Sunday, 30 October 2011

FOTD - another sleepless night

- Clinique Even Better Foundation (unsure of shade)
- Clinique Translucent Loose Powder
- YSL Touche Eclat shade 3
- Benefit Coralista
- New CID i-glow Coral Crush 

- Urban Decay NYC palette
- New CID i-flick
- YSL Shocking mascara no5 (such a gorgeous black with purple undertones)
- Sleek Brow Kit (review coming soon!)

- MAC hue lipstick

I haven't slept all night - my left flank is agony right over my kidney going to see the doctor soon as I need stronger pain killers - so I decided to play with some makeup and see if I could get myself to like using eye shadow again. It may sound silly but when I'm ill I often play about with makeup since I won't be going out and to be honest I don't care if I look a mess. I have been so off with eye shadows and I have no idea why, perhaps the time it takes to blend blend blend but I have so many pretty colours and palettes that are going unused -like the NYC palette!

This look is fairly natural with the focus on brows, strong and defined with a subtle brown smokey eye.

My blog has been hit with a few posts this evening as I haven't slept, I thought I would make the most of it before I take my next lot of sedatives and then I won't be able to even spell my name.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray

thickening hairspray
Now I'll put my hands up here and tell you I don't like hairspray, I am a big believer in prepping your hair so that your hair is able to hold a style rather than having to cake your hair in hairspray to hold it. I cannot stand that crispy dry feeling that your hair gets, yes I know there are some marvelous ones out there that wont leave your hair like that but none that I have tried have ever been used more than once (and I have tried nearly every one  out there!).

So enter the Bumble and Bumble thickening hairspray, which to my surprise I actually like. Not as a traditional hairspray though, I don't 'set' my hair with this it's not meant to be used like that. I like this because you use it before you style, when hair is damp if you want even before you blow dry and style your hair. I think this is why I love it. 
I apply this in sections to my hair as I am blow drying my hair, it has a lovely fresh minty scent that adds to that refreshing feeling once you have stepped out of the shower, sadly it doesn't linger and once you work with it the scent disappears. 
This gives some impressive volume to my hair, it really thickens my fine hair when I'm drying it. Having fine hair I find it difficult to get real volume and body, like I said I use a lot of prep products in the hope I will have bouncy hair but that doesn't always happen. Since using the Bumble and Bumble thickening spray I have found using a round barrel brush that my hair really gets some lift in it, leaving me with a salon finish at home. 

It has made me cut out my other prep products as this does everything that I want and need, it gives volume, subtle hold, keeps my hair sleek and shiny. I'm not sure why Bumble and Bumble call it a 'hairspray' as I don't think it really shines if you use it after styling, it comes into it's own when you use it before you style before you dry your hair. Perhaps I'm just so used to disliking traditional hairsprays.
I think you can tell by this rave review that I love it, all the Bumble and Bumble products I have used I've loved. The texture creme is another favorite of mine, I've talked about it before, used with the thickening spray I get the most gorgeous bed head style. It looks like I've just rolled out of bed when in fact I've spent about 4mins preening my blonde locks. 
250ml RRP £20.50 You can buy it online HERE
What do you love from Bumble and Bumble what should I check out next??

Couple Weeks Of Pictures

Some pictures from my blackberry that I've taken over the last few of weeks, I thought I'd include the on the blog as I enjoy seeing peoples random snaps. Unfortunately this weeks wasn't interesting just thoughts of doctors, hospitals, my bed and medication. Enjoy..

In and Out with a NOTD

Starting with out this week:

- Hospitals; I've been off work this week rather poorly my kidney infection from two weeks ago that I thought has cleared up actually didn't, it clearly was having too much fun in my body. This meant numerous trips to my GP and being admitted into hospital, something I didn't want as I get really scared in hospital. Being put on strong sedatives that really knock me meaning evening when I am awake, I'm not really with it. As I type this at 3am I' awaiting a call from the Doctor as I'm in a lot of pain and despite being on 3 painkillers plus 2 sedatives and a cocktail of other medication I'm doubled out (the laptop is at my feet I am literally bent over)
- Missing the blonde blonde hair; as much as everyone loves the new hair colour on me, me included, I do keep looking at old pictures that make me want to run to the hairdresser and ask for the bleach back. However this colour is nicer and I will stick with it. For now.
- Not having the boyfriend around; I'm ill and I want to snuggle up next to him. Simple. I love his cheesy grin.

- Being spaced out; I get why I am on the sedatives but right now it doesn't feel great. 
- Rain; please can we have some sun back? We pretty much missed summer Britain was robbed!

