Friday, 30 April 2010

TBS: Cocommut Shimmer Body Lotion

I bought this a couple of weeks ago, id been eyeing it up for agesss, and when The Body Shop had an offer on '2 for £8' i thought why the heck not?
Its the Cocommut Shimmer Body Lotion, the have a body butter version too but i find that too thick, the lotion is lighter and sinks in so  much nicer.

What they say: "With a delicate shimmer for glowing skin. Silky-soft and milky, this sink-in lotion format, with creamy, dreamy and non-greasy lead ingredients, glides easily over the skin, leaving it feeling moisturised and nourished."

This is what it looks like, simple packagaing with a pump, i love that this has a pump less messy with my nails. I find one pump is more than enough to moisturise my legs thigh to toe. Obviously this is a shimmer product so i do not use this everyday, just when im going out or i have a skirt/dress on and its a sunny day.

The scent: I love love loveee coconut scents, and this smells divine! I cant stop sniffing my arm right not, im sniffing it wayy too much but i love this scent. I wish they had a bath oil with this scent, id buy them out of it!

It is very moiturising on the skin, due to the coconut oil and shea butter. It doesnt leave the skin greasy, and the shimmer doesnt travel very far, just becareful of your clothes! I found black doesnt mix well with this product.

Texture wise its a typical lotion, not too thick but it doesnt run. Like i said above it sinks in really quickly, and on my legs on a hot day this is  lovely to rub in because i not only get glow-y legs but its really cooling to put on too.

This is what it looks like once you have started to rub it in, you can see the shimmer/pearl effect nicely here, and below is the finished product.

Now i put alot on my arm so you could really see the glow it gives, looks brilliant over a tan.

I love this stuff, i feel bad it took me so long to purchase this, i want to get the body wash, scrub and im tempted to buy the butter, just to complete the set! LOL!

Priced at £8.00
You can buy it HERE!

Would i rebuy? Yes, and the rest of the range too, need to head to my local store sometime soon.

Have you tried any of the Coconut range? What do you like/reccomend?


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Lauren said...

This looks really nice, does it leave a really obvious sparkley shimmer? Or a nice glow?