Tuesday, 21 July 2009

show and tell #1

This is going to be a review / some pieces that i bought in town yday :)

After many thoughts of whether the conical wand would be worth it, whether it would work, i took the plunge and bought it from Boots yesterday for around £24-. Now i have seen many posts and videos about this and people raving about how amazing this is, and how easy and quick too, but i still had my doubts and i just couldnt see it working with my hair. My hair is naturally poker straight i have to really work at it to get even the slightest wave, and curls? HA. my hair doesnt hold them for more than 40 mins which saddens me as i love my hair really wavy or curly.

Right, so i tried this out last night as i had gone to meet a few friends for a drink (this was before i knew it was swine flu, i thought i just had flu) and i had like 10 mins to do my hair soi thought perfect chance to try this out and see how 'quick and easy' it really is.

So after clipping my extensions in, and prepping my hair, i put it to max heat setting and wrapped strands of hair for no more than 12 seconds each and then continued till done, it took me 8 mins! :o and you all have seen how much hair i have when i have extensions in!

I got home (feeling crap!) and put my hair into a pony tail and hit the sack, never expecting to wake up today with perfect wavy/curls, if you want to see go check out my latest video it has me just woken up and washed haha so hair was how it was when i woke up! i cannot believe ive lived without this.

For me this has worked a dream, if your like me and has hair that will not curl or wave or anything! lol then i really recommend this, and to everyone else i say go buy one and give it a go, i know its early days buy anything that can make my hair curl and stay like that for more than 24 hours with only a heat protectant in is a miracle to me!

Then i proceeded to my salon to pick up some hair care goodies ive had my eyes on for a while now, all BedHead products:
(from left to right) Fast Fixx, Ego Boost, Uptight

I purchased Fast Fix because i am always on the hunt for the next best conditioning product as my hair tends to get verrry dry, Ego Boost is supposedly for fixing spilt ends which i also suffer from as a result of heat damage, and then i got uptight to go with my new conical wand to help it work better with my fine hair.

Once ive given these a go ill do a review for you :)


cosmeticsmile said...

oo that wand looks great :)

ohh you poor thing :(
Hope you get better soon :(

Volume 17. said...

needs to be gettin me some of these!