Monday, 30 November 2009

Aussie Entry

I didnt seem to get a tin from aussie with the card in detailing the compitition so until a couple of days ago i was unaware.. but i emailed the lovely lauren and she said they had decided to give an extra 48 hrs so that i could give it a go which i thought was so kind..

Now for my look i was inspired by the purple from the aussie logo.. i didnt go over the top with this as i like to create looks that i would actually wear or that could be worn.. not that i dont love seeing/doing very creative looks.. i just feel sometimes a winning look should be something that everygirl could wear :)

NYX lilac jumbo pencil
MAC up at dawn
MAC beautiful iris
MAC seedy pearl
MAC stars and rockets
MAC violet trance
Eye Perfection liner
Maybelline pulse perfection mascara

Benefit Hula Bronzer
MAC dainty blush

MAC myth

Hope you like :)


1 comment:

tenxx said...

you look amazing!
just started following, and am reading through all of your blogs now, your my new favorite blogger!
your so gorgeous darling xx