Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hair Extensions Review

A couple of months ago i was sent some hair extensions by www.sultryhair.com , and being me with a love of extensions i was really excited to try some.

I choose their 22in straight clip in human hair, in a mousey brown colour. At first i was really torn with doing a review because of the price it is alot of money to spend in one go, but them i thought im probs already spending this on buying cheaper hair extensions more often.

These are the best hair extensions ive tried the blend into my own hair was amazing, for once people commented on 'my' long hair rather than asking if i had extensions in so thats a winner for me straight away!! :) They stay in good condition too, becuase they are human hair naturally they will become damaged however unlike other extensions ive tried these seem to stay 'healthier' for much longer.

I did my styling and care as normal, whenever i washed my hair i washed the extensions too, dried and styled them the same way. I use moisturising products on the hair extensions as they can become dry with daily wear.

Alwayssss use heat protection on them too, i learned that the wrong way one day when i forgot and it damaged part ssooo badly.

Ive included some photos over the past 2 months that ive had them, and how theyve looked. Unfortunatley as im now blonde i cant use them so im on the hunt for new extensions, so does anyone have any reccommendations ? :) leave a comment below...

Shipping was really quick, its a US company and i live in the UK and received them within a week safely.

I defo reccommend this company and the extensions, the best ive tried to date.

RRP $159.95

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Victoria said...

I love extensions! I have been on the look out for some really good clip ins. x

Sultry Hair Extensions said...

Thanks for the review. Glad you loved them. Join us on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/sultryhairextensions