Saturday, 24 October 2009

Clean and Clear

Spots? Horrible right?! I have really bad acne on my jaw and sometimes it spreads to my chin ive had it for the year and nothing (and i mean NOTHING) seems to make it budge, so when i heard about this new spot control kit from clean and clear i knew i had to try it.

They have just launched this in the UK in the past week, i can see this moving quickly, as the results that 100% of people who tried it saw some kind of improvement is fabulous! ! !

taken from clean and clear

"This is a new solution for girls with spots. A clinical study found that 100% of trialists reported improvements in just one day*. The current campaign is aimed at educating girls about this new and amazingly effective 3-step routine from Clean & Clear Kit!"

I cant to go and get my hand on this and fingers crossed it clears them up! I will of course keep you informed of my finds and whether i think it works :)

Some more info on the prodcuts

Spot Control Cleanser: fast acting technology; deep cleanses to help prevent spots. 1st step to your “spot-fighting routine”is the powerful daily cleanser to help fight multiple causes of spots. This facial wash goes beyond just cleansing skin to unblock pores by removing trapped dirt and oil.

Spot Control Moisturiser: helps fight and prevent spots. makes skin soft and smooth

The 2nd step to your “spot-fighting routine” is the daily Spot Control Moisturiser.This oil-free moisturiser is enriched with a unique combination of spot fighting ingredients, and with daily use, helps to prevent spots whilst moisturising to leave skin soft and smooth all day long.

Fast Clearing Spot Treatment Gel: helps reduce spots in 4 hours!

This treatment is for people with acne, if you suffer from spots i wouldnt suggest using this clean and clear have plenty other products more specific for occassional spots, this is defo for persistant acne.

If you want to learn more about the products and see some Before&&After pictures then click here


Dolly*Mixture said...

I was thinking about picking this up as my skin is far from clear at the minute, so cant wait for a review when youve tried it out!
Please look at my blog it would make my day!
<3 xox

Adele said...

This looks really interesting. I too have acne that does not heal and will linger for months. I have ended up on antibiotics to see if I can shift it. The scarring is what really gets me down. I really hope this works for you!

SimplyNatural77 said...

i really want to get this as i have really bad slin around my chi9ng nose and forehead which just wont go and its so annyoing and its really getting me down as of late do you know where they sell this in the uk as i have checked everywhere and i cant find it !

Thanks for your help

Eloise xoxo