Monday, 31 May 2010

Lipstick Loves♥

from left to right
BarryM 101/YSL Rouge Volupte 26/Estee Lauder Pink Sand/YSL Rouge Volupte 7

♥BarryM 101♥
This is a matte finish lipstick, which can be drying sometimes, but it is one of my fave ultra nude lippies out there! Its also great for toning down brighter or darker shades of lipstick. Its only about £4 aswell so cheappy too!

♥YSL Rouge Volupte 26♥
I love the YSL Rouge volupte formula, so creamy and yummy scented, plus the colours are to die for! I currently have 6 of them and i have 2 more im umm'ing about getting! They dont last very long on my lips, but they are so smooth to apply i dont mind re-applying. The only bad thing is the £21 price tag.

♥Estee Lauder Pink Sand♥
This lipstick was one that sat in my makeup collection for sometime until someone tweeted about their love for it a while back and since then this beaut has stayed glued to my handbag, i love this over BarryM 101

♥YSL Rouge Volupte 7♥
Everything i said above still stands! I love this one, perhaps the most out of the colours i own, the prettiest barbie baby pink around i think!

OPI mini haul♥

♥OPI Natural Base Coat♥
♥OPI Top Coat♥
♥OPI Do You Lilac It?♥
♥OPI Mad As a Hatter♥

I have 3 more OPI n/p's to come hopefully next week ill get them!

Whats your fave OPI nail polish shade?



ok.. are you guys fed up with all our MyPure reviews yet? If so.. im sorry.. if not? Then heres what i think :)

I got my parcel about a week ago, and was excited to try some natural/organic skin/body/hair products mainly because looking at my over indulgent stash i dont see that mention of natural or organic much. So i was sent 3 products to have a play with and see what i thought, good or bad, MyPure wanted to know.

First up on the firing line is the A'kin Pure Rose Hydrating Mist. Heres the product description the website gives:

"A'kin Pure Rose Hydrating Mist is a revitalising mist designed to give your skin an instant refreshing lift and enliven your complexion, while soothing even the most sensitive of skins. 

Australian Bush Flower Essences, old man banksia, dog rose and tall mulla mulla are used in this mist as well as aloe barbadensis leaf juice to calm skin, and vitamins B5 to soothe skin. 

Akin Hydrating Rose Mist is formulated using sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), one of the latest discoveries in natural skin care. Sodium hyaluronate is a key water maintaining component in our skin. Modern living and ageing can cause a decrease in this vital skin boosting ingredient, and as a result the water maintaining ability of the skin is weakened. 
[A'kin] uses certified organic ingredients wherever possible. When a certified organic ingredient is not available the natural alternative is used instead."

As a hydrating mist i think its up there, normally i'm loyal to my VitE mist from The Body Shop but this has stayed by my side since i opened the parcel. The mist is definately hydrating which i love, my skin feels almost plump after a couple of sprays, as it says in the description i think it does have a "skin boosting" element to it. However i was a bit weary using this over a full face of makeup at work, having no mirror yet dieing from the heat i gave my self two sprays let it settle and then begin to feel my skin for any excess of the product. Nothing. It sank in instantly, and i got the refreshing spritz my skin needed during the heat wave. But ill be honest for the next hour or so i was very nervous about whether it had indeed altered my makeup, and once i got into my car it had done, slightly on my nose and up to my forehead it had become a bit patchy. I only found this to be a problem with my YSL foundation so i would say try it before you go out, just incase it changes your makeup.

The mist is rose scented, im a sucker for any skincare thats rose scented or has rose water in it, i love the smell and how my skin looks. Its not an over-powering rose scent, quite mild and it disappears just as quickly as it takes the product to sink, so if your not a fan of scented products dont worry about having to smell it on your skin all day, you wont as i said its a mild rose scent.

I have read a couple of reviews slating the packaging, i kinda like, its simple sleek and fitting within the product and A'kin brand. It is perhaps not eye catching or flashy, and yes ill admit if this was in a shop id need a double take but as packaging goes its feminine, soft and practical.

Would i re-buy? Perhaps, but i love mist sprays so much i'm more likely to find another one and give that a try. It is priced a little high for my liking but if it came down to this or my VitE or Fix+, A'kin would win purely for the rose factor.

£12.99 for 125ml
You can buy it HERE

Review No2, Kosmer Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Serum, what the website says:

"Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum instantly ‘lifts’ dull and tired skin. This product contains Myoxinol®, a complex of oligopeptides obtained from the seeds of hibiscus esculentus. Myoxinol® is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is a patented natural anti-ageing active. 

Worn everyday under Kosmea Replenishing Moisture Cream this anti-ageing serum feeds skin with all of the essential antioxidants and vitamins it needs to keep it in optimum health. 

Use this serum to supplement your daily skin care regime, much like a multi-vitamin pill supplements your diet, by giving skin the extra goodness that it needs. 
Kosmea is different to most other skin care brands in that they mostly do not make products for particular skin types. Instead by layering different products you get a perfect result for every skin type. Another benefit of this layering approach means you can customise your skin care needs on a daily basis and there's no need to switch creams as the seasons change. Just choose the cleanser for your skin type then use the product layering approach for your own skin's requirement."

