Sunday, 24 February 2013

Quick Product Reviews: SkinCeuticals

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After my recent absence from blogging I was excited to get back to testing new products and I knew exactly where I wanted to start. Having undergone a lot medically in the past few months, sadly my skin and body have taken a hit, so I wanted to find something that would brighten my complexion and give me back my glow. SkinCeuticals have a brilliant line up of products to fight and repair pigmentation, from the three that I have tried I can see why the brand have won so many awards as they have formulated some really amazing products. Keep reading for my quick reviews on each of the above and please let me know in the comments if you are a fan and what products you love.

The Hydrating B5 mask is a beautiful mask, the thick rich texture, full of hyaluronic acid that provides excellent hydration for the skin, it can hold up to 1,000 times it's own weight in moisture and it certainly delivers that into your skin. The added Vitamin B5 in this also provides your skin with extra cellular defenses  promoting healing and general well being of your skin, helping to create a healthier complexion. With most moisture masks I like to wear it overnight, I apply a generous layer onto my skin and after 15 minutes I massage what is left into my skin and then wash it off in the morning. I feel on clean skin you get a better result by doing so overnight and in the morning you wake up to radiant and nourished skin.  This is one of the better intense moisture masks that I have tried, whether you are looking for a quick one off moisture boost or something to add in your routine for a long term solution, I have been loving the nourishing results this mask has been giving my skin every week.

"This patent-pending formulation combines precise concentrations of kojic acid and emblica along with a highly efficient exfoliating blend, optimized to work by three modes of action to systematically improve uneven skin tone. Pigment Regulator inactivates tyrosinase to reduce excess melanin production, prevents melanin deposits from reaching the surface, and breaks up melanin clusters on the skin’s surface to diminish existing discoloration." From SkinCeuticalsThe Pigment Regulator is a very effective product for those who are in need of help repairing hyperpigmentation, whether it is sun spots, acne scars, dark uneven patches or blotchiness, the refined formula will lighten and reduce the existing pigmentation and protect the skin from any future discolouration. I suffer from acne scarring as well as an uneven skin tone so when I find products that make a difference to my skin I stick with them, this is a new brand to me so at first I was hesitant to try them out and I wish I had got round to them sooner as this, paired with the 'Brightening UV Defence' has really lifted the deep pigmentation and given my skin a brightness I haven't seen in a while. I highly recommend this for anyone suffering from pigmentation problems or dullness, this really works hard to even and brighten your skin.

SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defense SPF 30 has to be my favorite product of all three, with it's daily dose of hydrating, corrective and protective sunscreen this little tube with even out and brighten skin. Great for those who want to prevent any future pigmentation damage or for  anyone like me who also wants to help fight marks that are already present. This broad-spectrum sunscreen also means it will protect you from the UV rays from the sun that we know to cause the acceleration of ageing and pigmentation, this is a step you want to start young as the damage doesn't show for many years. With the star ingredient 'HyperBright Complex' which targets hyperpigmentation that will reduce pigmentation resulting from UV exposure by 42.9%, whilst also fighting future damage like I said before. SkinCeuticals created a gorgeous lightweight and fragrance free product (suitable for all skin types) that not only gives you a smoother and brighter skin tone - thanks to mint extract- but also provides long lasting 12 hours of hydration. I couldn't be happier with how my skin has been looking since I introduced this into my skincare routine, applied once or twice daily onto the face, however I also apply this to my neck and d√©colletage as they are the areas exposed. Now all I need is a BB cream and my skin is ready to go, it hasn't looked as good in a long time and I have to attribute that to these three products.