Monday, 21 December 2009



- the snow.. i love it havent had a white christmas in years :D

- xen tan mousse (yt video soon i love this stuff)

- blonde hair.. i just need extensions to match ive wasted over £120 on really crap ones :'(

- uggs <3

- Christmas decoration .. they bring sparkle to the house

- my new man :) he brings that smile back to my face thats been missing..

- MAC full coverage foundation

- The body shop bronzer 01


- heat tools on my hair .. i LOVE bed hair

- ice to date ive fallen twice :L

- work over christmas i have 8000 words to do over the holidays


whats your must have item of 2009?

Love Lu
Merry Christmas


Natalie said...

Gosh darling. how did i live without it. perfect little lipstick to chuck on anytime.also lush love lettuce mask. amazing. staples for me!
love your blog babes!


Tabitha Sheridan said...

hmm.. 2009, i think would be either Chi silk infusion or Clinique dramatically different moisturiser,