Sunday, 30 August 2009

Illamasqua Powder Blush

At TBS event i had gone to selfridges and picked up Nymph blush, i had wanted Katie but they didnt have that, however the lovely Vicky is going to get it for me at the newcastle counter. This was the next best colour to Katie, its a bummble pink, blue undertones, it does remind me of well dressed but brighter and much more pigmentated.

I was definately surprised by the quality much like Nars you need the slightest touch with your brush to pick the colour otherwise you will have Blush OD, this is from personal experience lol. My MAC 187 ive found is a good brush as i can pick up the colour, but also buff it in too.

The packaging is very chic, i like how the sides curve in and it isnt your typical square or circular packaging, and i also like the clear top so you can easily see the colour. Some people have commented on the fact that finger prints so up easy on the packaging, however for me that isnt a problem a simple tissue wipe and its gone.

Price wise? It costs £16.00 so another pricey brand but worth it.

Ive fallen in love with alot of products, and my bank balance will certainly be hit when i go to the counter next! The swatches online arent the best and i would say to you to do your research google it or go to a counter if you can otherwise you might not be happy when the come to you.

Online swatch:
This is my new fave blush.


p.s the top pic i googled for not my own , my cam wouldnt work :(

Saturday, 29 August 2009

ooo i need to save my pennies

how pretty is the packaging AND the colours! i love them such pretty shades of pink, i need to look into getting these :)

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Powder Blusher
  • - Sophisticated face contouring blusher powder
  • - Choose a shade that is just right for your skin
  • - Comes in a refillable bejewelled pot
im loving this colour Bliss

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Lip Gloss
  • - With beautiful colour and carnauba wax for shine
  • - Rose or chocolate flavours
  • - For shiny lips to enhance you look and mood
im loving this colour Bow

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Cream Blusher
  • - Blend of carnauba wax and cocoa butter
  • - Glides onto your cheeks leaving a kiss of colour
  • - Makes dry, or mature skin, radiant and soft
im loving this colour in Bashful

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Blinkers False Lashes
  • - Gorgeous false eyelashes
  • - Packaged in beautiful glittery gold boxes
  • - Complete with vegan glue
im loving these in Wow Wow

Friday, 28 August 2009

Lush Soap 1

What Lush say
"The irresistible toffee and honey one. Once you've sniffed it, you've got to have it.
On paper it's difficult to portray the full effect of this honeycomb toffee scented soap. Suffice to say that people who fully intended to walk past a Lush shop find themselves unable to resist its tempting, mouth-watering fragrance. They inhale and say 'Mmmmmm' then they exhale and say 'Ahhhhh' then they pick up a big chunk and join the queue for the till."

So i bought "Honey I Washed the Kids" Soap when i was in scotland as i read and watched countless videos and posts on it, im normally quite reluctant to buy soaps from lush as i tend to just leave them lying around and never really use them. My rockstar as much as i loved the scent i spent £5 on it and only used it once!

This time however ive made an effort to use some every shower and every bath, bascially at any point i can use it.

I love how the smell just fills any room and the hall outside, my mum would know id been using it as the hall outside would smell of a ver sweet honey scent. No one complained of course :) The scent of "Honey i washed the Kids" is a weird one for me, sometimes i smell honey and almost some vanilla and then other times i smell it and its very toffee like and sickling. So its a love hate relationship lol.

Over all its a moisturising soap, that lathers up well and smells sweet.

I would repurchase this however i do want to try the godmother soap next, if you have tried this one let me know, or leave any recommendations that you think i might like !




- loose wavy hair
- my pink birkin
- benefit smokey eyes kit
- bling ring
- packing for uni SO EXCITED
- illamasqua blush veryy pigmented and lush
- the hills


- worrying over student loan
- tanning every other day is annoying
- acrylic nails two ripped off =/
- messy room atm
- arguing with thew boifee
- missing the bestie

Monday, 24 August 2009

go see

click here

The Body Shop ♥ Soft Hands Kind Hearts hand Cream

Firstly, a really important point about this hand cream is that £3.45 of the £5 it costs goes to charity, this donation will help to fund ECPAT campaigns and prevention projects against child trafficking, abuse and sexual abuse of children in the UK.

