tried this out last night as i had gone to meet a few friends for a drink (this was before i knew it was swine flu, i thought i just had flu) and i had like 10 mins to do my hair soi thought perfect chance to try this out and see how 'quick and easy' it really is.

So after clipping my extensions in, and prepping my hair, i put it to max heat setting and wrapped strands of hair for no more than 12 seconds each and then continued till done, it took me 8 mins! :o and you all have seen how much hair i have when i have extensions in!

I got home (feeling crap!) and put my hair into a pony tail and hit the sack, never expecting to wake up today with perfect wavy/curls, if you want to see go check out my latest video it has me just woken up and washed haha so hair was how it was when i woke up! i cannot believe ive lived without this.

For me this has worked a dream, if your like me and has hair that will not curl or wave or anything! lol then i really recommend this, and to everyone else i say go buy one and give it a go, i know its early days buy anything that can make my hair curl and stay like that for more than 24 hours with only a heat protectant in is a miracle to me!

Then i proceeded to my salon to pick up some hair care goodies ive had my eyes on for a while now, all BedHead products:
(from left to right) Fast Fixx, Ego Boost, Uptight

I purchased Fast Fix because i am always on the hunt for the next best conditioning product as my hair tends to get verrry dry, Ego Boost is supposedly for fixing spilt ends which i also suffer from as a result of heat damage, and then i got uptight to go with my new conical wand to help it work better with my fine hair.

Once ive given these a go ill do a review for you :)

Saturdays FOTD

A couple of you requested this on twitter so here you go,
i used
Clinique's Plum seduction e/s quad

then i did my hair up, with pieces looped and pinned in :)
it was very pretty


Friday, 17 July 2009


I have a little haul for you, just some pieces i have gotten over the past week.

This is my little Colour Crafted haul, i only got two things the 226 brush and the mineralize eyeshadow quad in Girlish Romp :) and i really like both of these, some people are divided over the pigmentation in the eyeshadow but i have been using my finger to place the colour on my lid then blended it out with the 226 :)

this has turned upside down and i have no idea why, i got MAC SFF in nw40, Clinique Even Better Foundation in 06, Clinique Airbrush concealer, and Clinique anti-blemish concealer 02 medium.

so this is my attempt to get something like MAC colour crafted, this is Estee Lauder Pink Sand, and its pretty but quite sheer, its defo not the same though. Im still on the look out.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Barry M Dazzle Dusts for sale

i love Dazzle Dusts but in truth there is only 3 i ever use!
So im selling the other 11 i own, £3each
postage is £1.50 for uk
£2.50 for the rest of the world
Payment through paypal only :)

top to bottom: 1, 51, 97

from left to right: 3, 59, 25

from left to right: 39, 93, 94

from left to right: 91, 11

leave a comment, with what you want and your email so i can invoice you

NARS Crazed Blush for sale

used twice, it just doesnt suit me :(

this is from my blog sale, the sale fell through, and ive since taken it down and deleted pictures so since my camera is in use ive taken one from google to let you see the colour£10.00 plus postage :)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

for the bestfriend

shes amazing, i put her above everyone else including my boyfriend because shes been there for 18 years and she will always be there,
no matter what
no matter where i will drop everything for her.
who is she? Leeann, but ..erm.. well..
shes not just Leeann anymore shes Leeann + 1 because shes is pregnant
shes is 17 weeks
with my amazing God child
Im learning all about bumps and babies so that when the time comes i can be there, i dont want her to ever feel alone or that noone cares, ill always be there
All the important things ive experienced shes been by my side, whether it has been physically next to me, on the phone, text, email or on video chat, ironically she there for me more than friends who lives minutes away. Through everything we are always there for each other.
i know what we have will never be broken i would bet my life on it
im writing this as if she were my boyfriend or husband i just love them both that much

its beyond friendship we are family
we even call each others mum mum :)

we are very drunk
and on the left
this was her bday :)

