Sunday, 1 November 2009

Skincare update

For the past couple of months ive been using the Garnier Pure active skin care routine, and ive loved it! My skin has got rid off all my problems (except the jaw grr) and i couldnt be happier the products havent worked fab for me. I just wanted to post a little something to let you know.

Before i had major issues with oily skin and breakout, as well as bumpy surface, this has totally changed i would now class my skin as normal with the odd breakout. I cant believe a drugstore range has given such great results. I was using the wash, toner, scrub and moisturiser.. as well as the roller ball treatment gel when needed. I did my routine twice a day, i used a makeup remover too i should add.

Currently i have a bit of a backlog of skin care products to try, im going to be giving The Body Shop seaweed skin care routine a twirl next see how that goes, but at least ive found a range other than clinique that works for my skin :) Im really pleased as its cheap too !! I definately want to have a look at other skin care lines from Garnier and see what i think of those too.

Have you used the Garnier Pure Active range? What did you think.. let me know in a comment :)



Sarah x said...

I know how you feel, Clinique is brillaint but it's so expensive you feel you have to look for something cheaper, their moisturiser I used to use is amazing but its like £40!

Sarah said...

Ohh wow I wish I could get such a great result with a drug store cleanser!!!!!

Daisy said...

I'm loving the Pure Active range- as is my boyfriend! It's gone down so quickly. If I use another cleanser I notice that my skin gets worse overnight x

Dolly*Mixture said...

Thank you for this review,

I am definately going to pick up some of the products from this range!

Hope you are enjoying Uni!

<3 xox

Sandhi said...

I love the Garnier Pure range. I have oily skin as well and not only have these products help control my oily skin, but they have also kept my skin nice and clear!

Charly said...

Hey hun, ive nominated you ofr a blog award :)