Thursday, 31 March 2011

My trip to Liz Earle's London store ♥

Whilst on my little holiday, I ventured into London for a few days. One of my many stops was the Liz Earle store, I sadly missed one of the store openings last year so was excited to see what the store experience is like. Andrea from the Liz Earle PR team offered me a lovely facial, and I was quick to say yes however since the gorgeous Sarah was over from the US I thought it would be a great chance for her to try the brand and fall in love like I have so I let her have the relaxing treatment. Sarah had a fantastic time, and a few tears were shed as she was so surprised that this had been planned she even walked away with a couple of products to try out. I will be getting her to do a guest post on the treatment so stayed tuned for that soon.

So with Sarah safely tucked away in safe hands, I found myself with a little time to talk to the staff and have a nosey around the store. The ladies who worked there were all so lovely, it was great to chat about the brand and I found my self being asked more questions about the mysterious blogging world. Needless to say it was such a laid back friendly atmosphere. We even got some tips about where to go out and places we have to see. 

The store is very well laid out, open planned with a lot for the customers to get involved with. You can try all the products out, you can sit down to chat to the staff, there are information posts with the key ingrediants laid out so you can learn about the products, you can have a massage and you can even sit down with a complimentary cup of tea and have a read at the books they have in their mini library whilst you wait. I have to say one of the best stores I've visited, another reason to love the brand :)

Lets have a look at the store...

A massive thank you to Andrea for organising the treatment, and a big thanks to ladies in the London store who were so lovely to chat to. Next time I'm near a store I definitely need to check out one of the facials for myself. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Some March Faves ♥

♥ MAC Peachykeen Blush
I totally forgot I had this in my stash, since starting P10P (post coming up this week I promise!) I have been using a lot of my forgotten products this was one of them! I used to wear this daily last year then for some reason I stopped. But I'm back to wearing this almost daily, it gives me a fresh coral/peach colour with the right amount of shimmer to highlight my cheeks lightly.

♥ Dior Show Iconic Mascara 
There was a review a few days ago so if you wanna check that out here :) This gives me amazing lashes, its a new mascara addiction. If you fancy trying it I recommend they are fab!

♥ Clinique Eye shadow duo - Lilac truffle
This is one of my comfort shadow duos I can always rely on this to give me subtle smokey eyes for daytime, and the lilac really helps to make my eyes appear more blue. I love Clinique shadows the quality and pigmentation is always great and you know your getting a good product.

♥ Clinique Anti-Blemish Foundation
My skin has been playing up so much this month just when I think its clearing up it goes and has a hissy fit and breakouts out all over the place. This has basically been the only foundation I've used to help clear up the spots quicker. It gives good medium/buildable coverage, leaves a matte finish and lasts on the skin.

♥ MAC Hue Lipstick
Through P10P I've been using up products and as you can see my hue lippie is on its lasts legs, so I've had this in my handbag and been wearing it daily in a bid to use it up.

♥ Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm - Super Strawberry 
This is a new lip product for me but one I love never the less, its great for a natural rosy lip. If you want to read the post you can here

♥ NARS lip gloss - Turkish Delight
Eveyone raves about this gloss, its a must have, a cult lip product and a celeb fave. So when I was shopping in London I treated myself, it was love at first sight a pretty milky pink, it looks fab on its own or over a nude/pink lipstick. Lets hope it doesn't go funny quickly like people say.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Aussie Angel update ♥

Hello ladies! When I returned from holiday I was greeted by a huge box that was waiting for me from the gorgeous angels over at aussie, inside was this cute balloon weighed down by one of their conditioners. I love Aussie surprises they are always amazing at this sort of thing, an example of good PR.

We were asked whether we would like to alter our Aussie tribe a little by either choosing the Lusciously Lighter Self or Lusciously Lighter Style, I did a little thinking about which I'd rather like to embark on a new hair style or a little body revamp. In the end I settled for Lusciously Lighter Self in a bid to get ready for summer, and swimwear season.

I shall keep you updated with all Aussie gossip as usual :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sorry did you say that was only £1 ♥

The MUA or Make Up Academy range has come up trumps with a lot of people and I am no exception, though how can you go wrong for only £1 a product?! I can be a little bit of a makeup snob, not a terrible one but if I see a product for £1 then I would have been inclined to ignore it and pass it up as one that wasn't going to be any good. But the MUA range is range fab, I can a lot of their lipstick colours in my freelance kit as they are a gem of the range, and slowly but surely I'm picking up other products. 

I bought these whilst in London about a week ago when I suddenly found myself with no face powder or blusher (terrible for a makeup junkie I know!) and I know I didn't want to spend a ton on replacing my lost products so having been so impressed with those other products I grabbed the MUA face powder and their blusher.

Wow. The face powder is great, really controls my shiny areas really well for £1 just as good as products that cost over £20! It also makes my skin look like I'm wearing nothing, it doesnt cake in the slightest on me which I like as sometimes you can tell if someone is wearing powder/foundation and I dislike that. Their colour range was pretty good, although they didn't have any colours that would be good for darker skin tones, but I would love to see them maybe stretch the colours a bit.

