Friday, 4 June 2010

Review- Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Gel

On a trip into town a couple of week ago i went on the search for a tube of pure aloe gel, to use on my eyebrows after i pluck them to soothe them & cool that red skin down too! I went into Boots = none there, Superdrug = nada there too! So i was a little sad, but then by pure chance when i was buying some detox tea in Holland & Barrett i spotted the beauty section, and being so obsessed i had a little peek where i spotted this..

Dr. Organic, Aloe Vera Gel (Double Strength) for 200ml at £4.99 i thought this was a pretty good deal, and i knew it would last foreverrrr if i was only going to use it on my eyebrows.

But during this recent heat wave we have been seeing in the UK, i was in need of something soothing, cooling & moisturising for my arms and legs, and in popped the body shops aloe gel body lotion, so as i'm browsing their website i suddenly clicked why could i not use this stuff? 

It was sooo refreshing to rub this into my skin, its thick but sinks into the skin in second, leaving me cool and moisturised for ages. I expected to lose the cool feeling very quickly but was surprised when it last for just under an hour while i was out in the sun.

For using after plucking my eyebrows i really like this too, really soothes the area and i did notice the redness fades a lot more quickly than it normally does if i put nothing on my skin after. It isn't greasy at all. Its a clear lotion, that, like i said above, sinks into the skin in seconds :)

I like the packaging, simple, clean and its got green on it. They colour match products packaging to the key ingredient, which i think is a cute idea. Plus it drew my eye straight away, so clearly i must like it.

So for £4.99 i've not only found a soothing lotion for after plucking but also a lotion i can throw into my handbag to take with me on really hot summer days!


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