Monday, 15 March 2010

HG concealer?

Nabbed the piccie from their website HERE

I have rather with the recent collection 2000 purchases, the most recent being the lasting perfection concealer. Since i bought it i havent reached for any other concealers, the odd day just using this and no foundation as it hides my imperfections so well.

I have it in shade 3 medium which i think is the perfect shade for me, however i might get light 2 for more of a illuminating concealer effect. For under a fiver this a fab concealer, medium to full coverage, lasts a working day (for me that half 8am -4pm) and blends into the skin nicely. I think it would feel quite heavy for those not used to a thick formulation but i dont personally think it feels heavy at all.

For me this is my HG concealer, unless i can find something better? I will continue to reach for this everyday as i have been.

Have you used this? What did you think?




Laura xx said...

I havent used this, but I am going to try and find it tomorrow, so it can sit in my makeup bag :D

Emily said...

I love this concealer!! :)

Sophie said...

I agree, it is amazing and my HG too!

RocksandReBels said...

What does hg stand for?

Louise said...

First of all I didn't like how quick it dried but its now my HG concealer too!