Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wine for two with Stowells Light Wine

Yes I am on morphine but for a special occasion, or a nice glass of wine I don't mind skipping a couple doses but let's not tell my doctor this - our little secret! I'm not the most knowledgeable with wine I stick to what I like and rarely venture to new bottle but I was intrigued by Stowells Light Rosé wine. A low calorie and low alcohol wine, at 5.5 per cent and 56 calories per a 125ml glass. Plus I do love a good glass of rosé and a girly night.

I got the best friend round for a nice dinner, we went for garlic and peppercorn chicken with roast potatoes and veg (her favourite dish of mine) . However after snapping the pictures of the wine, my camera decided it hated me and refused to play ball so we used the bestie's camera. Being me of course I forgot to copy the yummy food and tipsy face pictures before she left, so I will be updating you with the scrummy dinner I cooked as well as my wine face tomorrow!! 

Stowells describes the light rose as:
"Stowells Light stands up to taste tests. Bursting with fruity aromas and a touch of sweetness, it’s a 
fresh choice which can be enjoyed at every occasion, plus it has the added benefit of containing  less calories and alcohol than your usual glass of wine."
This is the first wine I have come across that is 30% lighter in calories per 125ml glass than the other wines on the shelves, so instead of one glass I can have two right? The description certainly sounded nice, fruit and sweet is the type of wine that I would pick, I'm not a dry wine fan. We poured a glass toasted to 'healthier' wine, I love this shiraz  rosé   it's a full fruity (strawberry, raspberry and cherry, my favourite fruits) that has the right balance of sweetness and zest. 

Stowells suggested that is the perfect wine to go with salads so we took note and whipped up a little lettuce leaf salad with beans as a starter to go along with our chicken. I have to say this was a wonderful accompaniment for chicken with peppercorn sauce, the sweetness of the wine balanced the taste out. 

I think from now on I will be buying Stowells Lighter wine, especially this one but I may try the white out of curiosity, I might like it. It also is a great time to discover a lighter wine since it is festive season, so there will be more glasses of wine consumed than the rest of the year. This rosé has already been added onto the shopping list for Christmas day, I think my mum will like this too. 

You can find out more about Stowells Light wines at,  www.stowellslight.com
Stowells Light Rosé is available from Asda nationwide for £5.49

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Under my tree..

I'd like to see..

Ok, so I do already own these items but if I were writing a Christmas wish list then these would certainly be on there. This year my family and friends had a tough job, according to them it has been a case of 'what do you buy someone who has everything?!' and I kinda agree I have been stuck trying to think of suggesting for them. I thought this would be a nice post to do, sharing with you things I think would be nice to unwrap on Christmas morning.. if I didn't already own them.. does that make sense? Lol.

Elemis - The Jewels of Elemis
At Christmas it's always nice to be treated to some skincare/body care, I think this set by Elemis is perfect to treat someone special. It has everything you need for a great skincare routine, packaged really nicely and is certainly luxurious, if this was under my tree I would certainly feel like a very lucky girl. Elemis is a fabulous brand I adore their moisturisers, this is their pro-collagen range which is perhaps not the perfect fit for my skin (and age) but my skin definitely feels fabulous right now.
RRP £193.00 Buy it on-line at Time to Spa

Fluffy Jumpers - From a boutique where I live
You can buy knitwear like this everywhere right now, I am living in these jumpers I have a few in different colours. They are soft, snugly and look very chic, I have been pairing it with leggings/jeans and  my uggs since the weather has gotten a lot colder. I think most people get some sort of 'Christmas Jumper', this is my version - no giant snowmen here. 
RRP £39.50 from Dynamite in Marlow

Juicy Couture Travel Perfume
Most people I think get a lovely perfume for Christmas, I think the Juicy Couture Travel perfumes are the perfect extra little treat for anyone. Viva La Juicy and Juicy Couture are two of my most worn scents but the bottle are rather heavy so these are perfect and handbag friendly, so I can smell sweet on the go. A fun treat for an Juicy fan!
RRP £36 - Couldn't find an on-line stockist

