Tuesday, 2 April 2013

REN Micro Polish Cleanser Review

REN Micro Polish Cleanser £20 available from SpaceNK and REN

Since I became obsessed with all things beauty, I also became obsessed with all things skincare and I always love to try new products. I tend to go for the same products, anything that will help clear, brighten and renew my skins texture. Enter this little gem from REN their Micro Polish Cleanser which is a creamy exfoliating cleanser, that not only thoroughly cleanses my skin but also sloughs off any dead skin cells revealing brighter clearer skin. Formulated with a mix of Papain, Glycolic Acid and Amber Microbeads, with a sweet scent, this not only deeply cleans your skin but it reduces pore size too and helps to minimize fine lines. I use this more as a facial cleanser than a scrub because it is so creamy, it is perfect for use everyday but if you wanted to use it more as a scrub then 2-3 times a week would be fine. Overall this is a lovely product if you are looking to improve your complexion and give it a bit of a boost. My skin has been looking great thanks to this and a few other products that I will be sharing over the next week so stay tuned. 

Are you a REN fan? Let me know which products are your favourites in the comments.

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Megan x said...

I really want to try this, it sounds amazing :) xo