Tuesday, 5 January 2010

budget tan

i get alot of questions about my 'tan'
which 9 times out of 10 is a fake one
:( wish it was due to a hot sunny holiday

so as ive ran out of my xen tan mousse which i adore!
ive gone back to basics..

st moritz and garnier spray tan
both of these cost less than £10 combined and you get a lovely golden tan
(however i will warn too much of the spray tan and you will go dark orange im speaking from experience here girls every OTHER day MAX lol)
how i apply:
- shower/bath scrub all over with an unscented scrub
- dry myself and apply fake tan starting from toes to shoulders
- 3/4 pumps of mousse tan a leg (i like them dark) rub in in circular motions
- 2/3 pumps for stomach and same for back
- 2/3 pumps per arm and then i rub the excess onto my chest and shoulders
- then once thats dry i go over the fronts of my legs, tops of arms, shoulder basically anywhere the sun naturally hits with the spray tan to give those areas an extra boost
- then half a pump of the mousse on my face too making sure to blend down!
easy squeezy :)
some tanning tips i go by:
- apply moisturiser to really dry areas, knees, elbows, knuckles etc
- always wash hands after each section.. no one wants orange palms!
- dont use any scented products on the skin for 24hrs.. this can change the colour
love lu


Hollywood said...

St Moritz is my FAV' and I get a lot of compliments about it I am very fair/white and I didn't have a real summer this year !!! but thanks god I had My Moritz with me I love love love love love it it works so quickly !! I feel tanned after only one day wearing it !!!!


SparklesandBows said...

I have never really considered mixing my fake tans before! Not a bad idea!

glitzmakeup said...
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glitzmakeup said...

whenever i use any fake tan, and this might be because i am so pale, it goes so much darker around my wrists and ankles and into the cracks, its very unappealing.. any tips?? xx

Becky said...

i love st mortitz, had never thought about using 2 and i have the spray too so il give it a try next time :) xx

tenxx said...

i'll be trying this!
i nominated you for an award on my blog darling xx