Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Product of the week ♥

This has been one of my staple blushers for over a month now, a gorgeous apricot/peach with a gold shimmer through it. Perfect with a tan, it really helps to lift my complexion and give me a healthy glow. I cannot sing the praises of this enough, it has definitely found itself in my favourite blushers list. 

NARS is a slightly expensive brand but I feel the quality of the products makes it worth the price. You need to lightly touch your brush into the pan to get more than enough. 

Would you like to see a post on my fave blushers Let me know...

Will you help me finish my mosaique? ♥

I saw pictures of Clarins Mosaique Summer Bronzing Compact online and I fell in love with the beautiful pattern and packaging. Clarins describe it as an "ultra fine powder that literally melts into the skin ensuring a matte, long-lasting makeup finish. It's mineral pigments combine perfectly to deliver a natural, perfectly even tanned look. Clever soft focus pigments gives skin a radiant glow that conceals fine lines, whilst feather light oils and Vitamin E keep skin fresh and even and natural mineral filters provide UV protection. The powder is suitable for all skin types, even the driest of skins, thanks to the presence of an emollient oil and Vitamin E. Natural SPF 10 sun protection , provided by mineral filters, protects the skin from UV rays".

I was surprised how large the compact actually is, with a lovely mirror inside as well, it's something you wouldn't mind whipping it out to touch up your makeup. Unlike some compacts it feels very well made and sturdy, I've traveled with this and no damage to report it definitely withstands my brashness in throwing thing in my handbags.

This bronzer is easily my most used right now, it is everything I want a bronzer to be and beats every other bronzer I have. The texture is creamy and smooth, it blends perfectly into my skin and leaves a natural bronzed finish. The mixture of pink, brown and gold tones means your skin is left with a post-holiday glow.. even if you haven't been away this allows you to fake it.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Sharing my love for Jergens ♥

You may remember I challenged Jergens to keep my skin hydrated throughout winter, and if you saw my results I was pretty darn impressed. So much in-fact Jergens has been the only bottle of body lotion I have finished -ever! How happy am I to be stocked up again in Jergens, my new love has to be the Aloe version it's so refreshing and moisturizing I apply this morning and night to keep my tan and skin looking great. Plus the Aloe version is such a much have for summer, especially if you are a sun lover or are prone to burning it will help to soothe the skin.

Let me know if you have tried Jergens, what did you think?

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Liz Earle Summer Giveaway♥

Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Liz Earle for providing the prizes for this giveaway, we have a cleanse and polish starter kit and their skin tonic spray up for grabs. Basically everything you need for summer ready skin! What do you have to do to enter you ask? 

1. Be a GFC follower
& 2. Leave a comment telling me about your current skincare routine

For extra entries either tweet about this giveaway mentioning @makeuploveer and/or you can mention this on your blog somewhere! Remember to tell me below if you have done any of these.

Closing date is Friday 22nd July midnight in rainy England! It is open to everyone all over the world too ;)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Sharing some love♥

So after filling up this bag for another blogger friend to do a whole host of different reviews (over the space of the month she doesnt know that yet!!) I thought it would possibly be a nice thing to start doing. Sending out a goodie bag of various products each month that have been sent to me to try out, but instead giving another blogger the chance to guest blog for me. This way I can promote another lovely blogger and share some of the different sorts of products I'm sent. I know not everyone gets sent PR samples so its nice to share. 

If you want to guest blog for me throughout August then drop me an email at with the links to your blog and a paragraph about you and your blog so I can get to know you better! Please make sure you put August 2011 Guest Blogger in the email subject so I don't miss your message!!

Revlon does scented nail polish ♥

This is a totally new concept to me, I know it has been in the US for some time but I haven't come across a brand doing this before. So props to Revlon for coming out with the idea. But scented nail polish? I was unsure at first, the same thing I'm sure your all thinking right now - no way does it smells of anything but nail polish. However ever surprisingly they really do have their own little scents, watermelon, bubble gum, coconut, sea breeze, mango and even more. The colour selection isn't too bad either, with shades from nudes to brights, there is sure to be something that you will love. I've fallen in love with the pink and purple shades. As for how they apply well really well just what you would expect from Revlon, 1-2 coats and you have a lovely glossy opaque finish that will last 4-6 days before chipping. Pretty impressive after all!

summer summer sun ♥

This is basically my summer 'kit', floaty light dresses, colour skirts paired with tank tops, flip flops, bronzed skin and statement bright lips. 

Tell me what are your essentials for summer?

