Wednesday, 23 December 2009

plump pout?

What it says:
Award-winning in two countries, for a sexy pout without the collagen injections, Lip Volume is the perfect solution. A semi-permanent treatment which gives you plumper, fuller, seductive lips that are left feeling soft and totally kissable!

What i think:
I liked the packaging, it explained the product and when you lift the lid up the product is held nicely in the middle to pull out. I like the doe foot applicator, however i prefer to apply this with my finger as i feel it works the product into my lips better.

It has a lovely mint scent to it, nothing over powering, just a hint. It doesnt 'sting' your lips when you apply it like some plumpers can, you almost forget youve put it on until youve caught your reflection in a mirror etc. You apply it about twice a day, i found that on the 3rd day of usage you could see the fullness beginning. After about 3 weeks of using i got one of the best compliments, i was told that i had 'very kissable looking lips' im happy with that :)

My only negative about this is that it can dry your lips out a little, so after the product has been absorbed i apply a touch of lipbalm just to balance this out.

I love using this for giving a natural, lasting plumped lip, i dont use it every day now just every other day i think thats enough for my lips.

RRP: £19.95
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