Saturday, 28 February 2009


I went to Sally's today to pick up my CHI order, and she was saying the reason theres been this huge sale is because they are getting rid of all CHI stock as they wont be selling it anymore :( I really hope this isnt true !

Friday, 27 February 2009

Shopping List 001

So this is a new regular post that im going to be doing at the start of each new month of all things on my shopping list, and when or if i get them ill cross them off. It will mainly be beauty and fashion items but other items may surface too.

You'll get to see what i buy plan on buying each month, and ill do hauls if and when i get the items. I write a shopping list simply to budget, it helps me look at how much i have to spend and what i NEED to buy then i add in the luxury items of things i WANT to buy, it also helps me by writing it down it gives me a chance to see everything and adjust things if i feel i dont really need it or helps me keep costs down too.

Since im starting my preps for going to uni and going on hols starting in June, im going to be more on a budget from now on, so im gonna be looking for necessity items. So MAC collections will have to have something special for me to splash out on!

Shopping List March:

Black Leggings PURCHASED
Chunky Slipper socks PURCHASED
Baggy Black Hoody


Cotton wool
Chi Silk Infusion

Now because im also going on trying during March ( i go roughly 3 times a year) ill have a separate list of items i want to get from the staff shop there are only 7 in the UK. So i tend to write a simple list really focusing on the WANT items :]

- MAC Blush Well Dressed and Prism PURCHASED
- MAC Due Adhesive PURCHASED
- MAC Pigment Dark Soul
- MAC Pink Plaid l/s
- MAC Please Me l/s
- x2 sets

Thats all for now i may update this, but i do tend to stray a little here and there but who doesnt?!

I would like to hear your suggestions for HK im still undecided yet!

Review of Lavender Whip

This was requested by the lovely Becka, ive got a post on here for her blog go checkit out!

Shes asked me to do a review of MACs latest lilac lippie, which was released with the Cremeteam range.

So first of all what is nice is that you can either apply a little to get a lilac/nude lip -

Or you can really apply it to get a strong lip -

Part of the launch was glosses, and the corresponding cremesheen glass is Ever So Rich -

You can see if you compare the lipstick on its own and with the l/g there is almost no difference.

Lavender Whip reminds me slightly of Snob but with purple undertones, its a light pink undertoned lilac colour, with a very creamy finish, hence the cremesheen finish. I love this lippie, i love the colour and i love the finish its fab!

And the glosses arent very pigmented, and some people feel its a bit of waste of money, i prefer soft pigmentation.

l/s l/g

Colour - Pink/Blue undertoned lilac colour. 4/5
Pigmentation - Nicely buildable, you can do a nude lip with this or a strong block colour. 4/5
Long-wearing - Without gloss, just under 2 hours is my longest thats with primer on the lips, with gloss, under an hour. 3/5
Packaging - Standard MAC <3 4/5
Price - £11.26 3/5

18/ 25 Not bad i think the only bad thing is it can wear off a bit quick for my liking, but still i love the colour! :]

Thursday, 26 February 2009

2 in 1 day

So after getting some bad-ish news from the doctors i headed to boots to hunt down a nasal spray amoungst other things recommended that i try. But ofcourse i was side tracked and bought some other things :] I purchased Ponds Cleanser ive heard amazing things about this on eye makeup, so expect a review soon-ish, i got a white nail pencil, Collection 2000 pigment and two No7 Mineral Blush. I spent £12.91, the ponds cleanser was £1.91, the pigment was £3.00, the pencil was 50p and the mineral blushes were only £3.75 each as i had £5off vouchers :]

Collection 2000 Pigment

Boots No7 Blush
1st - 05 Rose Pink

2nd - 10 Soft Damson

Swatches, Left to Right
Rose Pink and Soft Damson


I got my MAC and Clinique parcel today and spent a total of £15, i picked up 5 MAC e/s and a Clinique Brush Cleanser.

The reason i didnt get the MAC brush cleanser as i was told by a friend of mine who is a MA for MAC and she revealed the Clinique is the same formulation, except you get more, it has a pump and costs less !

Swatches are below :)






From left to right

Grain.. Shroom.. Mystery.. Twinks and on top is Typographic.


- Acrylic nails <33
- The Body Shop Body Butter in Wild Cherry
- UNI offers
- Fake tan .. Clinique =]
- Studio Fix
- Origins Out of Trouble
- Slipper socks && Leggings && XL hoodies

- Ear infection
- Waxing
- Breakout (praying sudocrem works)
- Dry skin (a first for me!)
- Law essays .. kill me?
- Trying to find a decent shower gel

MAC Hello Kitty

So the MAC Hello Kitty collection is released in the UK in a few days, and everyone seems soo hyped up about it! But tbh im just not feeling it :S im more excited about the MAC Sugar Sweet collection and i think thats where my money will go. As for Hello Kitty the Pink Fish lip conditioner seems nice so i may buy that but there is nothing in the collection that stands out for me .. bummer..

