Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Contest time with BodyForm

Hello lovelies,

i have the perfect contest for all you girls out there, sponsored by BodyForm :)

Its really easy to do, i want you to tell me in a blog post or in a comment what you would need in your own Period Survival kit to boost your confidence.

The winner with the best or most interesting answer wins a survival kit (Chocolates, girlie dvd, bath salts, eye mask, etc) including a special Bodyform pack.

The rules:
- You must be over 18, or have your parents permission to enter.
- UK only this time (sorry guys!)
- You have to be a follower



Special Pssst...

Bodyform are giving away Jemma Kidd’s Limited edition Lip Gloss worth £10 with their special Bodyform packs that RRP from as little as £1.38 -£1.79!

They’re available from 12th Oct!!


  • Your browser may not support display of this image. To create the perfect pout, line and fill the lips with a liner first to define them. This will also help the gloss stay on for longer.
  • Applying a primer underneath your moisturiser is great for people who find that their make-up tends to wear off during the day. The primer will absorb any excess oils, even out skin tone and help foundation blend into the skin.
  • If you have tired eyes, curl the lashes and apply a layer of defining mascara. This will really open up the eyes and make you look more awake.
For more info about BodyForm products go to, www.bodyform.co.uk


Tabitha Sheridan said...

Ok so in my period survival kit i'd have... tampons, sanitary towels, spare knickers (in a dark colour obviously!), chocolate, ibuprofen, some thermal pads for the tummy and money, because no matter how bad you feel, shopping makes it better! xx

ALEXANDRA P. said...

Darn! I would have liked to participate...that lipgloss color is so pretty :)

Katy Wilko said...

In my period survival kit the main things would be ibuprofen and my mini hot water bottle, I get the worst cramps! and some good old chocolate xo

Jodie_ox said...

In mine I would need Pads, tampons, ibuprofen, something that smells like vanilla (to relax me), a microwaveable bean bag thing, a big bag of skittles, some trainers to do some exercise (to work off the cramps) and spare underwear and a cute bag to put it all in. :D

Jodie xx

Rosie said...

In my period survival kit I have:
MAC's MSFN in Medium because I'm anaemic and I use a lot of this to give me a bit more colour while on my period as I get deathly pale.
A good strong concealer as I break out always.
A load of water because I bloat like crazy
Tampons, Pads, Spare Undies (obviously)
and I try to go swimming loads when I've got my period because it helps with the bloating and makes me feel more relaxed.

kezz_17 said...

in mine i would have my fave pink lipstick, Borat dvd because it makes me laugh so much! and obviously- lots of chocolate. oh and a good foundation to help cover the breakout i'll get after eating all that chocolate haha. x

Volume 17. said...

Period survial kit would be : 1 ibuprofen, 1 paracetamol - perfect cure! quick dose of shopping, followed by candles jammies and cuddling up infront of the tv with bf/duvet!
Best cure ever!x

Samantha Booth said...

My Period Survival kit would have -
A big pair of bridget jones stylie pants, one of my boyfriend's big hoodies, a magic way to make my boyfriend understand whether I want a cuddle or whether I want him to go away - like a sixth sense!, my heated lamb for my tummy, pads, a nice big cup of tea,
a day off work for the really painful first day, some kind of gripping film or programme on TV to take my mind off the pain, Ibruprofen (LIFESAVER!),and finally, a magic mirror which makes me look lovely even though i probably have greasy hair and a few spots!

Anonymous said...

in my surival kit i'll have pads chocolate yummyy :D hot water bottle to cuggle up with in bed spray i love mist you madly by soap and gloary my ipod to chill and listen to music and a lot of lush bath bombs to relax in bath with :D x