Boots Smooth Skin Plus
This is the most expensive gift suggestion I will be making this year for you guys but I couldn't not mention the Boots Smooth Skin as I am a huge fan of this gadget. I have been using Smooth Skin since it first launched and I have been using the newer machine for about 3 weeks now (video review coming soon!). We all know how annoying shaving is, how painful waxing can be and of course the long term cost of both can be quite a lot. Since using the Smooth Skin the time in between my hair removal is amazing, going from having to shave every few days to now having weeks gap. If you REALLY want to spoil someone you love then I think this makes a special treat for any woman (or guy!), just make sure they don't think you are saying they really hairy!
RRP £399.99 You can buy it on-line at Boots

Bobbi Brown Palettes
Bobbi Brown have some gorgeous palettes this winter, this is the Anniversary Lip Palette (I think this is sold out on-line?) and the Classic To Go palette, both are just stunning. I think as girls we all get some form of cosmetics for Christmas, I certainly pointed people to the Bobbi Brown site and suggest the same if you are looking for a last minute treat. I recently showed you the party eye shadow palettes which are also really pretty but honestly I think we would all smile if we unwrapped any of them this Christmas.
You can purchase both on-line or at any Bobbi Brown counter

This is easy, what girl wouldn't love to see a little blue box on Christmas morning?! I have been quite lucky and have received little blue boxes at Christmas, always with beautiful pieces of jewelry inside. My parents got me this key 2 years ago and it still remains a firm favourite of mine, I think a lot of Tiffany jewelry can be timeless if picked correctly.

Jonathan Ward Kartushya Candle
A good winter candle is always welcome at Christmas, I think the Jonathan Ward Russia candle collection is perfect for a winter scent - in fact this is burning away as I type. Being a big candle lover I always receive candles at Christmas, especially with all the lovely special edition scents brands release at Christmas.
RRP £25-35 you can buy it on-line at Jonathan Ward
Hopefully you enjoyed this post I thought it would be a little different to just showing you Christmas gift sets, I wanted to make it a little more personal and show you the sorts of things I receive at Christmas. I hope Santa brings you all the things you love on Christmas morning. 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Bobbi Brown Party Eye Shadow Palettes

Bobbi Brown is a brand I can see everyone finding a colour, formulation or finish that is perfect for them. I love the Bobbi Brown blushers, concealer and lip sticks, for Christmas this year they launched some fabulous new products and two that caught my eye immediately were the Cool Party and Party Eye Palettes. Two palettes filled with gorgeous colours, I love every shade in them and look even better on my eyes. Let's have a look..

Cool Party Eye Palette £39.00
I really like this palette, you can choose a soft light and icy look, or you can vamp it up with a dark smoldering smoky eye. All the shades are 'cool' toned hence the name, they really make my eyes pop and make the whites of my eyes look brighter. There is a nice mix of eye shadow formulations in the palette (starting from the top, from left to right) White is a matte, Iced Blue is a Metallic, Rockstar is a Metallic, Sterling is a Shimmer Wash, Gunmetal is a Shimmer Wash and Onyx is a (gorgeous) Sparkle shadow. Onyx and Rockstar are the two I have been using for a dark smoky eye, and during the day I have been using Iced Blue and Sterling for a more day time friendly look.  

Top row; Bottom row

Party Eye Palette £39.00
As much as I like the 'Cool' palette this one is definitely my favourite, I like cooler shades for night time but for everyday looks in general I tend to go for warmer shades. Again there is a lovely mix of shades from pale cream working the way up to black, so you can create different looks, both of these palettes are great for taking your makeup from day to night is just a few brush strokes. (Starting from top, left to right) Bone is a shimmer wash, Champagne Quartz is a Metallic, Pebble is a Metallic, Pink Blaze is a Sparkle, Copper Sand is a Shimmer Wash and Black Chocolate is a Matte. Like I said I have been reaching more for this palette, Bone, Champagne Quarts and Copper Sand are my go to shades for a light smoky eye, and to take it into night time I just smoke it out with Black Chocolate. Simple.