But id love to know what your all getting, never know might tempt me to rethink my opinions

Love Lu x

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Look of the day

So today as im not feeling well i just went for a simple looking using Cliniques tiger lilly e/s and mascara, NARS angelica and MAC bronzer


I was a little bored and got a creative, this is what i came up with -

p.s excuse the brows.. they need threading lol

Products used:
- MAC e/s Beautiful Iris
- MAC e/s Plum Dressing
- MAC e/s Beauty Marked
- Collection 200 sliver glitter liner
- Max Factor Masterpiece mascara

Monday, 23 February 2009


Amazing new blog -


Sunday, 22 February 2009

Collective Haul

So for the past three weeks ive been spending spending spending
and heres the result:

- MAC studio fix foundation
- MAC mattifying cream
- MAC l/s Honeylove and Kinda Sexy
- Clinique Fresh Bloom eye shadow in Cherry Blossom, Maple blossom and Tiger lilly
- Clinique High impact curling mascara
- Collection 200 glitter liners in black and silver
- Paul and joe Disney Blush 002
- NYC smooth mineral eyeshadow in Black
- GOSH Darling lipstick
- GOSH wild lilac nail polish
- GOSH eyeliner 100 violet queen
- Max Factor False eyelash effect mascara
- Maybelline Sun Glow medium
- Vaseline cocoa butter body oil
- Sudocrem
- Zafi liquid liner in Black
- Hello kitty makeup bag
- The Body Shop Body Butter in Wild Cherry
- Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
- Clarins Wonderlash
- More Lush Emotibombs <33
- Benefit High Beam *this is my second bottle lasts sooo long
- Hair dye

And none Beauty related
- Oversized hoodie
- Black jumper dress
- Coral top
- Coral necklaces
- Flower earrings
- Leopard Print ballet pumps and bracelet
- Laura Ashley Stationary

Ive only included pic of the beauty stuff in general,
if you want close ups or to see anything else just ask



My new obsession thanks to YT in Disney Couture,
and as a treat my boyfriend bought me this

i love it


Friday, 20 February 2009

Hair Colour

So im a bit blonde-r but not there yet.. as of 19 Feb this is the hair colour..

As of tomorrow ill hopefully be a couple of shades lighter again.. im doing it in stages so i dont make a decision i may regret lol. Sorry about the picture not my best.


Lush. What im IN to.
- Disney Couture.. already planned my next piece
- Paul and Joe Disney Blush
- Pearl Earrings
- Planning for UNI
- NARS madly
- MAC hue l/s
- MAC Boy Bait l/g

Nah. What im NOT in to.
- Sore Throat
- Worrying about Alevel results
- Not being able to upload all my pics
- Breakout

Currently Using.. Tag

So this is a list of products im currently using and obsessed with :)

Shampoo: Aveda Blue Malva
Conditoner: CHI nourish intense
Styling products: CHI keratine mist, CHI silk infusion, CHI iron guard, Aveda volumizing tonic

Shower gel: The Body Shop Mango
Body Moisturiser: The Body Shop Mango Body Butter
Deodrant: Sure spray
Fake tan: Clinique dark

Cleanser: Clarins Cream Cleanser
Eye makeup remover: Clinique TTDO
Exfoliator: Clinique Exfoliating Scrub

Primer: MAC prep and prime SPF 50 and MAC mattifying cream
Foundation: Studio Fix
Foundation brush: 187
Concealer: MAC studio finish and Clinique Airbrush
Powder: MAC MSF natural
Blusher: NARS orgasm
Bronzer: NARS madly
Highlighter: NONE =/

Eyeshadow Base: UDPP
Eyeshadow: MAC vanilla, Clinique Cherry Blossom and MAC carbon
Eyeliner: Clinique Gel Liner Black
Eyelash curler: Dont need to use one
Eyelash base: MAC prep and prime lash
Mascara: Clarins Wonderlash

Lipstick: MAC Lavender Whip
Lipgloss: MAC Ever So Rich

Nail Colour: Barry M Baby Blue

Sexy Smokey Eye Series

Part one

Classic Black

Get ready.. steady.. GO !

Products used:
MAC shadestick - Sharkskin
MAC e/s - Carbon
MAC e/s - Black Tied
MAC e/s - Quick Frost
MAC 217