Wednesday, 10 February 2010

silver or gold nails? YES please

"Blixz your fingers" Debs sent me over a new product, i had read about these in a magazine, and when she offered to let me try i was over the moon :)

I recieved two colours gold and silver, and they look amazing, super shiny! Ive been craving metal like silver nails but nail polishes werent giving me the effect i was looking for. My acrylics are off this week (i give my nails one week break every 3 infills) so when i get them back on next week ill be giving these babies a go.

When i got them in the post i did have a sneaky go, and i think im gonna need some practice, so no piccies atm. Once ive perfected them ill get snap happy for you.

Stay tuned....


1 comment:

Lillian Funny Face said...

Oooh i love metallic nails! Can't wait for the photos! :D