Chilling in my snuggy ♥

So after another night of no sleep I got my butt outta bed made some breakfast and then played about with some makeup and that can only mean one thine.. blog posts. I'm currently curled up on the sofa blogging away so I have loads of posts to save up for the nest week as it's going to be a busy one, I have no clue when I will have time to sit down.

To do today:
- blog blog blog blog and blog some more
- collect MrA from work in the afternoon
- get hair done
- sort out outfit for Aussie party

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Getting creative with No7 ♥

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to an event with No7 that was launching their new Stay Perfect Nail Polish colours. We got the chance to get some tips from the wonderful Jamie Nunn - who does the nails for X-Factor don't you know! The event was all about getting us to be more creative with our nails, we were shown some really cool techniques like marble, the new french tip, swarovski adorned nails and a few more.

The event really got me thinking my usual one shade only is a little boring and I gave leopard print a go, after doing a good job on my nail wheel today I decided that I would give it a go for real. Let's see how I did...

Keep your eyes peeled for lots of nail posts coming your way on the blog :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mondays Video ♥

The video will be up monday, all about the fabby clarins skin care range I've been using for a while now! Keep your eyes peeled!

Lip products perfect for summer ♥

I cannot explain how happy I am that sleek have these colours in the range now, creamy but almost matte, all with super pigmentation. These two shades are the perfect to carry you through summer, I always go for a nude and a peach, so these fit easily into my 'love' category for summer. The lipsticks feel great on, not drying at all and last a decent amount of time on my lips, something not a lot of lower ends brands will give you.

Sleek MakeUP have really impressed me with their budget friendly lipsticks, Sleek prove you don't have to spend a fortune to get fantastic results. 

Naked - Peaches & Cream

And onto the glosses...

Clarins Colour Quence Lip Balms are the perfect addiction to your makeup bag for summer, they leave your lips with a subtle shimmer and somewhat sheer colour to your lips. The range of shades is absolutely gorgeous with names to make your mouth water and a cherry scent that is good enough to eat. 

They give a really glossy finish to your lips, the right balance to leave your lips looking plump and summery. The aren't sticky at all, which is a deal breaker for glosses I can't stand sticky glosses, these are just divine. Clarins have developed a lovely range of nourishing and protective gloss balms, that at £15 each means it is hard resist them.

I haven't left the house without shades 04 & 07 since I go them. 


Replay ♥

Look it's Bagpuss!

I swear I do thing other than lounge about at home but the last few days I've pretty much vegged out at home with MrA's family who we are living with atm. :) If I don't have to go somewhere I do pretty much live in my pj's, but I will need to get dressed later as we are going out for fathers day with his family. 

To do today: 
- Edit videos (vlog & clarins skincare)
- Record Video (summer series skincare)
- Write some more blog posts
- Look somewhat decent when we go out! haha

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rodial Update ♥

As part of my summer series I have been trialling some products that claim to aid your quest to get a beach bunny body. So did the rodial products work that is the big question? I first want to address I don't believe either are going to give you the dramatic results that their names might suggest, but I do think they did work to a certain degree.

Rodial Crash Diet Sticks

These juice sticks aim to prevent water retention and speed up your bodies metabolism, which will give you a slightly healthier appearance. I didn't think I would see any result at all with this product, I didn't think it was all a marketing ploy that any results would just be wishful thinking. Being someone who suffers quite badly from water retention specifically around my abdomen I was pleasantly surprised to see my usual bloat reducing as each day went on. As much as I want to tell you these don't work, I actually believe they do. Everyone knows their body better than anyone else, so you will notice any difference before someone else does but I was actually paid compliments and my family did notice I wasn't as bloated so I think that is a big plus that the results can been seen by others. Not just an exaggeration in your mind to make you think they are working so you can justify the price.

Would I recommend these? Yes, I saw a big difference and really think that these worked.

Rodial Tummy Tuck

If you watch my youtube videos then you might have an idea where this post is going. I only have fabulous things to say about this gem, whilst using this again I've noticed that my skin around my tummy and 'love handles' has become a lot tighter and firm. I wasn't expecting to see a big difference in the appearance and texture of my skin, but having used this for around 5 weeks now my stomach is slowly looking a lot better. 

Would I recommend this Tummy Tuck? Yes, only if you suffer from a significant 'flabby' tummy otherwise you might not see results as great as mine.

Don't get me wrong I have been running and walking, but whilst I've been doing I also started using these products one/two weeks before so I was already seeing some fantastic results before I added in some fitness.

You can get them on-line here 

Overall Rodial has really surprised and impressed me, whilst some of the claims may be things I can only dream of I've seen results that make me more than willing to part with my cash to buy more. Let me know if you have tried these? Or do you rate any other Rodial products I need to check out, let me know below.