To find out more about ECPAT:

The cream sinks straight into the skin, and doesnt leave a tacky feeling some handcreams leave behind. Non-greasy too. I really like the scent of Soft Hands Kind Hearts hand Cream, very fresh and 'organic' you can definately smell the herbal attributes in this.

It moisturises the hand lovely, my hands felt smoother and velvety after using this. Both handcreams i have used from tbs so far have impressed me beyond my expectation. Next i may try the hemp range they offer that seems interesting.

I would repurchase this product, im planning to grab a back up, and i would ask that you all do too it goes to a very good cause.

Another little treat for you guys too:


Valid from today until 28th September 2009

Entitles user to 10% off entire shopping online when they purchase any one of the products from the new Autumn Trends collection

bloggers event

Im very excited to be going to the Illamasqua event on the 3rd of september in Soho (London) !!
i cant friggin wait, who else is going to this??


Sunday, 23 August 2009

how do ...

you cope in a long distance relationship?

the boifee and i are going off to uni in a couple of weeks, and will be roughly 450 miles apart meaning we wont see each other very often. as much as i wish we were closer we cant be, so i was just wondering if any of you have been in a long distance relatonship, how did it work? what did you do? i need ideas


some tips ♥

Ive been feeling off & on ill since having swine flu and unless ive been going out for a special reason then my makeup has been very simplified, just trying to brighten the face, so whats the key things to do:

- Use a eye brightening cream, something that will reflect light to the eye to waken it.

- Conceal the inner corners only dont pull it all round the underneath of the eye other wise it will begin to crease

- Lilacs and blues will make the whites brighter in the eyes

- A touch of bronzer will make the skin look sunkissed and less 'ill' as the skin will become dull when your under the weather

- A pink gloss or lipstick will brighten up the face without being too much

If you have any tips to share, leave a comment, i love to learn new tricks :)


The Body Shop Event

As im sure you are aware on thursday was The Body Shop Bloggers event in London, held at the gallery/restaurant Sketch. It was a lovely locatio, upon arrival we were greeted with champagne and cucumber sandwhichs, very yummy.

We were introduced to the brand for those who were unaware of the history and meaning behind the company, and then we were shown the new scent and handcream (i will do a feature post on this later), and we were also told about the new organic skin care range they are launching soon, im very excited to try that range, sounded very clean and healthy for the skin.

Then we were shown two key makeup looks that very on trend using the new fall makeup line, the pink blush really stood out to me lovely colour and shimmer.

An interesting part was learning how a scent was made, that s somehting i want to look into more before i tell you about the new scent "love etc", when we were being told about that it really stood out, there was an obvious love to the idea.

I will do another post today on my items i bought, from selfridges, i dont want to overload too much into one post.

This was a bit of an overview as there are soo many posts already out there of the event i didnt want to repeat the same informtion to you all again and again.

So anyways, heres some piccies of the goodies we were kindly given, i feel truely spoiled soo much to play with and try out :) If anything sticks out that you want to hear more about leave a comment below !

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tag: 5 current obsessions

i was nominated by Carly for this award

The rules with this award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to 5 fabulous blogs
3) Mention the person who tagged you and post their blog link
4) Post links to the 5 winners and let them know!

My 5 current obsessions are;

♥ Hair extensions, i have such a love hate relationship with these things but at the end of the day i hate my shoulder length hair so i feel 10x better with my long hair :)

♥St moriz = golden tan, i feel so much more confident with my tan i even have the confidence to wear no foundation

♥pinkkkkk my obsession recently has gone into overdrive im buying everything pinkkkkk i

♥ floral boxes, tops, hair pieces, bags, pictures, im loving the floral print thats everywhere atm so chic and girlie

♥Candles, i havent had some for a while but i cant be in my room without a vanilla candle burning atm

