Tuesday, 10 November 2009

just a few things i want opinions on :)

Straightners: not GHD's ive had them, ive got babyliss atm and not liking them, what do you guys have and love?

OPI Mod About You.. yay.. or nay..

Tinted Moisturiser ? Ive tried Estee lauder, clinique, Benefit, Laura Mercier... and various drugstore and im still looking

Bumbits ? is that what they are called? what do you guys think of them? ?


Amy Antoinette said...

Straighteners: I've just reviewed Cloud Nine's, they are rather pricey at £130 but I love them!

Mod About You: A nice pale pink but I haven't worn it for a while, think it's more a summer colour.

Bumpits: I've also been wondering whether to buy them. They don't look very secure in the hair so I'm preferring the look of 'Instant Beehives' from Foxy Locks Extensions.

I can't help you on the TM I'm afraid! xxx

ellamarie84 said...

I like my CHI straightener to be honest..I've had it for 3 and a 1/2 years with no problems.

Love Mod About You! It's a favorite for sure!

TM's: I don't have much experience but I have tried the smashbox one and I really like it.

Bumpits: Never used them but I admit I am intrigued.

Natalie said...

Straightners I don't use i'm afraid so can't really help.I would say look on lots of sites for reviews and get as many as you can and try and make a decision from them.

OPI Mod about you looks a nice colour but I have never used it personaly.On looks I would say yes though!

I use Boots Natural collection Tinted Moisturiser in the lightest colour as I'm pale and I love it so if you have not tried it I would reccomend that brand one.

Bumpits don't seem to look that secure from what I have seen and I don't like the overall effect really.Lots of people seem to like them so it's 50/50 on that one I would say.

Dolly*Mixture said...

Straighteners: I religiously use my GHDs every day and i really cant fault them! Ive used so many different pairs over the years but once i purchased these i never bought any others!

Mod about you: Havent got this but it is on my OPI wishlist! I think it looks like a gorgeous colour!

Bumpits: I have bumpits and i have only ever used the mini bumpits for the front of my hair and i dont really recommend them, as i dont really think they stay in place. Havent used the bigger ones for the back of the hair though.

Tinted moisturiser: I use and like the benefit you rebel lite tinted moisturiser and really like it!


Rachimo said...

Straighteners: Im still using ghds but the guy who originally designed the ghd's has left ghd because they are so cheaply made etc... now and has designed some new straighteners Cloud Nine's, they swear by them at the salon I go to.

TM's: I love Laura Mercier TM its my HG for summer, not sure how good it would be in winter.


Kezz_17 said...

Straighteners: Must say my GHDs will always be my ultimate fave. before that though i used Fransen Futura (£50) and i thought they were amazing.

OPI: Mod about you is probs my fave OPI colour!

TM: I often use Olay's one. meant for mature skin but it does no harm and gives a fresh look!

Bumpits: dont really know enough about them! x

VexInTheCity said...

I use Windles - have had mine since 2001 and they're STILL going string. I'm sure they've released a newer model since then but I'm not complaining.