The blusher is just a good, it isn't the most long wearing blusher I've ever tried but it gives a lovely fresh glow to the cheeks. It is so dinky in the packaging too that it's easy to slip into your handbag and take with you for top ups. 

Both are a little 'powdery' but common your paying £1, let's not complain here people. I think the products are more than worth the price tag. 


You can buy these from Superdrug the whole range is £1

Friday, 25 March 2011

Dear Mascara... ♥

... I simply love you both very much. Together you give me the prettiest and longest lashes I've only dreamed of, and with time our relationship will only get better I'm sure. 

I have been using both the Collection 2000 Big fake lashes and the Dior Show Iconic mascara's since January, other than when I've trialled other ones that is. These two are the ones I always go back to, no matter how fantastic others are, I carry these with me mostly and can rely on them to give me amazing lashes. Now both of these are fabulous in their own right, I'm just too greedy when it comes to my mascara so I used both, more habit to use two I think? For two products at total opposites of the price scale I find it rather amazing they give basically the same results.

Big fake lashes gives slightly more of a thickening result, where as the Dior Iconic gives your lashes more separation and length. But I'm being nit picky here. 

I don't find myself touching up mascara, or any smudging or flaking from either when I'm wearing them, and they remove easily for me with my trusty Liz Earle cleanse & polish. Like I said they give amazing results, and may even be my HG's when it comes to mascara! Dark, thick and long lashes, but I pile the mascara on as I like my lashes a little spider like :)

Will I be repurchasing you ask? Well I already have, I am on my second tube of both of them and will be buying more I'm in no doubt.

Look deep into my eyes ♥

Collection 2000 Big Fake Lashes Mascara RRP around £5.99
Dior Show Iconic Mascara RRP around £22.00

He Shi Express Liquid Tan Review ♥

Firstly excuse the fact I'm using the pictures from the website, I didn't have my digital camera handy this morning to snap a couple of pictures when I was applying these beautes. So forgive me? I was applying the He Shi Express Liquid Self Tan this morning and totally forgot I've been using it over for over a month and hadn't blogged about it?! How could I forget I am loving this product!

The He Shi Express Liquid Tan is a great self tanner, that gives you an instant colour when you apply. I prefer tans that do this so you can see your guide colours to make sure you don't end up with any horrible white patches where you missed some, and it also means you get a little bit on bronze so you instantly feel brighter and summery! The colour is fantastic too a lovely medium-deep bronze, no orange tones its a very olive based tan leaving you with a natural colour.  

It is quick drying formula for a liquid, and I've found to be pretty fool proof even when I've been half asleep slapping this on I haven't had any streaks. The fake tan smells is also minimal with this, don't get me wrong sleep in this and you will wake up stinking of fake tan but otherwise its definitely nothing that will bug you.

I've been using this on my face and my face for over a month now, once a week is all I've need and the bottle has lasted well. It's running on it last legs now however, but that is pretty good for a bottle when I tan. Bit of a tan addict.

RRP £21.00

The other He Shi product I wanted to mention quickly is their one day tan. It is your traditional wash off tan, or tinited nrozer. I use this mainly on my legs if I'm wearing something that means my legs will be on show just to give them some more colour and extra tanned. It isn't drying, and I have't found it to transfer onto my clothes which is a big plus. Again this smells rather pleasant not a horrible biscuit scent. 

RRP £14.50

You can buy all He Shi products from their website

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I feel a little chubby in this ♥

I was quite excited for this launch from Clinique, when I saw the images on a US site I knew it wouldn't be long til we got them in the UK. They certainly haven't left me disppointed, it is a quirky take on traditional lip balms, this makes it fun.

The shade I have is Super Strawberry, there are 8 colours in total and I need to pick up cherry and watermelon they just look so juicy and perfect for summer. This has now become attached to my handbag, my new vice for my lips, either on its own or with a lipstick. Packed full of moisturising goodies shea butter, mango seed butter, jojoba seed oil and antioxidants. the chbby stick moisturising lip balm is great for giving your lips a boost of moisturiser with a summer hint of colour. It lasts longer than your normal lip balm both in terms of moisture and the colour, I found my lips were very lightly stained with the colour after a day of applying. It is one of those your lips but so much prettier, exactly where my comfort zone is, it just makes my lips more alive!


Available from 15th April for £13.50 at all Clinique counters and on-line.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Illamasqua Fable Lipstick ♥

Since I dyed my hair with the pink I have been wearing a lot of brighter shades of lipsticks, I just feel a little washed out if I wear a nude lip atm. Illamasqua Fable and Obey have been two of the colours I have been loving, if you want to see my post on Illamasqua's Obey lipstick you can here! I love how long lasting Fable is on my lips, it is a matte finish so you might find it may dry your lips but I find applying a lip balm before stops this.

Would you want to see.. ♥

...a what's in your makeup bag post or video? Let me know in the comments! 

How cute are my makeup bags? I love them <3

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Yes guys! Another Blog Sale ♥

Another blog sale guys.. since starting project 10 pan I have realised how much I don't actually use and there is no point in me keeping it if thats the case.

