Thursday, 1 October 2009

Xen Taaaan :)

I have found a new love, a lovely Debs :) from CALTHROP PR sent me some Xen Tan products to try. Now up until now ive been purely a St Tropez, Garnier or Clinique tan girl, i know them, they work, i love them. But i read the press releases and they sounded really good.

Kindly i was sent 3 to try, the Deep Bronze Luxe Once a Week Self-Tan, Face Tanner Luxe and Mousse Intense.

When i saw these i was a bit sceptical as i tend not to get on well with lotions, my main issue is i can never see where i have applied some and where i havent, so i end up with 'white' patches. Not very attractive. However the Deep Bronze Luxe Once a Week Self-Tan, which is a lotion is tinted a grey-ish colour scarey at first but blends away to a tint. This i like. Ive found ive been using this mainly on my arms, chest and neck.

The Face Tanner Luxe gives a really nice bronze tan, but again tinted so you get an instant boost of colour but then it deepens as the day (or night) goes on.

Now ill be honest im yet to really test the mouse, ive tried it once on my legs, because ive been using the other two and loving them ive kinda pushed this to one side so a review for the mousse will follow in a week or so.

A big thing for me is the time it takes to develop, 3 hours and you get a sunkissed tan, obviously leave it on longer and it darker. But i like the idea of on the day of a big night out slapping this on a few hours before let it develope then shower off and get ready with a beautiful tan.

They have got improved formula's, more intense levels of DHA so we get a deeper tan, but they also have used an ingrediant Lexorez which evens out the distribution of the DHA so there is less chance of streaks or patches. Which i think is great especially in the lotion products.

Scent? i hear you ask.. They have got a vanilla scent, and although you dont get a strong fake tan scent if you sniffff and sniff you will smell it. Now this will be different on everyone, personally for me i didnt get a strong fake tan scent i hope this can be said for alot of people.

They also have shea butter and Vitamin E, so really nourish the skin too. This again helps fight against the uneven fading and patching.

Retail, i think the price range is £15-25. Xen-Tan is available from Selfridges and House of Fraser Stores or

Let me know if youve tried any of these, or let me know your XenTan reccommendations :)


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Cheated Hearts said...

Ooo I wanna try Xen Tan, heard nothing but positive things about it :) x

Rosie said...

Everyone raves about it I've been wanting to try it for ages but I'm scared to death by selftan!!

mizzworthy said...

I really love it - I reviewed it after picking it up in selfridges and its fab - I love the lack of smelliness and the really natural result - I really want to try the mousse too xxx

Happy1234 said...

Xen Tan is just the best isnt it? I like everything about it just wish I could afford to buy it all the time.