Saturday, 30 May 2009


sad :(

For the attention of the Boyfriend

Heres is the list you wanted :

Theres my wish list but whatever you choose will be amazing, i love you x

Thursday, 21 May 2009

i got a fringe


Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover

I have just finished my bottle of this, it has lasted me around a month maybe just over. It costs £4.99 from any boots or superdrug, and i had heard a lot about this product so when i needed an emergancy makeup remover i headed straight for this.

All the reviews i had looked at seem to regard this quite highly, and i honestly couldnt wait to use it that night. It was amazing for about a week and a half, after that i noticed that whenever i removed my makeup and cleansed that my skin had this horrible film on it. Now all i had changed in my routine was this, everything else was the same, but i kept on using it hoping it was just my skin adapting. But over a month now and im proud i used the full bottle up, however that film is still there.

The makeup remover itself is really nice and light, and literally melts into the skin which i loved! And its an all in one so it removes eye makeup as well, which is a bonus as it saves you money on an eye makeup remover :)

Personally, i would say this is better suited for dry combination skin, i felt that it didnt work with my oily skin. Im sad this didnt work as it seems to work wonderfully with others. But give it a go if your on the look out for a new makeup remover.

Let me know if you've tried this and what you thought!



  • Estee Lauder Double wear foundation
  • Lipocils
  • Girls Aloud "Nicola" Lashes
  • Leggings and dresses
  • Marc B
  • Patchy looking tan :S ew
  • Rimmel Nude Delight

Monday, 18 May 2009

Friday, 15 May 2009

my "go to" eye makeup

haha dont you love how messy i make it all?? time to tidy todays mess up :)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Pink and Coral Prom Look

So this was a request to do a prom look for a pink coral dress i have already done a simple pink smokey eye but i thought i would do another more colourful look, video is currently loading :)

Friday, 8 May 2009

Daily Booth

Hey guys thought i would post and let you know im on dailybooth so ow not only will i be updating twitter hourly most likely this too.

This was my latest post - ive cracked out the extensions again i like to wear my hair messy and ive given up on heated tools so its natural, i created the waves with a loose bun over night :]



New blog layout by shabbyblogs go check them out i love it :]

Thursday, 7 May 2009

GOSH Barbie

So ive had this for a while now, and i have been meaning to do a review but i dont know something about this makes me pass over it. I never grab for it, to me its just a pricey lipbalm with some colour and tbh even the colours is wishy washy.

I had high hopes for this, i thought it would be my new must have. For a week or so i tried to get used to it, like i had to with Darling by GOSH, but nope i dont like it. For me the texture doesnt feel right and it slips off a little too easy.

It cost me £7 and i feel like i couldve bought something better *sigh* .. but ive learned a lesson - dont buy something just because its pink and called Barbie.

But this is my opinion im fussy with my lip products :) So give it a try let me know what you think



Excuse my brows im having them waxed tomorrow! LOL

  • Video will be on youtube this evening x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Monday, 4 May 2009


So i am revamping this a little i will do 5 things im loving, 1 thing i hate and 1 thing i am wishing for :)

- Brown hair :) Need new shampoo and conditioner now
- MAC creme de nude l/s
- Garnier spray on tan
- Bank holiday weekend = more shopping time
- NARS fathom e/s
- Bed Head Health Goddess = Dry hair :S
-Fake Bake Extreme Tan Gel

Lipocils Test

So i went to space NK and my granmother treated me to some goodies, so of course i picked up Lipocils and she also sneaked me some NARS which i felt bad about but i was told to shh! lol I will be using this for 28 days and after that i will do a review of how my lashes look in a month

Lipocils will supposedly give me "Gives thicker longer lashes" worth a shot i really dont think how short my lashes can look, they take ALOT of work!

* Pictures of Before will be added soon

If this works i will be extrememly impressed, as it only costs £20.00 which i think i rather good value for money. :)

Let me know if you have tried anything like this!


Saturday, 2 May 2009

Its been a while..

Not really updated this lately, laptop died and had to be fixed by the computer man =] But all is good now so expect some posts in the next few days !!

OH and has anyone tried Lipocils Eyelash treatment?? Let me know if you have or if you have any suggestions i really want to try one