Much like the A'kin mist i have been using this in my skin care routine since i got it, under my usual moisturiser. It sinks in relatively quickly on my skin, creating a matte texture once dried, i have found since using this i dont need to use a primer which i find impressive as my t-zone is terribly oily. It's anti-aging which at 18 i still look for in my serums/creams because i want to keep the ageing process off for as long as i can! I havent had any breakouts from this either, which i sometimes get with new skincare products.

This is another scented products, definately more obvious than the A'kin mist, but nothing obnoxious. Coming up with the right word or phrase to describe the scent was a little tricky, i want to say it smells very 'plant' like that outdoor-sy natural scent, now dont be put of by that its still a nice scent, very true to the product not some chemically added fragrance.

I like that this has pump, nice and hygenic, although i have one gripe about it i feel like one full pump is too much and if you try to do half a pump you find the pump slips and still too much comes out. But maybe im just  not getting the hang of it yet. Its simple packing again, it has a medical look to it, the type of design that even before you have read its little blurb you already feel like 'this will work'.

Would i re-buy? Yes, it gave my skin a boost and it did a wonder for helping my oil skin stay matte.

£25 for 20ml
you can buy it HERE

Lastly but not least we have the Lovea Bio L'Argan shampoo,

"Lovea Moroccan Argan Brilliance Shine Shampoo is ideal for lifeless hair, it fortifies hair and restores sheen and brilliance. Your hair should become stronger and rediscover its natural bounce. 

This shampoo uses organic certified Moroccan Argan, one of nature’s treasures for its nutritive, regenerative, anti-ageing properties."

I love this. Simple.

My hair is so soft and shiney after using this, its a shame there was a matching conditioner, but im going to invest in the Lovea treatment conditioner because if a shampoo can bring some life back to my blonde dyed locks im interested to see what their conditioners can do.

Its a clear shampoo, i found it a little tricky to get it to foam up but ive read a couple of others found this too. That doesnt bother me as my hair felt cleaned after, i have fine hair so maybe it you have thicker hair you might have to repeat the shampooing, it left my hair nice andclean without that horrible dry feeling when your washing your hair. I hate it when you can feel your hair just stripped off all the goodness.

I have no idea how to describe this scent, sorry! But i can tell you i love it, when i got it a put a little on my hand to smell, but its even nicer in a hot shower!

Would i re-buy? Yes! and im already planning a little order to get a couple of other Lovea products to try.

£4.99 for 200ml
you can buy it HERE

Everything sold by mypure is sulfate free, paraben free & phthalate free. To find out about other chemicals you may want to avoid view our mypure promise and the chemical checklist.



OPI Do You Lilac It?
OPI Mad As a Hatter


Friday, 28 May 2010


Hello poppets!
As you all know i have been in&out of hospital a lot over the last 3 months, and i have just come out again tonight :( so this weekends posts will be postponed until monday/tuesday next week to let me just rest and sleep this weekend. I hope you understand.

Posts next week:
♥Xen Tan Dark Lotion review
♥My lippie loves and hates
♥MyPure reviews Part1
♥Neal&Wolf Treatment


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

a blog award

The lovely Ariel (click for her blog here) has given me a blog award, as a blog she loves to read! 
Thank you so much :)


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New discoveries - Lip combo ♥

New lippie combo my cherubs..

Im reallly reallly into peachy/coral lips atm, and i think YSL Rouge Volpte *26 is the perfect mix of both peach and coral. Today i was just playing about with the little makeup i have brought to my grans. If you have read my recent posts you will know i bought a baby pink star gazer lipstick, but i was left disappointed when it was not very pigmented, however it does act really well for toning down lipsticks, and this is how i used. 

First i applied the YSL *26 and then put the stargazer lipstick over the top...

et voila yo get a more nude-peach

For me YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks are one of my fave lipstick formula's and colour, yes they are expensive and you have to reapply a little more than other brands, but the colours are to die for, and they are so moisturising. They have such a wide colour range.. baby pink to bright pink to deep red to coral...

Rouge Volupte's lasts about an hour before i have to reapply.

What is your fave light peachy/coral lipstick or gloss?! I wanna get some other shades..



Hello cupcake! =D hope your well!
Today is slightly cooler but still gorgeous outside.. shame i have to work this morning.

Illamasqua cream foundation *as concealer* - 145
Bourjois healthy mix foundation
MAC peachykeen blush

MAC fluidline - blacktrack
Clinique high defination mascara

GOSH lipstick *used my finger to dab it on* - Darling

Wash&Blow dried, then i used some Aussie hairspray so give light texture.

