Tuesday, 5 January 2010

goodbye Laguna

Today was a very sad in my makeup bag..
my NARS Laguna has finally had enough and decided it would smash up :(

So i need a new bronzer lovelies.. what do you suggest? im leaving this up to you.. drug store or high end..


vi said...

very sad indeed!!!! =(

i like bobbi brown's bronzer in medium, bourjois (the one that looks like a chocolate bar, lol) in 51, chanel bronze universel, and the organic bronzers by physician's formula .. those are so cute!

Hollywood said...

Oh no !!! that looks painfull lol I hate to look at stuff like this (how superficial was that?)

and I am sorry I can't help you with a bonzer still lookng for th one !!!!


Glitter and Love said...

Mine did that too but luckily I still had my orgasm blush/laguna bronzer duo to keep me going!

I havent tried any others, apart from the rimmel ones which I personally feel are too shimmery.

I will be watching this post too, to see if anyone comes up with anything

glitzmakeup said...

i actually love ELF warm bronzer, its only £3.50 and its amazing, it has a hint of sparkle but not to strong and so pigmented :) x

Kezz_17 said...

yeah, elf warm bronzer is great! id definitely check out elf if you havent x


Tillyness86 said...

I use the Gosh bronzer in no 6 its matte which I like and the colour is nice and warm without being orange. I mooched into superdrug today and it was on offer half price for £4.25 (or thereabouts)it's definately worth a look x x

Gail Noble said...

i love Mac bronzer in golden. Its matt no sparkle and is a lovly sun kissed colour that you can build up for a bronzed goddess look or one layer will make u look glowy! Love it!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Awww, I know how you feel!
I found out that one of my Inglot e/s was all busted up this morning! I dont even remember dropping it though? :(
Id be so peeved if I dropped a NARS product, theyre so expensive!!
Try out the Revlon bronzers.. if you havent already bought a new one! x