Top row; Bottom row

I adore both palettes, the eye shadows are really pigmented and very creamy to touch making them easy to blend. Although I would advise using a primer underneath so that you really do get the full colour, if you apply directly onto your skin I found they can look a little washed out. With a little bit of mixing lotion you can also turn them into gorgeous eye liners too and you won't ruin the eye shadow if you do.  The packaging is very sleek and thin, you could easily slot them into your pocket which is nice, I don't like palettes to be big I like them to be compact. 

I think the palettes are well worth the £39.00 they cost each, I also thing either one of these palettes would make a perfect little present for someones Christmas or as a lovely stocking filler.

You can buy them online HERE or at any Bobbi Brown counter

Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas Part 1

So sadly because I have been so ill I haven't been able to do the full dazzle of  Christmas gift ideas that I had wanted to, however today I want to share with you my favourite gifts this year. Christmas shopping is always a stress for me, too many people and too much choice so hopefully this will show you some things you haven't seen. All the sets here are things I will be wrapping up for my loved ones this year, although part of me wants to keep them all for me.. 

L'Occitane Irresistible-Fleur-Chérie-Collection £63.40 
This is a lovely gift set, with the orange blossom, blackcurrant and precious woods create a warm but refreshing sent. It has everything a girl could need to feel pampered, the set includes 250ml Fleur Cheris Shower Gel, 75g Fleur Cheris Flowers Soap, 75ml Fleur Cherie Body Lotion, 30ml Fleur Cheris Hand Cream and 75ml Fleur Cheris Eau De Toilette. The Fleur Cherie is one of my favourite ranges from L'Occitane, if you are looking for a gift for your friend or mum then pop over to L'Occitane for a lovely range of gifts.

Nude The Balancing Collection £44.00
Nude was a skincare range that I was introduced to this year and love, the set includes my favourite product from Nude their Cleansing Facial Wash. The set has everything anyone would need for a great skincare routine to create bright and clear complexion, with 100ml Cleansing Facial Wash, 100ml Hydrating Water and a limited edition size 15ml Moisture Balance.

Liz Earle Beauty Editors Favourites £76.50
There was no way I could do a gift idea series and not include Liz Earle, a staple brand for me, there is nothing I do not love from the brand. The Beauty Editors Favourites set has the best of Liz Earle, Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml, Instant Boost Skin Tonic 200ml, Skin Repair Moisturiser 50ml, Superskin Concentrate 2ml, Gentle Face Exfoliator 70ml, Daily Eye Repair 10ml, Eye Bright Soothing Eye Lotion 150ml, a  lovely Liz Earle Head band and you also get 2 muslin cloths. How fabulous? If you are looking to really treat a loved one this Christmas then this would be perfect.

St Tropez  Deep Bronze Set £25.00
If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I am a big fake tan lover, St Tropez is a cult tanning brand and if you have a friend or family that is a tan lover too then I'm sure they would love this set. The set includes Bronzing Lotion (which gives you a gorgeous deep bronzed colour) 120ml, Dark Instant Glow Spray and their gorgeous Shimmer Brick. Whoever receives this will certainly have a gorgeous tan through the cold weather. 

Eve Lom Travel Essentials £75.00
Eve Lom is another new brand I came across this year, their Original Cleanser and Morning Time Cleanser are two cult products that everyone seems to love - I can certainly see why too. This would be perfect for anyone who really takes pride in their skin and likes the more luxury items in life. The set includes 50ml Morning Time Cleanser, 30ml Original Cleanser with Muslin Cloth, 15ml Rescue Mask and 25ml TLC Radiance Cream. I am loving using this atm, perfect for nights away and the beauty bag is lovely and perfect for the handbag.

