Thursday, 18 December 2008

16 Facts About Me Tag

Im taking Aubrey's tag of everyone up and im going to do this.. :)

  1. Im studying law and literature in my last year of my Alevels
  2. At uni i want to study Education to become a teacher - fingers crossed for Stirling *
  3. I have a little brother Steven though hes nearly 14 i just cant stop calling him my baby brother :)
  4. My boyfriend and i will have been together for 2 years on the 7th January 2009 - im so happy doesnt seem like 2 years already thats a good sign right? I love you / him!
  5. I crave a Blackberry storm.. which i shall be getting in 3 months when i upgrade yay!
  6. My kind of fun, is a calm evening in cooking then watching a movie or out at the cinema.. im not really into clubs or partying i got that out of my sytem at 16
  7. Im 18 on June 12th
  8. Clinique fake tan = <3>
  9. My hair is naturally blonde.. but i havent had it my natural colour since i was 13 when i started highlighting it.. which links to my next point..
  10. Ive dyed my hair dark brown.. light blonde.. dirty blonde.. auburn.. red.. brown/red.. bleach blonde.. and ash blonde - all with some form of highlights/low lights
  11. My fave drink is a vanilla frap from starbucks
  12. I love winter more than any other season, i think its the snow and clothes that make me love it.. :S
  13. Every day I reach for Orgasm.. its my makeup staple
  14. In case you were wondering i am Scottish, i was born in Dunfermline Fife and now live in Marlow, been here almost 3 years!!
  15. I always watch girlie films, i watched the house bunny today! i love it.. my fave films ever are Legally Blonde!
  16. Im learning to drive.. slowly lol
I tag anyone who reads this!

Lu x

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