Saturday, 11 July 2009

for the bestfriend

shes amazing, i put her above everyone else including my boyfriend because shes been there for 18 years and she will always be there,
no matter what
no matter where i will drop everything for her.
who is she? Leeann, but ..erm.. well..
shes not just Leeann anymore shes Leeann + 1 because shes is pregnant
shes is 17 weeks
with my amazing God child
Im learning all about bumps and babies so that when the time comes i can be there, i dont want her to ever feel alone or that noone cares, ill always be there
All the important things ive experienced shes been by my side, whether it has been physically next to me, on the phone, text, email or on video chat, ironically she there for me more than friends who lives minutes away. Through everything we are always there for each other.
i know what we have will never be broken i would bet my life on it
im writing this as if she were my boyfriend or husband i just love them both that much

its beyond friendship we are family
we even call each others mum mum :)

we are very drunk
and on the left
this was her bday :)


mizzworthy said...

What a lovely post - friendship like that doesn't come along very often, enjoy being a godmum - its fab! xxx

Victoria said...

I could do with a friend like that! They are very rare and you are so lucky. xx