Sunday, 6 September 2009

my dystopia

2nd look

i ♥ illamasqua

on my wish list from the collection:
- Machine Eyeshadow
- Sheerlipgloss creamy pale colour
- Liquid Metal

so i shall have to do some major saving, as my bank card was cloned and they took all my money :( but those are my three must havesss


Shirley! said...

O my goodness, your bank card was cloned?!?! Aww puppet! That is just mad..i hope evrfin gets sorted!

I LOVE THIS LOOK! Your making me want to go experiment, haha!


ellamarie84 said...

That look is awesome on you!

Vikx993 said...

I had my card cloned the other month too, they should refund it all back to you asap they did me. good luck :)

lola said...

that looks absolutely it...xoxo