Monday, 14 September 2009

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eeeee *smmmile* <-- that is pretty much all ive done today, because i leave for uni in 4 days!! insane! its come so quickly its weird that im 18, driving, going out clubbing, done my alevels and now going to uni!?! how did this happen, i had this moment the other day driving when i suddenly realised im growing up. haha sounds sad but 2 years ago i was doing my gcse's seems ages ago now.

ive pretty much packed all i can the rest will have to be done the night before with things ive been using daily. its funny seeing all my things packed up, 2 LARGE suitcases of clothes, 2 holdalls of clothes, 1 holdall of shoes, 1 massive bag of homeware and kitchen stuff, 3 box of cosmetics and toiletries, 2 boxes of books and paper work, plus a holdall of misc. stuff. how on earth will i get this in my car?!.. haha thank god my mum is driving up with me.

im going up before to spend time with my family we are all going to blackpool, i love the tackyness of that place, it will be the first time in YEARS since we have all been together.

on sunday is move in day, i have to be there at 10am to register, sign up and get my keys!! ee :) i only know 2 people in my flat so far, both girls, so just 3 others to meet eep. hopefully we all get along, my problem is do i tell them about my youtube?! i dont want them thinking im just some freak talking to myself.. lol.

OH and if anyone is reading this and going to Lancaster (UK) please leave a comment, i want to meet as many people as i can before i start! cannot wait for freshers weeeeeeeek it looks good, neon rave, toga party, james bond ball, pub crawl to name a few of the activites :D

please excuse my rambling about all of this, im just very excited.

now time for the rant part.. Student Finance England are yet to confirm my loan, which means i have no tution fees, accom fees, food money NOTHING, wth am i meant to do ?? complete idiots. i do have an overdraft and credit card but i really do not want to have to use that to live off of yno.. =/ not happy about it. I still have books to buy, plus my classroom clothes grr but i know im not the only one, bf and his brother are both in the boat as me NOT GOOD SFE!!!

right im off to do a blog post of my upcoming posts so you know whats coming and you can also request other if you want.



Nicola said...

Ah i remember the excitement!! i hope you have so much fun, i have no doubt you will. You make me feel so old as i was doing that 4 yrs ago!! but savour every minute & dont let living off your overdraft stop you having fun, thats what being a student is all about!!! but make sure at least 1 lecture a week is attended (not really necessary in the 1st year!) Stay safe & party hard!! xxxx

hazeleyes said...

You will have such a great time!! I echo what nicole said, make sure you make the most of your first year when you only have to pass because by the thirs year the hard work really starts to kick in!! Have a great time!! xXx

Vikx993 said...

I did read in the news that 90% of Uni students are going to get their loans on time as they have No money to give out...I would keep chasing them if I were you, and be ready just in case...good luck :)

Rosie said...

I wish I was going to be a fresher again booo I don't want to be a third year at all!!!

My loan got sorted out within three weeks and I feel so bad for all the newbies starting without any money, just remember that the University knows that the loans have screwed up so they shouldn't be chasing for your rent, I'd hate to be a fresher going into private accommodation and having a landlord breathe down their neck about it....speaking of which...I have rent to pay oopsie!!

kezz_17 said...

ah im so jelous your a fresher! im now in year 2. the work starts here for me! enjoy every minute of it, attend every pub crawl, never refuse a flat party, and go out on all student nights! the only thing i regret is going home so often, because i could, you miss out on alot of things happening while your not there! x

Laura said...

Hope the move goes okay for you and you settle in well :-)
You'll have such an amazing time at uni! xx