Sienna X Tan & Glam Dark £23.95

Another fake tan set from Sienna X, the gift set comes in two shades light and dark so you can pick the right colour depth. Sienna X has become a staple tanning brand for me, especially the Extremely Natural Self Tan (Dark) 200ml  as it creates a gorgeous deep bronze, you also get the Extra Sparkle Shimmer Spray  75ml which is perfect for the festive parties and nights out, they will certainly sparkle under the lights with this, finally you also get a sachet of the exquisitely soft body polish sachet 15ml. The perfect set to make anyone look glam and gorgeous for the Christmas party.

Fresh Brown Sugar Affair £32.00
Fresh is a great brand, especially their body care products, the Brown Sugar Body Polish is always in my shower. The set has the Brown Sugar Body Cream 100ml, Brown Sugar Body Polish and their cult Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment, this has everything you need to keep your body in top shape during the frost winter months. The sugar scrub leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated, then lock in more moisture with the body cream, then not forgetting to keep your lips kissable and rosy with the lip treatment (I don't leave the house without the lip treatment now).

That's all for part 1, hopefully you have a couple more ideas for Christmas present ideas or maybe you have seen something you want santa to leave for you under the tree. The next part in my gift ideas will be smaller sets, and then I will be doing a video on little Christmas treats for friends and stockings.

There also will be a festive giveaway this week so stay tuned...

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Styling with Babyliss PRO 230 Elegance

Hope you enjoyed my video guys, the straightener really is great and such good value too. You can see how easy and quick it was to straighten my hair, from wavy to straight in just a few minutes, with added shine. So to win one for yourself all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me your name, email address and why you deserve to win one. If you are under 16 please get your parents permission, and this is open to everyone.

Happy styling guys!

This was a sponsored giveaway from Handpicked Media on behalf of Babyliss

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I miss the blonde and pink!

Looking at these two pictures has me reaching for the peroxide to go blonde again, with some pink thrown in for good measure! Should I go back ?? 

PLUS I also really want my lip done again!!

Cupcakes and marshmallows

It was one of my best friends birthdays this week, I cooked her a lovely romantic meal (I was cooking for 4 hours!!!) and then for an extra treat I tried my hand at baking to whip up some red velvet cupcakes. They turned out very, very yummy. Although a couple were used in a mini food fight haha. Normally I don't bake but I really enjoyed making these, I'm gonna try my hand at baking some more.
Please excuse all the dishes and pots in the background of this picture, but like I said I cooked a meal for 4 and that meant the kitchen was like a bomb had hit by the time I had finished. It was worth it.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Ickle Haul - NARS & By Terry

Sorry about the rubbish pictures, it was rather dark when I tried to take these. I'm not sure about anyone else but SpaceNK is a dangerous place for me I would walk out with the whole shop if I could. After getting some bad health news a week ago I decided to indulge myself. I forgot to take close up pictures of the By Terry Baume De Rose lip gloss but if you have the balm it is pretty much the same thing but in a gloss formula - to die for!

NARS do great lipstick pencils, this is one of their matte ones in Bolero, a gorgeous crisp peach. I have a couple of these already as they are so easy and creamy to apply, you do go through them quite quickly though. I fancied a new peachy shade but one that was brighter so this was just perfect.

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil £17.50

 I was browsing the eye shadows as I wanted some new shades, I had heard a lot about these two duos from other bloggers and after swatching them on my hand I new they would be leaving with me.  NARS eye shadows are so lovely, creamy and with fabulous pigmentation, they almost match my NARS blushers in my collection. Tzarine and Kalahari are two happy additions to my makeup stash.

Eye Shadow Duo £23.50

You can buy NARS on-line or at your nearest NARS counter, you can check on their website.