Ooo my cardigan is from Primark £11! Go get it.. tis a bargin


Monday, 24 May 2010


Hair same :)

Illamasqua powder foundaion -205
Sleek blush - pixie pink
Illamasque cream foundation - 145 (as concealer)

Urban decay black liquid liner
Eyelure false lashes - Glamour

cherry lipbalm

Sorry for this crapola piccie but twas so hard tryna get a full length shot!
Im wearing...
Black vest top - Dorothy perkins
Black cardigan - Topshop
Floral skirt - Primark

Now off to work i go ...


Sunday, 23 May 2010

♥errr... all ive done this weekend it get stuff!

So this is todays goodies.. *warning* this week has a lot of new products to show you guys!

♥Illamasqa Loose powder
♥Illamasque Cream Foundation 145
♥Illamasqua Powder Foundation - 205

Swatches below:
Left to Right - Cream foundation & Powder foundation

The piccie isnt great, but i got the cream foundation in 145 because its very cool toned and i find applying a cool colour under my eyes lifts them and makes them brighter.
It feels really nice on, creamy and smooth, ive been using a MAC 187 brush to blend this onto my skin.
It lasted a fair amount of time on my skin, however i think i will have to set it with powder in the future as it did start to become patchy as the day went on which i didnt like, luckily i had my massive sunnies to hide my face =D

The powder foundation ive only really used to set my T-zone so i cant really comment to much on this. However it kept my oily skin at bay, and it although it did fade towards the end of the day, it did so evenly not patchy like the cream foundation. 
I will be testing this on its own tomorrow at work, so we shall see what the colour and coverage is like all over my face.

The loose powder - i havent tried yet.

Next up.... The Body Shop

They still had their BOGOF offer on certain items, so i picked up a body butter & matching scrub

I went for the Moringa Body Butter & Scrub, now im utterly crap at describing scents, so all i am going to say is that this is a light fresh floral scent. 
Not to over powering, the body butter absorbs quickly into my skin and it is not greasy at all.  

♥Now i had always wondering why different scrubs had different textures, so i asked the lovely lady helping me out, and she explained it was to do with the different skin types. For example this one is for normal/dry skin.. where as mango is for very dry skin.
Ill be honest i had never even realised this, but it makes sense, and its nice to  know they cater for different body skin types too.

Both are nice and creamy, i really like this scrub as it isnt harsh at all, and it also moisturises.

Body butter then body scrub:

Whats your fave The Body Shop Body Butter/Scrub?


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Pucker up *mwah*

♥Lancome Colour Fever Lipstick - 302
♥Lancome Juicy Tube - 33 Pamplemousse 

I bought these two beauts today & I couldn't wait to play with them, and I am loving them! Another coral to add to my collection.. I think I have 106359017496 of them now.

The lipstick is a satin, and quite moisturising, i could have worn it on its own but i wanted to give my juicy tube a little go too. For £18.50 on a lipstick i feel like i couldve got better for less money, i dont feel it was worth it at all! :( I did spot a pink by Lacome that i quite fancied so i may buy that and maybe the different formula will win me over but i dont like this one at all.

However i love the colour which is such a shame! I fear this might be one that will just sit beautifully in my lipstick collection.. 

Next on peach/coral list of lippies to try is: BarryM 147


Bits&Bobs haul♥

Hello my chicks 

Its such beautiful day today! The whole of the UK is having a sun fest.. i have never seen Scotland so hot!
I took advantage of this lovely weather and nipped into town to do some shopping, and i ended up spending my whole weeks wages!! eek.. i am now broke

Since some of you have asked, i will do a post tomorrow on the clothes & other bits that i bought.

♥StarGazer Lipstick - baby pink
♥StarGazer Lipliner - baby pink
♥StarGazer nail polish - Neon pink
♥Barrym nail polish - Pink Flamingo & Bright Pink
♥MEMEME long lasting creme eyeshadows - pink&liquid bronze
♥Urban Decay eyeshadow - Maui Wowie
♥Lancome Colour Fever Lipstick - 302
♥Lancome Juicy Tube - 33 Pamplemousse 

♥Swatches below:

♥Britney Spears Fantasy perfume 100ml
♥L'oreal Perfect Clean face wash
♥Garnier Clean Sensitive make-up remover
♥Garnier day moisturiser




Revlon Photo Ready foundation -04
Sleek Powder -02
MAC Cremeblush - Florida


Clinique high defination mascara
No7 Purple eyeliner


Barrym 101 *very lightly dabbed on*

Hair - Again, washed&dried, used some Aussie texturising spray and Aussie hair spray to get some wavy texture, then braided my fringe! easy peasy =D

Its beatifully hot&sunny here in the UK, im off out shopping today! 

Hope you have a nice weekend!!


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Friday, 21 May 2010

Putting it to the test.. Soap&Glory Sit Tight

Sit Tight

The latest booty dimple buster on the market, its being praised by beauty editors and beauty bloggers, and at a reasonable price of £14 and with "amazing" results it seemed too good to not give it a try on my thighs. 
So for the next four weeks im going to slap this on every night, ive been doing for a week now & i have to say i have noticed a tiny difference. 

Lets hope i see some good results in a few weeks time.

♥ this 
Have you tried this? Noticed a difference yet?