- Bliss Triple Oxygen skin products; I have been using a lot of Bliss products lately (post coming soon) and they have really improved my skin, I've noticed such a big difference in two weeks. The oxygen face mask in particular is a fabulous product, I had a facial done in Glasgow by Bliss and have used the mask ever since. 
- Perfume; Elli Saab, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, Chloe Rose Edition, Caudalie (the red one).. I could go on and on. When I feel a little down a quick spritz of a loved perfume instantly picks me up and brings back good memories attached. 
- Peach Ice Tea; When I'm ill I crave this stuff and the bestie brought me a HUGE bottle yesterday so I have been drinking it like its going out of fashion. It's so addictive, over summer not a day passed where I didn't have a costa ice tea.
- By Terry Baume De Rose; It is crazily expensive but it is the best and I cannot get enough of it I am going through it too quickly for my liking. 
- Good Things; The new body products smell yummy and make my skin feel great I will do a post soon, it's long overdue. I'm thrilled they are doing body products as I love the facial skin range, the wipes and mask are two firm favorites of mine that I repurchase time and time again. 

I'll finished with my nails courtesy of Elegant Touch

These are SO out of my pale pink or glitter comfort zone but when they popped through my door I couldn't resist whacking them out just for the fun of it. Elegant touch has always been a favorite of mine for false nails, they do so many great designs everything from french manicure to bright tips to matte to prints like this. There is something for everyone, with a a budget friendly price point and great quality that will last more than your usual manicure. I find if you look after them and apply them correctly you can get atleast one weeks wear from a pack.

What do you think, does the Queenie Rock?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NARS Lipstick Loves

I am a big NARS lover and an even bigger lipstick lover, so when I find a new one and it can totally replace my favourite of the moment then it must be special. So when I was given the new Pago Pago lipstick at a recent NARS event I was excited to try another lipstick from the range. I thought it would also be nice to share my other two favourite NARS lipstick. Have read below..
Pago Pago
It is a great universal shade, something that anyone could pull off plus with a moisturising formula it wont leave your lips feeling dry. I was surprised by the glitter in the lipstick, I expected there to be a subtle frost but instead it is a very subtly glitter shot through - don't worry you wont have a glitter ball on your lips it soon blends in.

This has been my go to everyday lipstick of choice for the last two weeks practically.

Montego Bay
This is one of the Pure Matte lipsticks, another great lipstick line, another flattering shade for everyone but slightly brighter. If you want to give a little more lift to your makeup but don't want to go all out with a bright shade.

I do like the matte lipstick but becareful as if your lips edge on the side of dry then they may make that more noticable.

Belle De Jour
Belle De Jour was the first NARS lip product I bought about a year ago, and have repurchased it ever since. It is a fail safe nude colour, that isn't to pale but not too dark it is 'just right'. It looks natural during the day or paired with a smokey eye at night will add to that sulty look. Its love.

Left to right
Pago Pago; Montego Bay; Belle De Jour
Top to bottom
Pago pago; Montego Bay; Belle De Jour

NARS is always a win for me, I've used the brand since I was 16 and every product I buy I do love. I'm always on the look out for other must have products from them to try out, tell me your favourite NARS products below in the comments and I'll check out anything I haven't before!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

YSL Shocking Mascara

Yves Saint Laurent do some amazing products, if you have followed my blog for a while you will know I am a huge fan of their lipsticks. Another one of their products that gets a big following is their mascaras, so when the new YSL Shocking mascara landed on my desk at work I couldn't wait to try it on. 

The Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking is leaps ahead of any other mascaras I have tried recently, instantly coating every lash in a rich colour that holds the volume and curl all day long. The brush is twisted, slightly so that it really works your lashes to get the most from them. Bigger volume and longer length. Meaning every lash is captured and curled into place. 

YSL has gone further than just black and brown, they have created 6 shades that will work with whatever eye shadow/liner your rocking that day. 6 shades: N° 1 – Deep Black, N° 2 – Ashy Black, N° 3 – Bronze Black, N° 4 – Sea Black, N° 5 – Cherry Black and N° 6 – Jade Black.

I love the packaging of the mascara, yes it is the expected gold but the signature shocking written along the side is something they might want to think about for other products. It was a hit with me. 

Overall YSL have won me over with their mascara, the only test left for them to pass is how long before the mascara dries out? I hope it lasts longer than the 4 weeks some of their mascaras get. 

£22.50 from YSL counters nationwide.