Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Nutriganics review

terrible picture im sorry its on the webcam! :(
i was sent these by The Body Shop a little before christmas but i was still using the seaweed skincare range ~(review coming soon) and i didnt want to mix.
However i have had a good 3 week go at these products now so im able to give a review of the moisturiser and the eye cream.
The moisturiser: "Revitalises and reduces the appearence of lines and wrinkles." So its a anti ageing product which like, i love the level of moisture your skins recieves and how long lasting it is aswell. It makes a good base prior to makeup (i tend to rely on my moistriser to act as a primer as i cant see to find a good primer), i certainly how even some of my 'thicker' foundations were going on.
However... everytime i wore this no matter how much i wanted to love it for all that above, i always felt greasy, like there was a film of something on my skin and it is down to this. I have combo skin so this could be why, i would say its most likely better suited to the dryer skin types. I think its a little too heavy for those of use with a little more oil in our skin.
The eye cream: "smoothing eye cream" i am going to keep this short. I didnt get on very well with this eye cream, again it was a little too heavy for my skin and i could definately feel it there even hours after i had put it on. Not somethingi want in an eye cream.
Overall: I wouldnt reccomend these for anyone with slightly oilier skin types, however those of you with dryer skin types might benefit better.
Have you tried these? What did you think?
Love Lu


Anonymous said...

I didn't like this range hunni.

Francesca said...

I recently got the MUFE face primer, and I really like the results. Have you tried it? I used to use moisturizer as well, but I find that an actual primer is a lot more lightweight & the formula in a lot of lotions tends to make your makeup slide right off after a while :P