Friday, 10 July 2009


- GOSH Darling Lipstick
- The Body Shop Olive Glossing Shampoo and Conditoner
- St Moriz (!!)
- Garnier Pure Active Scrub
- Garnier Pure Avtive Wash

- essence of beauty powder brush , this sheds waaay too much

- MAC moonriver grand duo

Thursday, 9 July 2009

for the boyfriend

so this is a random post im doing for my boyfriend, this is one of his favourite pictures of us (i have no idea why?!).
Ive been with him 2 years and 6 months, and ive loved every single minute of it. He treats me like a princess, spoils me far too much! My first tiffany came from him! He cooks the best pasta ive ever tasted, seriously its YUM :). I trust him with every single thing, i can truely be myself around him, i can be fresh outta bed no makeup, messy hair and in pj's and the first words he will utter are
"your beautiful i love you"
we can be silly together or serious or just be slobs and laze about and its the happiest of times. We are heading off to different uni's in september and im going to miss him, but his calls and texts will cure that. This boy sends the most romantic texts to wake up to, i seriously dont know how i got so lucky to have him.
He understands my makeup obsession and will even sit and ask questions about it to try and understand what things do which i think is cute, though it pays off when i open a parcel from MAC :)
I guess im writing this to let everyone know how much i care about you bub, defo one of a kind :)

i love you


eye of the day

i used:
- MAC carbon
- MAC silver ring
- Barry m DD 8 silver
- Clinique high defination mascara

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

loving pink eyes

so i took my inspiration from this picture, im lusting after some illamasqua products. im going to post my wish list at the end, i think ill be wishing a while as im b-b-broke :(

(grrrrrr :] )

the ones of my entire face look dreadful so im afraid its just the eye and lip to see, i did feather the pink eyeshadow onto my cheeks at the top slighty :) im loving the pink with my eyes ! i used MAC sushi flower and vanilla e/s, with some white liner and plenty of mascara.

wish list time:
- Sheer lipgloss in Rouse
- Lipstick in Obey
- Powder Blusher in Katie
- Powder Blusher in Hussy
- Cream Blusher in Rude
- Powder Eyeshadows in Cry, Lick, CanCan and Justify
- False eyelashes 16
- Nail Varish in Brigitte and Loella
and basically all of their brushes!

So as you can see i really have to save up :( wish me lots of luck with that!! im going to stay away from MAC collections to help with this!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Product of the week

one of the few scrubs that havent broken me out or given me an irritation, i defo feel happy to use this weekly :) Have you tried this what did you think ?

Video loading onto youtube today x


so im running out of ideas for posts and videos, have you guys got any requests at all? leave a comment.

:) x


This was just a quick simple look using the body shop shimmer cubes, i used the soft pink all over, then the greeny colour on the lid and the white in my inner corner, then i ran some of the black along my lower lashes.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

1000 youtube subscribers giveaway :) && BIRTHDAY CONTEST

the winner isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
-->. Natalie Mckay :)

the winner of the birthday contest issssss
pretroleumjellay :) ee well done girlie

please can you email me, at


london haul

- Estee Lauder fan brush
- Estee lauder e/s due in Ginger
- MAC strobe lip condition in strobeblossom
- MAC c-thru lipgloss
- Clinique Happy Heart Perfume
- Clinique High Defination Mascara x2
- Bobbi Brown eye brightener in Medium
- Bobbi Brown Lipliner in rose
- Bobbi Brown Brightening lip gloss in pink
- Bobbi Brown lipsheer in beige
- AVEDA smooth infusion shampoo
- AVEDA smooth infusion conditioner
- AVEDA smooth infusion stype-prep smoother
- AVEDA tourmaline cleanser
- Lancome glosses 21 + 208


The lovely Natalie sent me these goodies to have a play with and see what i think , i got the Pure active wash, moisturiser and roll on spot relief. Im gonna head to the shops and see if i can pick up the scrub, as you know im always on the look out for a scrub that works.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


this was from my day in birmingham, london haul will follow tomorrow im too sleepy now :(

videos have been loaded but are private for the moment sorryyy