Monday, 8 December 2008

New Haul

OK so this would have have been a video but no mic (sorry) so ive been on a massive shopping spree, in boots and House of Frasers and i bought

Elizabeth Arden 8hour body cream
Elizabeth Arden Skin Protect
Elizabeth Arden Lipstick (brighhhtt neon ish pink)
Chanel Lipgloss 25
Benefit crease less eyeshadow in strut
Benefit bad gal lash mascara
Clarins Cleansing milk
Tzone nose strips
Garnier face mask/scrub/wash

and im awaiting a delivery from Origins :) yay

So because its going to take longer to write than it would speak, im going to talk about my three fave items from my haul.

  1. Clarins Cleansing milk £16.50 ( House of Frasers )
Ok so the reason i bought this was because im allergic to Clinique dont know why but i am, so i needed a new makeup cleanser. I went to Clarins as they are the next best? So after browsing for what seemed like hours lol when i finally get some help, and she suggested i try the cleansing milk to remove my makeup and she showed me the "technique" for removing impurities.

After a week of using it, i think it does a fabby job of dissolving the makeup and i wear VERY thick foundations etc, so i used it every night and it does leave some residue on the skin but i follow this with my 3 step Clinique routine and my skin looks fine :)

The texture is pretty standard, thick running cream.. Smell is .. ok i guess not to over powering

2. Elizabeth Arden 8hour body cream

LOVE LOVE LOVE this i use every other 8 hour product but had never tried this and tbh i only bought it to get my free bag lol ( which is looooovely ), so onto the cream its lovely my skin feels very soft and firm apparently this is due to the medicine properties within the cream, and im impressed that it really does stay on the skin no matter what, havent tried going into the shower but apparently even that wont budge it !!

Thats all to really say about that..

3. UDPP - Urban Decay Primer Potion

I dont know why ive put off buying this for so long, i guess i just didnt feel it was worth the £10 but since HoF had a 20% sticker on it i decided to take the plunge and buy it, and i think its great product really helps the shadow stick to my eyes and helps bring out the colours full potential.

After a full day of work ( 9 - 4 ) the shadow was still pretty good, it wasn't as good as my MAC eye shadow primer but maybe im being too harsh with the UDPP? But i think i might do one on each eye to see if there really is a difference.

So thats my favourite items from the haul, and tbh i love everything i bought and i cant wait to recieve my Origins haul hopefully this week but apparently their delivery is slow atm so could be next week. .

If you have any questions just leave a comment here or on Youtube !



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