Thursday, 27 November 2008


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

After much umm'ing i decided to buy the D.W. and was so excited because i thought i was going to get amazing coverage and it would last all day. The lovely girl at the estee lauder counter and she coloured fitted me as 3pebble.

The colour is ok, it seems to be a neutral under tone, a very cool medium shade. However if i apply a little too much it can have an almost grey tint to the colour.

Now as for the coverage, its meant to last all day and be the best on the market.. But on my skin it didnt it slipped off after about 2 hours, now i dont have really oily skin, as ive said over and over im a skin type 3 (Clinique terms) which is oily combination.

It did feel nice on the skin, very soft to the touch and it did cover all my blemishes and pigmentation but it just didnt last.

So needless to say i was really disppointed.. it was a waste of money in my terms, i think im just going to stick to my Clinique Stay True from now on..

Let me know if youve tried this.


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