Friday, 30 January 2009

CHI sale

So after reading and watching posts on how in the UK sally's is having a sale that included CHI, i finally had the energy to get to my nearest store. I spent £14.00 and for that i got CHI nourish intense. keratin mist and a CHI mini size gift set, which included silk infusion which was the only reason i bought it!

And OMG my hair hasnt been this soft and shiney in ages.. it feels amazing. I cant believe its taken me this long to buy CHI.

The nourish intense silk bath is amazing, feels and smells amazing in the shower and definately repairs my dry and damaged hair.

I also tried the silk infusion and have fallen in love with it, my hair just transformed to this silky shiney and soft do.. i feel so happy about CHI that im raving to everyone and anyone..!

You all MUST try these products! your hair will thankyou

Pictures coming soon!!

Lu x

Monday, 26 January 2009

My idols..

They may not be to everyones like but they are who i look up to for fashion, hair and makeup inspiration.. not their personal life styles.

Ashless Olsen
Audrey Hepburn
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Holly Madison
Lauren Conrad

Lu x

Sunday, 25 January 2009

My Blogs to follow:



These are the two blogs i have the obsession to check every few days for updates, the girls are lovely and very informative about the products they show. They make me want to buy more and more, but i love every purchase i make and i wouldnt have half the gorgeous items i have if i hadnt stumbled across.

Everyone HAS to check out these stunning ladies :)

Lu x

The Body Shop

The Body Shop was always oe of those shops i walked into but rarely bought anything, as much as i loved their body butters and body washes i could never justify that amount of money on something i would go through in a month or so.. So i absolutely delighted when for christmas i received their Mango Body Butter, wash and exfoliator from santa ;)

Mango is my fave fruit ever.. and it was always the scent i went for but like i said £15.00 for Body lotion, £8.00 was exfoliator and wash seemed too much. I know that sounds illy when ill spend £30 on a face moisturiser but thats me.

However, since having got these products a little under a month ago i am converted and i will from now on be using these as my body range, maybe swapping the scent up i like the the passionfruit one too, but ive realised that the products you use on your body are just as important, and £15.00 is nothing when your left with a hydrated and gorgeous smelling body.

The Body Butter is the main focus of the post, it is very thick and creamy, and smells divine. Because of its thick consistency a little goes a long way, which with previous lotions ive had to pile it on to get the same softness but not with this. It hasnt got a SPF but i dont tend to expose my body unless im on a beach.

Its long lasting on the skin too even after a good few hours you can touch your skin and still feel the satin texture.

The body wash is lovely too, very soft ad by that i mean it doesnt dry the skin out too much and leaves the lovely mango scent behind too.

Lu x

Saturday, 24 January 2009


So, up until 2007 i was pretty adventurous with my hair, any colour and cut, but as of 2008 ive kinda been stuck in the ash blonde mid length hair state.. :| and im now craving a change.. but i cant decide so i do colour .. cut .. both ?

I did some googling.. i quite like the idea of a VERY pale blonde as ive never had that before and going for uber long hair.. but im worried its too playmate/WAG like and i dont want to go down that route.. lol

Maybe i should just leave it ..?


Lu x

Thursday, 22 January 2009

MAC Haul

So im guessing you have come from youtube to see my MAJOR haur and the colours! :)

The Pro Pallete x2

Mineralize Skin finish natural

Mineralize Skin finish natural

MAC Bronzing Powder
Refined Golden

182# Brush

MAC 208# and 210 # Brushes

MAC Technokohl

MAC e/s Vanilla

MAC e/s Vanilla

MAC tinted lip conditioner
Petting Pink

MAC Lip Stick
and swatches

Top: Patisserie Middle: Snob Bottom: Blankety

MAC Lustre Glass

MAC Plush Glasss (1st) and Lip Glass(2nd + 3rd)
Top: Snow Girl Middle: Florabundance Bottom: Nice Buzz

This is what i wore today, Snob and Nice Buzz

So thats all, if you want any reviews or tutorials feel free to ask :)

Lu x

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Haul Videos

Is it really so bad that people want to show what they buy? I find them fun to watch you get to learn why people buy that item and why they like it.. Stop the hating.. If you think its braggin DONT WATCH doi!

Lu x

Monday, 19 January 2009

The latest mascara

I was browsing Superdrug, and noticed a little set of Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara, eye liner and smokey shadow duo all for £3.99, so of course i snapped it up. Although Masterpiece has been out for years ive never actually tried it, so i was pleasently surprised when i used it today. It gave my lashes length and volume, with them being very defined, i love it, although i think itll be much better with a masaca base.

Lip stain

So this week ive been DIY lip stains, basically mixing Fix + and a little pigment then pressing onto my lips. I used a bright Barry M pigment and it became my fave look for the week :)

lu x

My new fave eyeliner brush

And it only cost £2.00 !!

This is the eye look i wore today, using MAC Mystery e/s and the liner brush as my eyeliner and Retrospeck all lover.


Maybelline v MAC

I found another dupe today, again at half the price of a MAC lipstick, and i have to say i prefer Pinky Rose its glossier and softer on the lips as sometimes i feel Cherish has a drying effect maybe thats just me.

For you reference: Maybelline 721 Pinky Rose on the left and MAC Cherish on the right

On the top is MAC Cherish ad the bottom in Maybelline Pinky Rose

From the swatches you can barely tell the difference between them, and to be fair both are fab lipsticks, the only REAL difference is the price.

Lu x
Old Hair colour
Very dark blonde

New Hair colour
light light ash blonde with low lights

This is how my hair looks now with the extensions
more volume and length

Lu x

Benefit Bad Girl Lash Mascara

I bought this a million years ago, and usesd it once and passed it off as it didnt do much. But i decided to give it another go, last time it did pretty much nothing just darken them and gave them the appearence of my length but knowing my own lashes i could see there was much change it length or thickness.

So i here i go again:

This time however i did notice more length, maybe i just expected too much before? Bad Girl Lash is suited better for someone who wants a long feathery lash look. For me i love my thick long lashes so sadly back to my drawer this goes.

Lu x