Sunday, 16 August 2009

fat cat

since im away i dont have all my makeup with me, and my clinique mascara suddenly dried up and i paced up & down superdrug trying to decide which mascara to go for (very hard) there are soo many and in the end i settled for this because of the packaging && the 25% off the price, i got it for just over a fiver.

i got home and took my makeup off to give it a try and its wonderful, gives me great length just the right amount of volume and my lashes looks natural not clumpy or spidery at all, which is a massive change for me as i normally like that look, it gives the same results but without the clumpy lash look. i am very impressed!

the packaging is a big thumbs up too i lovvvve leopard print , its not the normal plain tubes you get, it stands out it caught my eye from all the rest.

have you tried this? let me know in the comments


let me introduce the lovely nicole, leeanns little sister she got a makeover too, head to toe hair makeup and then we styled her (havent got picks of her in her 'styled' clothes) she looks gorgeous, and the next day her hair was still wavy which was super pretty, i just used some blusher eyeshadow eyeliner and lippie but it makes such a difference to her, for her hair i used a conical wand :)

boot-i-ful barry

so when i did the lovely sandra and leeann (see post below) i also did sandra's partner barry, he was forced to it but still it was fun and i think he a wig and some boobs away from being a hot momma ;) lol

leave the lovely comments below :) he was brave

Thursday, 13 August 2009

superdrug find

i heard about this through holly :) and it seemed a little to good to be true, one of those products that seems to work perfectly for everyone else but never for yourself.

Well i was in superdrug a few days ago and saw this eye cream
and it was on offer for £2.60 so i thought whatthe hell i may aswell try it, i tried it the next day and it worked not amazing but the light reflecting particles do bring light to the eye and when followed by concealer it looks perfect.
I tried this on my besties mum who does suffer from dark circles under her eyes, heres some pictures they speak for themselves :D

I also did Leeann's makeup and here they are mummy and daughter together in their pj's all glammed up !

While im banging on about superdrug, remember to go sign up now at you get discounts, prize draws and makeup tips too. I think its a great idea, especially in summer as superdrug are really informative about staying safe in the sun!

(copied from the website)

Sign up and will GET:
15% off purchases at the new when you spend £35
5% off Wahanda Spa treatments
30% off (valid until 31st Oct)
Discount off holidays (valid until 31st Oct)
40% off Weight Watchers online subscription with the three month plan (until 31s Aug)

Sign up and enter to possibly WIN:
A £200 Dorothy Perkins shopping spree (1 offered every weeks – 2nd Sept)
Free MP3 music downloads from (ends 28th Aug)
Festival Tickets (draw is on 14th Aug)
One of three £1,000 holidays from (draw is on 20th Aug)
A Revlon beauty bag worth £100 (draw is on 31st Aug)
1000s giveaways from Touchnote (ends 18th Sept)
A year’s gym membership with Fitness First (potential prize from 17th Aug)
10,000 3 day Fitness First guest membership for you and a friend (from 17th Aug)
Wahanda £500 spa and wellness experience

love lulu

Saturday, 8 August 2009

help - which colour tip do you like?

six happy things

i was tagged by the beautiful Ellie to do this tag,
and basically i have to write 6 things that make me happy

1# makeup; this is a given i love creating new looks or discovering a fabby new products. Its an obsession and a passion, im always on the search for the next best and big thing

2# the beach; i love going to the beach and picking up shells or walking in the water hand in hand with andrew

3# leeann and lianne my two best girls in thee world i rely on them for advice and gossip, they mean millions to me, they make life smiles&&giggles

4# pinkpinkpinkpink; i think you get the idea i love pink! eee

5# Louis Vuitton; i have 4 pieces so far and i shall have an army of LV when ive finished (hehe)

6#you; all of my readers/subscribers you guys make me smile sooo much every new subscriber, every new comment , new message it makes me smile that you enjoy what i have to say and care about me too, so thankyou i love you all lots like jelly tots :P


hair extensions

so you guys seemed to like my hair extensions, and i want to share something with you all, i have partnered up with hairextensionsnow and i will be selling the clipinz at a discounted rate just for you loverlies :) with free next day delivery.

