Thursday, 9 February 2012

Clarins HydraQuench Cream and Mask

I've spoken about these products before in my Carmine column, the range is fabulous when your skin is suffering from the elements hence why I want to mention them as the UK is freezing right now. The HydraQuench range is suited for dehydrated skin that needs a nourishing moisture boost, these two products in particular really help transform your skin and fast. I've been using the range for a while now when my skin starts to get dry and irritated, it is perfect for soothing irritated skin too as the products all have a lovely cooling effect. 

HydraQuench Cream Mask 
Clarins describe this as 'An oasis of comfort for dehydrated skin' and I totally agree, the soothing and moisture rich formulation helps to restore your skins moisture barrier and bring your skin back into it's natural balance. Like I said above it is also a great treat if your skin is irritated or inflamed, right now I'm suffering from breakouts again so I've been using this to help sooth and cool my skin. If you suffer from lack of radiance you might find that all your missing is a healthy moisture levels, so introducing a mask like this a couple of times a week will really help to improve skins texture and appearance. 

Retails for £31.00 from Clarins counters or on-line
Left to right
Creame Mask; Cream Moisturiser

HydraQuench Cream
This is such a treat to apply and my skin is soaking it up right now, the freezing weather we are experiencing in the UK right now is playing havoc with my skin. It's a cream gel texture that feels really light on the skin and is quickly absorbed, with no residue left afterwards. My skin feels hydrated and refreshed after using this, again it feelings cooling on my skin  leaving it smoother and plump. 

Retails for £33.00 from Clarins counters or on-line

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darling d said...

I love the Clarins hydraquench line and have used the lotion for years and I'm currently loving their serum from the line. The mask looks gorgeous, must try it out!