Saturday, 20 March 2010

Product ive rediscovered part 1

Bed Head Ego Boost
I bought this last year when i decided i wanted to try some other TIGI hair products, i was drawn to this because its a "Split End Mender" and at the time i was suffering from split ends badly.
- What the bottle says: Boost that ego and save your hair! Ego Boost Split End Mender & leave in Conditioner will seal, smooth and protect your hair. As a split end mender apply to ends. As leave conditioner, smooth over fly aways as needed.
- How i use it: After washed, blowdried, and put a little leave in conditoner in, i leave it to set and dry then i use a pump of this, rubbed into the ends of my hair with my fingers and done.
- Does it work?: Obviously the only way to really get rid of split ends is to have them chopped off! But for a temp fix, and to make your hair more nourished and sleek looking this is perfect. I like to think it is actually 'fixing' my split ends :)
- Will i rebuy this?: Deffo, it solves my split ends even if only till i wash my hair again. But it nourishes my ends so well. It is also fabby on my hair extensions to keep them soft and silky.
- Price: I think i paid just over £10 for this, but you can get it online for £5 if you shop well!
Have you used this? Whats your fave TIGI product?


Kerry! said...

i might give this a try! ive been getting into tigi products lately, loving their bedhead and tween ranges! i love the peppermint hair mask its so nice! s

Lorien BeautyLove said...

i use this aswell!!! i like it :) but they should work on the frgrance :S it reminds me of the green apple pine-o-clean!!!! STRANGE!

i love the dumb blond reconstructor :) smells like pineapple nom nom nom :) its like a conditioner AND treatment :) love it