go have a look here.

and if you would be interested in this let me know in the comments and ill set it up properly

love lu

Friday, 7 August 2009

faves of the moment

i like this way of doing it, simple, so you can see :)
i will do a video to match this week

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tag - Its all about me :)

i saw this on Holly's blog (dollymix184)
and thought id give it a go, so i hope you enjoy :)

The Vital Statistics -

Me - Louise
Nicknames - Lu, Lulu, louloutrixybell, weez, L.
Birthday - 12th June
Place of Birth - Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Zodiac Sign - Gemini
Male or Female - Female
Occupation - Clinique consultant and student
Residence - Marlow, buckinghamshire
Screen Name - MakeupLoveer

Appearance -
Hair Colour - Light brown to Mediumbrown
Hair Length - atm 22inch
Eye Colour - Blue
Best Feature - Eyes
Height - 5'8"
Braces - had them 3 years til about 3 months ago
Glasses - only when im reading small prints!
Piercings - Ears
Tattoos - will have soon =]
Righty or Lefty - Righty

Your 'Firsts'

First Best Friend - Leeann (she still is)
First Award - school or dancing probs
First Sport you joined - Swimming and gymnastics
First Real Vacation - ibizaaa =] i was like 6!! :D
First Concert - Britney spears
First Love - ive only loved once and i still love him to this day :) my boifeee

Movie - Chocolat :)
TV Show - The Hills, Keeping up with the Kardasians, Desperate Housewives, The Girls of the Playboy mansion, Katie and Peter, Gossip Girl... i didnt even need to change Holly's answer :) same tv taste
Song - History by FFAF
Candy - haribooooooo
Restaurant - ASK
Store - Zara, river island, Oasis, warehouse, Selfridgesss, HOF, HN
School - haha hated all my schools
Book - LA Candy (trashy but i love it)
Magazine - Elle, Vogue, NEW


Feeling - worried/sore
Single or Taken - Taken
Eating - nothing..
Typing - this..
Online - no im doing this with my brain power
Listening to - nothing
Thinking about - 20th august alevel results and the body shop event
Wanting - money!
Watching - nothinggggg just watching some Y/T videos though
Wearing - legggingsss and a grey baggy jumper


Want Children? 2 please
Want to be Married? once day i would
Careers in Mind - teaching or beauty
Where do you want to Live? NYC or a small cottage by the seaside

Have you ever..?

Kissed a Stranger? Yes
Had Alcohol? Yes
Smoked? ...
Ran away from home? Yes..
Broken a Bone? like over 10 hahaaa
Got an X-Ray? more than i can count
Broken someones heart - Yes =/
Broken Up with Someone - Yes the bastard
Cried when someone died - Yes :(
Cried at School - Yess

Do You Believe In:

God - 50/50
Miracles - Yes
Love at First sight - Yes
Ghosts- Yes
Aliens - Yes
Soul Mates - Yes
Heaven - not sure
Hell - not sure
Kissing on the first date - Yes
Yourself - not all the time


a little note

i just want to say
my names louise margaret dunbar
born 12th june
live in marlow
i wouldnt hide anything

:( oh no

my clutch is dead = £400 :(

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

blog sale 3

This is my 3rd blog sale most of this stuff has never been used so prices are a little bit more, you can only pay through paypal.
I will ship anywhere, £1.50 for UK, £2.50 internationally, per item.
Any questions leave a comment below.
Im trying to raise money so spendspendspend lol :)

All MAC pp e/e £8.00`

Perscriptives Blush/highlighter £14.00

Clinique cream blush stick used once £12.50

Barry M lipsticks, £4 each

Clinique clarifying lotion 2, 100ml £7.50
MAC Selet moisture cover concealer £7.50

MAC powder £13.00 used twice

MAC bronzing powder loose £14.00 used once

Clinique Fresh bloom blushers: Left,Blackberry bloom (used twice) and Right, Camille (used 4-5 times) both LE

:) <3>