Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF20 and Foundation Primer

Time for a tinted moisturiser rave from a brand that is very well loved within the beauty community. Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20, or TM which is what I usually say to a confused boyfriend if I ask him to pass it to me. The brand have a couple of different formulations in their tinted moisturiser line up, the original version (this one), an oil-free and illuminating formulations too and all come in 10 shades, so it is pretty easy to colour match perfectly. I went for the original tinted moisturiser (I wear the shade sand) as it is one I don't hear talked about as much as the oil-free formula but I don't know why it hasn't got the same fan base as this is brilliant. 

Now I'm not the biggest tinted moisturiser fan, that was until this fell into my lap, I hadn't one that gave me all the benefits I look for as well as the coverage I need. This has such a lovely nourishing and hydrating feel with enough coverage for me to feel comfortable. My skin is left soft, healthy, glowing but still natural, plus the most important thing for my was how long it lasted - it blew every other TM out the water in terms of staying power - it was about 7/8 hours before I needed a touch up. Like I said this is super moisturising, with a lovely creamy texture and look fantastic blended in with fingers or buffed in with a brush - I use the Real Techniques Stippling brush. In terms of coverage it is obviously nothing like a foundation, it has taken me some time to feel comfortable and adjust to a sheer coverage. Once I had adjusted to a TM with the natural finish that looked fresher and better than a full coverage foundation, I realised why so many woman love them. 

Priced at £33.00 for 40ml of product I would say it is worth it, with the fact you need a small blob this lasts really well. You are also getting more product than a standard foundation, which I pay up to £30/40 anyway so I won't be clinging to my card as I hand it over lol. Available from Laura Mercier counters or SpaceNK (where I always go to get my Laura Mercier products).

This is my favourite pick of the tinted moisturisers I have tried, it ticks every box for me and I certainly won't be straying from it now that I have found the perfect TM. Have you tried any of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiers? What's your favourite tinted moisturiser?

Another quick mention for the Laura Mercier foundation primer, I have been pairing this with the tinted moisturiser and together they really are the perfect partners. This creates such a smooth even texture to my skin, filling in my pores and leaving my skin with a matte finish. Again Laura Mercier have a few formula the original (this one), as well as an oil-free, hydrating, mineral and radiance too, so you really can find the best fit for your skin and your desired result. I love how my skin is left shine free all day whilst keeping my makeup in place, even on the recent muggy hot days we have had in the UK. What else can I say other than I love it.

Priced at £28.00, from Laura Mercier counters as well as Space NK
Do you use a primer? If so, what brand do you use?


Nikki said...

I have been dying to try out this tinted moisturiser for a long time now, I think you review has just sold it to me! I have been using the Korres TM for a while now and love it, it has such great coverage but doesnt tend to cake up on my dry skin. I am definitely going to have to try this!!

Little Miss Lifestyle said...

So random you did a post on this as I put it on my wishlist post today! Really want to try this out, I've heard such great reviews about Laura Mercier, although I will have to try the oil free one x

Vicki said...

I love this tinted moisturiser & use it all the time. Its so lightweight & feels lovely on the skin.