Wednesday, 6 January 2010

blog award :)

this is my first blog award, and it deffo made me smile when i saw the comment saying id been tagged
thankyou to the lovely Tennille
so i have to tell 7 facts about myself..
and then your meant to tag 7 people but im gonna be a little naughty and tag my readers...
so in the comment leave 7 facts so i can get to know you all too!!
1. my full name is Louise Margaret Dunbar
2. i have an obsession with peppermint tea
3. i live in leggings .. tee shirts .. cardigans and my uggs
4. im currently at university doing BA Hon in Primary Education with ECE
i wanna be a teacher :)
5. my fave colours are pink, white and black
6. my fave lipsticks of all time are MAC myth and MAC snob
7. i have pole dancing pole in my room..
its my first choice for excercise
so there you go there is 7 random little facts about me
i look forward to reading all yours too!
Love Lu


tenxx said...

naw, glad it made you smile!
hope you enjoyed doing it as much as i enjoy reading your blog

Lillian Funny Face said...

I'd actually love to try pole dancing, it's meant to be great exercise and looks amazing fun. I'm sure i'd look absolutely ridiculous though :P

Lorien BeautyLove said...

I love peppermint tea aswell! Its so uplifting!
My fav MAC lipstick is Myth aswell :) It could be Hue, cos the colour looks lovely in swatches, but Ive never tried it cos its only sold at pro stores in Australia!!