Saturday, 24 October 2009

nail test..

So about 9 days ago i splurged what little money i had and got my nails done, this time using gel, something i had never tried before, the girl assured me they were ust as strong and would be healthier for my own nails.

Hearing healthier for my nails and i was sold, however after spending over an hour and £40 i did not expect 4 to fall off within 3 days & a further 2 on day 5! I was not happy and i had to then go pay extra to have them removed. I phoned to complain and they basically said i was lieing and i had been using them too much ( i had not, they peeled off and the base which i was told was a salon problem not me :@).

So, i got thinking i spend sooo much on my nails and always seem to be sad at how short they still are once they extensions come off so this time (and im going to stick to it) im going to use some products that have been sitting in my box waiting for the day i decide to properly grow my nails without extensions.. :)

Heres what ill be using:
They are by the brand Barielle, all 3 are aimed to moisture and improve the condition of your nails, aswell as growth. I shall be giving these a go and ill update you in a few weeks time.

To give you an idea of what my shameful nails look like now here you are:

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Adele said...

Gel is a bit dodgy, I have had bad applications too which have peeled off in a couple of days. Applied well they can look amazing and really do help your nails to grow. A good salon should have re done them for you!!