Thursday, 7 May 2009

GOSH Barbie

So ive had this for a while now, and i have been meaning to do a review but i dont know something about this makes me pass over it. I never grab for it, to me its just a pricey lipbalm with some colour and tbh even the colours is wishy washy.

I had high hopes for this, i thought it would be my new must have. For a week or so i tried to get used to it, like i had to with Darling by GOSH, but nope i dont like it. For me the texture doesnt feel right and it slips off a little too easy.

It cost me £7 and i feel like i couldve bought something better *sigh* .. but ive learned a lesson - dont buy something just because its pink and called Barbie.

But this is my opinion im fussy with my lip products :) So give it a try let me know what you think



Anonymous said...

i think it looks quite nice xx

Suzi said...

I think it looks nice hun x

whitebutterfly01 said...

I've asked for this is in a swap! I hope it looks nice! Because it is fabulous on you!!!