1. Leave a comment below with what item(s) you would like and what country you live in.
2. Payment via paypal, leave your address in the comments. Payment must be made within 24 hrs.
3. Postage is £2.50, and £1 every extra item
4. No returns/refunds and I will obtain proof of postage, if you would like it sent recorded for extra leave it in your comment.

Any questions you can email me at or comment below

1. Revlon Photoready Foundation 004 Nude - 50% left - £3.50
2. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - NC30 - about 60% left - £6.00
3. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - NW30 - about 70% left - £7.00
4. No7 Radiant Glow Foundation - 35 Almond - used once - £5.00
5. Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Tinted moisturiser - 03 Medium - used twice -£7.50

6. Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in Ruthless - used twice - £5.00
7. Illamasqua Powder eye shadow Bronx - used 3 times - £6.50 pending 
8. Illamasqua Powder eye shadow Jules - used 3 times - £6.50 pending
9. LE Clinique Fresh Bloom eye shadow - 01 Maple Blossom - used 4/5 times £5.00
10. LE Clinique Fresh Bloom eye shadow - 03 Cherry Blossom - used 4/5 times £5.00
11. The Body Shop Baked eye shadow - 03 Jade - Never used still sealed - £4.00 sold
12. The Body Shop Baked eye shadow - 02 Moonstone - Used once - £3.50
13. Estee Lauder Pure Colour eye shadow - 38 Chocolate - used twice - £6.00

14. LE MAC Venomous villians blush - Bite of an apple - used 3 times - £10.00 pending
15. LE MAC blush - Spaced out - used 4/5 times £8.00 pending
16. Guerlain Sheer Bronzing Powder - 03 Dark - used 5 times middle pink is a little chipped but fine otherwise - £7.00
17. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection Sun blush illuminator - used 4 times (mirror is smashed but secure) £8.00
18. Clinique Almost Bronzer  - 01 light/med - used 4 times - £6.00
19. LE Estee Lauder Chic to cheek highlighting powder - used 2/3 times (slight chip to bottom corner as seen) - £7.50

20. Lancome Palette - 203 Delicate Romance - used 3 times £11.50
21. Estee Lauder Eye shadow due - 03 Ginger - used twice - £7.00

22. LE Clinique Shimmering stripes blush - used 3 times (again chip to one stripe as seen) - £7.50
23. Benefit You rebel tinited moisturiser - used twice - £6.50

24. Estee Lauder 5F Bronzer Brush £7.50
25. MAC 227 Brush £11.00
26. MAC 189 Brush £13.00 pending

Nail polishes and lipcote lipstick sealer, all for £15.00 or make me an offer.

Black heels Never been worn outside - UK Size 7 - £14.00

New CID ♥

Being the silly muppet that I am I forgot to take a full shot of both the concealer and the mascara, but you get an idea of the packaging. New CID cosmetics is a fairly new brand for me, I've read a few reviews but I don't see the products mentioned a lot in the blogging world (link me if you have talked about them on your blog!) so I wasn't sure what to make of them.

Firstly I have to say I love the packaging it is all super sleek and minimal, but practical for everyday usage. I do like my shiny packaging.. I'm like a magpie!

I-Conceal £19.00

This is very similar to YSL Touche eclat however I would say more wearable, mainly because they have 5 shades to choose from so you can match it a lot better. Sometimes I think brands don't give enough shades, but New CID definitely have here. It covers up my dark circles nicely, and is great if you need to brighten up the eye area if you didn't get a good night sleep! It keep me looking bright and wide awake all day no need to touch up, it held nicely. Just make sure you blend it in well, you don't want any white flashback in cameras. 

I-conceal does a great job, and I will be repurchasing this as I do prefer it to the YSL one by miles.

I-Volumise £18.00

I have this mascara in the shade Plum, a dark purple almost black, when you apply it it does dry a lot darker. To be honest I tend to stick to black as I like my lashes to be dark, but I have been using this pretty much every day as my eyes seem more 'awake' I think this is to do with the purple base, whatever it is it definitely works! 

As a volumising mascara it is great, my lashes really do thicken up. If this could give me great length as well it would be a big winner for me, but since the lash extension drama I've needed a lot of length to my lashes so I've been using this with a lash primer to get that extra length. The brush is rather cool with a mixture of plastic and natural bristles it grabs every lashes, and separates at the same time. I prefer brushes like this with my mascara as they give you more scope to work with your lashes to really define your eyes.


You can buy both products on line

Pretty in Prints ♥

This is the Pretty in Prints palette from Clinique, it is such an amazing little palette! You get 4 beautiful eye shadows and a blush, as well as some teeny brushes. I have used this religiously now for the last 2 months and have barely made a dent in the products, the pigmentation for a palette is great and you can create so many different colour combinations. This will take you from day time to night time easily.

Clinique always has great packaging in my opinion, very sleek, pretty and simple but their products always look lovely either displayed or when you whip it out of your bag. I always get asked where this is from when I pull it out to touch up my make up :)

If you can still get your hands on this I would jump on it, this is one of my favourites right now.