Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lips combo of the week (:

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick - 49 Pink Vibrations
GOSH Lipbalm - Barbie

little giveaway

exuse me peeking in the backgroud (:
just a little giveaway of some lippies ive loved over 2009!
theres 5 barry m and 2 maybelline here for you lovely ladies
gonna make it simple
  • just tell me about your FAVE lip combo
  • you must be a subscriber
  • you must be atleast 18, or have parents permission
  • open to everyone everywhere (:
ill close this on sunday 31st jan.. midnight in the UK
love lu

Friday, 8 January 2010


Dress: New Look

Necklace: Tiffany Large Oval key

Bracelets: Tiffany Heart
face: Clinique Even Better Foundation
Rimmel Powder
The Body Shop Bronzer 01
NARS Angelika Blusher
Benefit High Beam
eyes: Estee Lauder Double wear eyeshadow base
MAC carbon e/s
MAC jest e/s
MAC vanilla e/s
maybelline black eyeliner in black
maybelline liquid eyeliner in black
Clinique High Definition mascara in black
lips: MAC myth
Love Lu

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Nutriganics review

terrible picture im sorry its on the webcam! :(
i was sent these by The Body Shop a little before christmas but i was still using the seaweed skincare range ~(review coming soon) and i didnt want to mix.
However i have had a good 3 week go at these products now so im able to give a review of the moisturiser and the eye cream.
The moisturiser: "Revitalises and reduces the appearence of lines and wrinkles." So its a anti ageing product which like, i love the level of moisture your skins recieves and how long lasting it is aswell. It makes a good base prior to makeup (i tend to rely on my moistriser to act as a primer as i cant see to find a good primer), i certainly how even some of my 'thicker' foundations were going on.
However... everytime i wore this no matter how much i wanted to love it for all that above, i always felt greasy, like there was a film of something on my skin and it is down to this. I have combo skin so this could be why, i would say its most likely better suited to the dryer skin types. I think its a little too heavy for those of use with a little more oil in our skin.
The eye cream: "smoothing eye cream" i am going to keep this short. I didnt get on very well with this eye cream, again it was a little too heavy for my skin and i could definately feel it there even hours after i had put it on. Not somethingi want in an eye cream.
Overall: I wouldnt reccomend these for anyone with slightly oilier skin types, however those of you with dryer skin types might benefit better.
Have you tried these? What did you think?
Love Lu

blog award :)

this is my first blog award, and it deffo made me smile when i saw the comment saying id been tagged
thankyou to the lovely Tennille
so i have to tell 7 facts about myself..
and then your meant to tag 7 people but im gonna be a little naughty and tag my readers...
so in the comment leave 7 facts so i can get to know you all too!!
1. my full name is Louise Margaret Dunbar
2. i have an obsession with peppermint tea
3. i live in leggings .. tee shirts .. cardigans and my uggs
4. im currently at university doing BA Hon in Primary Education with ECE
i wanna be a teacher :)
5. my fave colours are pink, white and black
6. my fave lipsticks of all time are MAC myth and MAC snob
7. i have pole dancing pole in my room..
its my first choice for excercise
so there you go there is 7 random little facts about me
i look forward to reading all yours too!
Love Lu

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

budget tan

i get alot of questions about my 'tan'
which 9 times out of 10 is a fake one
:( wish it was due to a hot sunny holiday

so as ive ran out of my xen tan mousse which i adore!
ive gone back to basics..

st moritz and garnier spray tan
both of these cost less than £10 combined and you get a lovely golden tan
(however i will warn too much of the spray tan and you will go dark orange im speaking from experience here girls every OTHER day MAX lol)
how i apply:
- shower/bath scrub all over with an unscented scrub
- dry myself and apply fake tan starting from toes to shoulders
- 3/4 pumps of mousse tan a leg (i like them dark) rub in in circular motions
- 2/3 pumps for stomach and same for back
- 2/3 pumps per arm and then i rub the excess onto my chest and shoulders
- then once thats dry i go over the fronts of my legs, tops of arms, shoulder basically anywhere the sun naturally hits with the spray tan to give those areas an extra boost
- then half a pump of the mousse on my face too making sure to blend down!
easy squeezy :)
some tanning tips i go by:
- apply moisturiser to really dry areas, knees, elbows, knuckles etc
- always wash hands after each section.. no one wants orange palms!
- dont use any scented products on the skin for 24hrs.. this can change the colour
love lu

goodbye Laguna

Today was a very sad in my makeup bag..
my NARS Laguna has finally had enough and decided it would smash up :(

So i need a new bronzer lovelies.. what do you suggest? im leaving this up to you.. drug store or high end..