Thursday, 8 April 2010

TBS & Lush haul

Whilst i was at home with my mum, she took me to do a little shopping, we went to The Body Shop as my mum wanted some advice on what was good to buy, and what i really liked. We spent a while in there, browsing the makeup, choosing her the right skin care routine, picking out perfume, body lotion... everything really lol :) It was good fun.

So heres the beauty bits that i picked up:

I also picked up The Body Shops Pink Guava lip balm but i forgot to take a picture, sorry guys.
We also popped into Lush, i picked up a new cleanser to try out, Dark Angel ive used it a couple of times so far, and so far i like it you can definately see a difference in the texture of my skin and it also *fingers crossed* seems less oily.

Im really liking the cleansers by lush ive tried 3 so far, what Lush skin care do you like? I wanna try some more bits from the Lush range.


Rosie said...

I've only ever tried Lush body stuff so have no recommendations for skin care, I absolutely love that Love Etc perfume :)

Clare said...

Ooh, I love the body shop perfume, it smells lovely!

I'm allergic to most of the Lush stuff though alas :(

tweet tweet tweet


Lauren said...

I loveeeee the dark angels cleanser from lush :)
You have a really great blog here, I just discovered it and i'm really enjoying reading it :) hence all the comments on things haha :) x