Monday, 15 March 2010

St Moriz Mist UPDATE

CRAP PICTURE i know its on my webcam sorry guys! But you can tell im not orange.. massive plus. With the mousse i tend to have a slight orange tint which i hate but the spray seems more neutral, deffo not the same strong golden tone in it.
As for the application, it does say to spray and then if needed rub it in, personally i found i only needed to rub it in on my arms and lower legs, just spraying normally every where else was fine.
I did find a design fault, the spray does collect around the top and i did notice a few drops splash across me and my room, not good, my uni work got stained. :( all in search of a good tan i guess.
Overall im impressed, i still prefer my Xen Tan mousse but this is a good second for me.
Now what tanning product to try next? :)

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tor xoxo said...

ohh it does look good hun!x